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Have an excess stock of weapons but don’t want them to just go to waste? Why not try your hand at selling these APB items here at PlayerAuctions? If you’ve got Legendary loot, then you can easily score big bucks by becoming a seller! List your items at competitive price points now!

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To sell your APB Reloaded US items, simply follow these instructions:

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  2. Using our system, post your offers on our APB US items page
  3. When there’s a buyer interested in purchasing one of your weapons, communicate with them via our onsite messenger to coordinate a time and place to meet up within the game
  4. Meet with the buyer in-game at the designated time and place you both agreed on
  5. Trade the items that the buyer has purchased to them
  6. Wait for the buyer make the confirmation through our system to receive the payment

Things You Need to Know About APB Items

People aren’t after the usual stuff such as the first-aid kits. If players are searching for APB items, it means that they’re on the hunt for weapons that can be a worthy upgrade to what they currently have. Permanent weapons are hard to come by for a casual APB player, so most of them just lease these weapons for a limited time. To help you make a sale, here are some of the things you need to know about these APB items:

  1. Legendary Guns are the GOAT

    Legendary guns in APB are not only prized for their looks, but also what they bring to the table. They have that “magic” that’s basically just cheesy mechanics that omit the feeling of APB being a “pay-to-win” type of game. That being said, are legendary guns better than normal guns? That answer is no. While they may look cooler and can be considered as a collection piece, legendary guns don’t have any advantages over that of the usual weapons that you see that are in the Auction Market. Just like your run-of-the-mill guns, these legendary-grade weapons have strengths and weaknesses. They can shine in one situation, but they can also become a hindrance in others. Whatever the case, players seem to like these types of weapons despite having not that much difference from normal weapons. They are cool-looking, after all. Showing off their new toy is similar to that feeling of beating someone with a “better item” compared to what plebs with no money have.

  2. Modifications Can Boost You Up

    You can just sell your weapons as is, but it’s even better if you put modifications in them. Once you level up your Roles in weapons, you get to unlock certain items—one of which are modifications. Unlike guns that come and go in your inventory if you’re leasing them, modifications are yours permanently once received or bought from the store. The reason modifications are used is to further improve a weapon’s stats. Each of these mods has a different effect. Depending on which one you use, you can alter between these modifications to see which one fits best with a certain weapon. The best part about these is that you can purchase them from your vendors once you’ve gained access to them. They don’t cost a lot of bucks either. So if you’ve some extra cash in your pocket, we highly recommended getting mods to bump up the price of your weapons. Here’s a chart about what are the different types of general modifications that you can add to your weapons:

Modification Type



Blue Modifications

Blue mods are perfect for those that want a ton of ammo on-hand all the time. These mods come in handy if you’re the type of person that likes to spray bullets as they affect your ammo count.

Magazine Pull, Bandolier, and Extended Magazine

Orange Modifications

Orange mods can be used to bump your weapon’s accuracy. They’re arguably the most important type of mod as they’re considered a must in most types of weapons.

High-Magnification Scope, Hunting Sight, and Reflex Sight

Red Modifications

Reds mods can either become an asset or a thorn on your side, depending on which weapon you place this mod. This type of mod affects your weapon’s lethality.

Muzzle Break, Cooling Jacket, Heavy Barrel, and Improved Rifling

Purple Modifications

Purple mods are the jack-of-all-trades since they have mixed effects. If you’re looking for a mod that you can use for almost every weapon out there in APB, then this is the one.

Tagger, Mobility Sling, and 3-Point Sling