There’s a significant lack of vampire video game options compared to the abundance of zombie-themed titles—particularly regarding high-quality games. Thankfully, we now have Redfall, a fresh take on the vampire genre you can sink your teeth into. Crafted by Arkane Studious, you’ll be plopped into an island teeming with blood-thirsty vampires.

That said, the vampire-infested town in Redfall can be intimidating, especially if you’re not one to play online multiplayer games. Luckily for you, we got your back. We’ll discuss what weapons you should equip, how your character choice could impact your gameplay, and many more that will help you in your playthrough.

Redfall Characters & Abilities

There are four characters in Redfall, each having their own set of unique weapons and abilities.

Layla Ellison

Layla is a student studying biomedical engineering at Redfall Technical University. After volunteering for an experiment by the Aevum Therapeutics, she was left with telekinesis powers. Here are her abilities:

  • Lift – Call a psychic elevator to launch Layla into the air. You can upgrade Lift to get a greater aerial boost, deploy a psychic shockwave, or even tackle enemies into the air.
  • Umbrella – Layla summons a shield that can block enemy attacks. Her Umbrella can also release psychic explosions and blasts when upgraded.
  • Vampire Ex-Boyfriend – Layla’s ultimate ability. Vampire Ex–Boyfriend enables Layla to call Jason, her ex-boyfriend who also happens to be a vampire. By upgrading Jason’s powers, he can heal Layla and her allies and deal more damage.

Remi De La Rosa

Remi, a combat engineer specially trained for the frontlines, protects her loved ones. In the lore, she’s part of the Navy’s rescue unit, saving people that need her assistance. Remi has the following abilities:

  • Siren – Take control of Bribón to create a diversion. When upgraded, he can absorb more damage and heal while dealing damage to enemies simultaneously.
  • Mobilize – Remi creates a recovery point that can heal her and her allies as long as they’re within its range. The range and healing duration increase when upgraded.
  • C4 Charge – Remi’s ultimate ability. Remi throws a device that can attach to surfaces and targets when then explodes. The damage and range increase when this ability is upgraded.

Devinder Crousley

Devinder is a cryptozoologist who spends years inventing traps that detect the presence of the supernatural. As he fights the vampires, Devinder documents the undead creatures using his inventions.

  • Arc Javelin – Devinder hurls an electrified javelin that releases an AoE chain attack that briefly shocks and stuns enemies caught within the radius. You can upgrade Arc Javelin to increase its electrical pulse range.
  • Translocate – Devinder throws a device that teleports him into a location, giving him an advantage in combat as it enables him to move quickly.
  • Blacklight – Devinder’s ultimate ability. Devinder uses a modified camera that emits UV light, petrifying vampires within its radius. You can upgrade Blacklight to enable healing and increase its effect duration.

Jacob Boyer

An ex-military sharpshooter, Jacob spends his days eliminating vampires using his godlike accuracy lately. Besides being skilled in long-range engagements, he has the talent for close-quarters combat.

  • Cloak – Triggers the Bellwether Cloak that Jacob uses to hide from enemies. You can upgrade Cloak to share the power of invisibility with your allies and increase its duration.
  • Raven – Instruct a raven to locate and mark nearby enemies. When upgraded, the raven can destroy enemies within its path.
  • Heartstopper – Jacob’s ultimate ability. Summon an otherworldly rifle to mark enemies and deal deadly damage. The rifle can also be used to eliminate vampires through barriers when upgraded.

How to Exploit Vampire Weaknesses

Vampires in Redfall have vulnerabilities you can exploit. If you take advantage of those weaknesses, you’ll have a higher chance of putting a stake in their hearts. Here’s what you can utilize:

  • Be On Your Toes

Vampires are quick and agile, so it’s understandable if you find them tricky to dodge or get a hold of. You can use your character’s traversal and mobility abilities to evade and reposition yourself until you can attack. For example, you can use Devinder’s Translocate ability to teleport and move to a better vantage point.

  • The Light, It Burns

Vampires are susceptible to light—UV light, to be specific. It turns them into stone, rendering them immobile and “dead.” If you use characters who have UV light-based abilities, you can turn vampires into easy targets for your teammates to attack.

  • Crowd Control is the Way

Taking out one of two vampires is easy, but you can easily get overwhelmed when faced with a horde of them. By using crowd control abilities, you can incapacitate clusters of vampires and take them out individually. In Redfall, you can upgrade these abilities to boost their effectiveness, making them even deadlier to use against your blood-sucking enemies.

  • Bamboozle the Vamps With Traps

Sometimes, it’s not enough to just use your abilities; sometimes, you must learn to use the hazards around you. If you use your environment against the vampires, you can damage and immobilize them for free. Make sure to identify the traps around an area, ranging from electrical equipment to explosive barrels.

  • Powerful Attack Incoming? Stagger Them

You may encounter vampires that have powerful attacks, but not to worry, because they can be staggered or interrupted. By using your character’s abilities—like Layla’s Umbrella or Devinder’s Translocate—you can disrupt these attacks and render them vulnerable for a short period. Provide a tactical edge for you and your team by timing your abilities at the right moment.

More Tips

  • Always Try to Unlock Safehouses

Whenever you’re exploring, always try to find Safehouses because not only do they provide protection, but they also become fast travel points. Trust me; it’ll make traversing more accessible for you.

  • Equip At Least 2 Weapons With Stakes

Repeat after me: the stake is my best friend. It’s one of the best ways to deal with the pesky vampires. If you’re still in the early game, I recommend prioritizing weapons with stakes, but thankfully, you’ll be able to equip stakes on weapons later on.

  • Light Blue Lights Mean Collectibles

You may come across corners with a tinge of blue lights around its vicinity—don’t be shy; it’s only a collectible. There are 100 collectibles in Redfall, so why not collect some already in your path?