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Why Gamers Sell A3 Still Alive Accounts

There are many reasons a gamer might decide to sell an A3: Still Alive account. Maybe the seller is quitting and wants others to make use of the account. Otherwise, the seller might not be satisfied with their choice of character and want to restart. No matter what the reason is, they’re faced with the challenge of trying to find a buyer to sell their account to.

As sellers search for marketplaces, some things they consider include:

  • Security and safety
  • A large community of members
  • No subscription fees
  • Reputation system

Going over them one by one, security is often the most important factor to them. Nobody wants their money going somewhere unintended. Good security systems prevent that from happening. Plus, it encrypts and secures sensitive data to keep nosy hackers from stealing them.

Big communities are desirable to sellers as they make sure there’s a buyer for every offer sellers make. Small communities tend to focus on a few kinds of offers that sell. With bigger userbases, sellers are sure their offers would be taken. Also, larger communities are an indicator that the marketplace itself is well-trusted.

Subscription fees can hike prices up. Sellers have to make up for the fees, so they add that to their offer listing on top of their offered price. By removing subscription fees, sellers can lower or raise their prices according to their wishes. Of course, if they want buyers to be interested in their offers, a lower price would better facilitate that.

Lastly, reputation systems allow both sides of a trade to recognize trustworthy members. Sellers may be in an advantageous position for scams, but that doesn’t mean buyers don’t have opportunities to do so. A reputation system provides a clear view of who to trust through reviews and feedback. It’s a handy system to keep transactions smooth.

With all these systems in place in a marketplace, sellers, as well as buyers, can rest easy while trading. Many sellers will be sure to bookmark a site with these characteristics and keep themselves safe while trading. Also, for further information about the risks of this kind of trade, check out the game’s policies. Seeking legal counsel or advice from the game’s publishers will further clarify any confusion from reading the policy.

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