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How to Deliver Your Dekaron Dil?

To sell Dil in Dekaron, you'll have to register as a seller on our site. Then, make an offer. You can use conversion rates of real money to DKC and DKC to Dil to get your price. Once you've made an offer, wait for a buyer to take it up. When one does, communicate with him or her. You'll need to exchange in-game names and set a time and in-game place to meet. The next step is to show up on time to make the actual exchange. After that, give some time for the buyer to confirm delivery. Upon confirmation, you'll get your cut of the profits.

A List of Dekaron Dil Farming Spots

You're going to need a steady supply of Dil if you're going to sell them. So read on for the best places to farm Dil in Dekaron.

  • Space of Pilgrimage
  • It requires at least level 135, and 10,000 Dil to enter through teleportation. While there, hunt the monsters called Grieve Meniz and Lament Meniz. They'll drop currency and good items to sell such as argates, rings, necklaces, earrings, and mavrics. The accessories you can sell to NPC in bulk. As for argates and mavrics, you should sell them to other players. Prices fluctuate, but you should be able to find a good price just by looking at how much others sell theirs.

  • Aquarai Ruins
  • Your character has to be at least level 130, and you have 10,000 Dil for the teleport service to enter the dungeon. At the top of the map, there will be monsters named Gabian Fret and Gabian D'Qurion. Upon defeat, there's a high chance of getting gems. One bag of these gems can sell anywhere from 10 to 15 million Dil. Again, prices fluctuate so results may vary.

  • Tower of Spell
  • As you level from 180 to 190, you can do multiple runs of this dungeon. Monsters drop valuable things such as Dil, Gold Argates, 6% Gems, +7 weapons, Dark Stones, Mana Crystallines, and rings. Sell the items to players or NPC and you'll get tons of in-game money to spend.

  • Miteria
  • When you've received the equipment set from the desert, you're going to spend quite some time in Miteria. You'll be able to farm for +7 equipment, earrings, dream powders, argates, mavrics, and common pets. Creatures here will also drop Dil, though the actual amounts may be too small to be viable for Dil farming. You can farm whatever you want or feel is most profitable. It is required that your character be level 170 and 1,000 Dil for the teleport.

  • Parca Temple
  • Beat Shadowkris monsters in the temple. They'll drop argates and up to 5 million Dil. Beware though, as this a well-known and popular farming spot. Be ready to defend yourself because you might have to fight other players for the right to farm there.

  • Deadfront
  • After a certain update, all monsters in Deadfront will drop Dil. The deeper you go, the more Dil you'll receive. Bosses in this dungeon will also give Grade Points if you want those too.

  • Boss Hunting
  • Nymphs in Draco Desert will drop six gold argates when defeated. Players fight for the spawns, so be ready.

    The dragons in Elonohm are also good bosses to farm. Water dragons give +105 all resistance gems, +123 medials, and more specific resistance gems. Earth dragons reward level 180 accessories upon defeat. Lastly, Atramentous, one of the hardest bosses in the game, drops Dragons Eye gems along with a legendary pet. Profits may vary as prices rise and fall easily.

  • Items to Farm
  • Dragon Bones and Draviss Artifacts in Dravis fields are quite valuable and can sell for tons of Dil. A stack of bones can reach 300 million easily, but the artifacts are a little shaky. Dream powders and Sap Bottles are also good to farm. High-level players need the former, and the latter can be traded for some highly desired items in Parca Temple.

Now that you know how to refill your Dil reserves, there's no better place to sell your hard-earned currency than PlayerAuctions. We're the safest, friendliest, cheapest, and most convenient player-to-player marketplace. Get everything you need right here!

Enjoy your farming in Dekaron!