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Why Sell Arcadegeddon Accounts? 

Arcadegeddon appeals to many players due to its unique gameplay and style. The neon-colored shooter allows gamers to explore a bunch of content and has a fulfilling end-game progression loop. As people level up their guns and unlock new Surge abilities, they will start looking to unlock game trophies while climbing the leaderboard. However, these activities may not be that easy to do.

Acquiring every achievement in the game while reaching the golden tier ranks in the ladder ranking can be tedious. Most of the time, achievements do not have any bearing on the players’ scores, so many gamers will be constantly frustrated with doing both. Players who have unlocked all the trophies, or at least the ultra-rare ones, can quickly sell their accounts to people who are completionists at heart. Seller looking to profit from their Arcadegeddon charges will find no shortage of enthusiastic customers.

What Should Arcadegeddon Accounts Sellers Focus On?

Players who sell their accounts should note that buyers will focus on wares that own things. These factors can be based what achievements are unlocked, how Surge abilities are available, what is the current standing on the leaderboard, or even what are the current gun levels. Most customers would focus on the number Trophies achieved in an account. Here are some of the most challenging-to-get accolades that sellers should seek to unlock:

  • Pyrotechnical (Ultra Rare)
  • I’m The Pluggernaut (Ultra Rare)
  • Shield and Shred (Ultra Rare)
  • Infinite Adventures! (Ultra Rare)
  • Make Gilly Proud (Ultra Rare)
  • The Collector (Ultra Rare)
  • Grey Goo (Ultra Rare)
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