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If you’ve already reached the peak of playing Age of Conan: Unchained, why not share your skills with others? You can make money playing Age of Conan by becoming a Power Leveler here at PlayerAuctions. That way, you can help players get to the level that they want without even breaking a sweat. Boost players for Age of Conan: Unchained now!

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Age of Conan Leveling Guide

Leveling up in Age of Conan: Unchained is, at its core, pretty basic. By defeating numerous monsters and grinding through certain hotspots, characters slowly make their way up—growing stronger as their level increases. As of now, the maximum level that a character can reach in the game is level 80. Leveling up from 1 to 80 can take weeks or months if you’re not the sort of person with enough time to dedicate to the game. So, to help you with that, we’ve come up with a guide that will get you to level 80 as fast as possible! We understand that grinding has its merits, but doing so without a plan and just randomly killing low-level enemies while your character is obviously way past that point is a waste of time. We’ll be showing you the right ways to level up and what other tricks you can use to make your leveling session that much easier!

Pick the Right Class

Picking a class can either make or break your plan to level up as fast as possible. While all of the classes are viable, some take longer than others. Take, for example, the Assassin class. If you intend to level up solo, the Assassin isn’t the best choice. Since they’re the type of class that has low armor, they can’t take on many mobs at once since on account of their low health/armor despite their high DPS. We recommend that you pick tank or AoE classes that can either hold their ground or are good for mobs. The Necromancer, in particular, is a great AoE class that can level up your character fast. The best thing is, it’s also a very easy class to play—you don’t have to worry about having to fumble around the controls to get some action. If you prefer tank-type classes, then the Barbarian class is a good choice thanks to its high DPS and survivability. The Conqueror class, in particular, is known as the best of the Melee classes thanks to its meaty health bar. Although slow at times, it’s a sure-fire class that can take more than a few hits.

Equip a Ring of Acheron

Having the Ring of Acheron can make things a bit easier for leveling. This is because this accessory grants the character wearing it an extra 2% experience for every EXP it gains. What’s so great about the Ring of Acheron is that it’s accessible as well as it can either be purchased in the item shop for 1100 Funcom Points. If the buyer doesn’t have any Funcom Points, you can simply loan your character’s ring to the buyer’s character (should you have it) until the boosting session has finished.

Fetch Quests Are Your Friends

There are tons of fetch quests that can be found in all of the major cities. While fetch quests can sometimes be tedious and boring, they can be great for leveling up a notch or two without breaking your back. Delivering all sorts of items for NPCs from these main cities can easily net you 2-3 levels. Fetch quests are good for players level 20-30, so if you find yourself with a buyer that’s in that spectrum, then we highly recommend doing it!