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Leveling can be confusing in the world of masked martial arts. So if you’re a pro at strategy fighting games, then why not let people hire you for Absolver power leveling services? Make money playing Absolver now!

How to Make Money Playing Absolver

To be a power leveler for Absolver, simply follow these steps:

  1. Register/log in as a seller.
  2. Send us an e-mail at [email protected] saying that you want to become a Power Leveler.
  3. Once you qualify to become a Power Leveler, send us a Power Leveling Reserve Fund for the offer that you’re about to post. This reserve fund will be refunded to you once you finish the boosting process.
  4. When there’s a buyer interested in availing your services, do the boosting accordingly and return the account to the buyer.
  5. Wait for the buyer to confirm to our system; we’ll then send the payment to you. The reserve fund that you have sent to us will be returned to you as well.

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Tips & Tricks When Leveling Up in Absolver

There Are Different Classes

There are three main classes in Absolver: Kalht, Forsaken, and Windfall. In order to effectively level up accounts, you need to master the playstyles of these three classes if you want to become a successful power leveler. The Kalht class is the most balanced class out of the three. This is thanks to having the most straightforward attacks in the game. Not to mention the Kalht can take a few hits more compared to the Forsaken and Windfall classes. It implements fighting styles that players are used to seeing in other strategy fighting games, so it’s one of the more popular classes that people choose during the start of their adventure. The Forsaken class, on the other hand, is a class for players that have good reaction reflexes since it’s perfect for parrying attacks. And finally, the Windfall class avoids attacks from enemies through speed. By being able to sidestep quickly, a Windfall player can sneak out any unfavorable situation.

By being at least adept in all of these classes, you can accept all kinds of leveling services which in turn earn you more cash. If you’re having trouble with a certain class, you can go to your Combat Deck to practice and customize your own combo moves.

Act Fast

You’re going to get slaughtered by your opponent early on if your first move for each stance is too slow. It’s more advantageous if you start with faster attacks. Not only will this surprise the opposing player, but also allow you to dish out tons of damage. You can even get a combo going (provided you time your combos correctly)! When the battle is at its end, that’s the perfect time to use the heavy attacks. You can also save them during the last few hits of your combos. Don’t rely on random attacks; that leaves you vulnerable. Act fast, play slow!

Be Prepared or You Insta-lose

If you’re tasked to defeat a certain boss or a Marked One, you need to prepare yourself or else you’ll have a hard time. Absolver is a martial arts RPG that gives no quarter to players that don’t adapt to situations quickly. If you’re faced with more than one opponent, you can get overwhelmed. Before diving straight into the danger, it’s important to have set the combos that you want to use for a specific fight in the Combat Deck. Also, if you haven’t tried any of the combos that you’ve come up with, you can go into Meditation Mode in the menu and practice your moves there until you’ve finally mastered them.

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