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How Some Players Make Money Playing A3: Still Alive

There are many ways that gamers manage to make money playing A3: Still Alive. One of which could be through streaming and creating content for others to enjoy. While this can be a fun and rewarding experience for many, there’s no guarantee that someone is going to be able to generate the viewership and fans that they need in order to make money.

Another method some gamers choose is through boosting or catering to buyers who are looking for power-leveling services, provided that they have the skill to back it up. Working in the same vein as other popular online games such as Path of Exile and Diablo, players will have to hack and slash their way through victory if they want to become stronger. The only difference is: they don’t have to worry about navigating through a massive, convoluted skill tree. Sellers offer different types of power-leveling services for A3: Still Alive. These include raid boosting and battle royale leveling services. Indeed, this MMORPG has a lot of tricks up its sleeve, and thanks to the addition of a battle royale mode (since this genre seems to be all the rage these days), players can now do something else besides playing the usual MMORPG mechanics.

Sellers have to be good at the game if they want to have buyers lining up for their services in the first place. This means that sellers do not only be exemplary in the game but also be able to finish up their job at a relatively quick pace. A3: Still Alive’s gameplay is fairly straightforward and easy to use, so sellers generally don’t encounter problems when playing the mobile game, regardless of whether they’re using the Android or iOS version.

Battle Royale Boosting for A3: Still Alive

Battle royale boosting is often done for games that specialize in the genre such as first-person shooters, but even if that’s the case, there’s not much to get out of in those types of games since players are still able to rack up points for their Battle Pass even if they lose the match. For A3: Still Alive, however, there are a couple of reasons buyers decide to avail of battle royale boosting services. In this mode, a hundred players can duke it out to see who will reign supreme; however, they’ll also get the chance to earn rare and exclusive gear that otherwise can’t be found in the other game modes. Most of the time, the items and gear that players find in this mode are valuable and are actually useful unlike some of the item drops in other MMORPG titles. Players who come out on top could get powerful gear and maybe even get the chance to obtain the best of the best weapons and armor.

How Players Boost Efficiently in A3: Still Alive

It’s easy to breeze through the early stages of the single-player content in A3: Still Alive. This is because the game is more forgiving at first to be able to show players the ropes on how to play and hopefully master the mechanics. But once a player reaches the late game or the higher stages, the challenges and difficulty ramp up. It’s easy for players to find themselves struggling or have a hard time completing a specific quest at this stage and that’s completely understandable. It’s common for newbies to the genre to experience some roadblocks in online games. Here are some of the steps players can take to avoid those obstacles.

  1. Join A Guild

    Guilds, clans, or whatever else they are called are commonly found in online games, so much so that they’ve been ingrained into the online gaming culture. Players can join a guild in A3: Still Alive once they reach level 20. Joining a guild has a lot of perks and there’s no reason why a player shouldn’t try to get into one. In guilds, players can participate in Guild Festivals and open exclusive chests that are available for members only.

  2. Choose the Right Class

    Every player should choose the class in which they excel, otherwise, they’re just going to sabotage themselves by not picking the class that suits them. There’s no wrong or right answer when it comes to the question of which class is the best. Every class in A3: Still Alive has its strengths and weaknesses to consider; what matters is the synchronization of the classes and the player’s play style. There are five classes in the game that sellers should take note of. The classes are The Templar, Berserker, Archer, Wizard, and Assassin.

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