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Full Pass Season 4 to 19 + M1 to M13+ Itens PMCO/Star Challenger/M4 Glacier Lv2/Itens Arcane League of Legends 7 days Seller After-sale protection

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$ 450.00

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Account detail  Youtube >> https: //

Account Lvl - 75 ( Achievements - 6580) - (Like - 5795) - ( Popularity - 1.283,906)

Pass Season - (4 to 19 Lvl 100 ) - (M1 to M12 Nv 50) - (Hair + Face and Beard Season 4 + 5 + 7)

Characters (Sara/Victor/Carlos Lvl 10 - Pet Bird Lvl 10 - Pet Cat Lvl 4)

( 7 Legendary / 2 Epic )
Invader/Draconian Fury/Ashes/Samurai Command/Wonderland/Chronocyborg/Graffiti Wall/Yellow/Bear's Roar 

( 6 Legendary / 4 Epic ) 

Jade and Gold/Draconian Champion/Desert Camouflage/Armored Guardian/Vegetarian/Biotech/Sharktooth/Blue Ink/Futuristic/Red Thread

13 SCAR-L 
( 6 Legendary / 6 Epic / 1 Common ) 
God of Tide War/Sandstorm/Moon Tide Rabbit/Steel Jungle/Grand Show/Electrotech/Rage/Glorious Gold/White and Purple/Swordsman/Alien Tech/Scarlet Octopus/Desert Camouflage 


 ( 4 Legendary / 1 Epic / 1 Common )

 Glacial (Lvl 2)/M416 of the Power of Vi (League of Legends)/Spectre/Avian Tyrant/Dark Comedy/Desert Camouflage 


( 3 Épicas )

C1T2/The skulls/Season 12


( 3 Legendary / 3 Epic )

Good Times/Heart/Electronic/Rock 'n' Roll/Trickery/Neon Destroyer/C1S1


( 2 Legendary / 6 Epic )

Bone Carving/Lone Wolf/Raging Chicken/Amethyst/Yeti/Warning Sign/Naughty Imp/Alien Technology


( 3 Legendary / 1 Epic )

Golden Rose/Chicken/The Punisher/Wasps' Nest


( 3 Legendary / 1 Epic )

Sakura/Guardian/Golden Feather/Steam Engine



( 5 Legendary / 5 Epic )

Street Art/Regal Gold/Prime Relic/Celestrian Rhythm/Guardian/Dragon's Fury/Leonine Majesty/Season 9/Textured(White)/Desert Camouflage


( 1 Mythic / 5 Legendary / 1 Epic )

Royal Armor/Lush Salute/Precious Machinery/Wild Guard/Submerged Loot/C2T5/Style 14


( 4 Epics / 1 Common )

Purple Magnolia/Season 8/Fulminant Death/Season 17/Desert Camouflage


( 1 Legendary / 1 Epic / 2 Common )

Happy Yeti/Cake Party/Desert Camouflage/Silver Plate

Mosin Nagant

( 1 Legendary )




( 3 Epics )

Lunar Home/Silver Bullet/Judge of Illusions


( 3 Epics )

Glacial Chaos/Silver Plate/Pink and Blue Harmony


(4 Legendary / 2 Epic / 1 Common)

Street Art/Queen of the Insects/Sanddubão/Carnivore/Pink Hedgehog/Armed Mercenary/Silver Plate


( 1 Legendary / 1 Epic )

C2T4/Season 11


( 1 Legendary / 1 Epic )

Dragon Hunter/Swamp Dread


( 4 Legendary / 1 Epic )

Glorious/Blue Spider/Playtime/C3T7/Alien Technology


( 1 Legendary )

Silent Night



( 2 Legendary / 3 Epic / 1 Common )

Dawnstar/Submerged Loot/Poison Skull/Steel Will/Fruit Salad/Desert Camouflage


( 3 Legendary / 6 Epic / 1 Common )

Ancient Beast/Street Art/Night King/Butterfly Knot/Halloween Party/Wolf's Heart/Eagle's Stamina/Alien/Reptilian Gaze/Rainbow


( 4 Epic )

Silver Plaque/Pop Comics/Toy Ring/Terror Teal


( 2 Legendary / 1 Epic )



( 5 Legendary )

Lord of the Spine/Anniversary Celebration/Gift/Ancestral Heritage/Emerald Leaf



( 2 Epic )

Bravery/Ancient Statue


( 1 Legendary / 2 Epic )

Stalber's Butcher/Mystic Feline/Burning Rose


( 3 Epic )

Golden Eagle/Crafted Weapon 2x


(1 Epic)




( 5 Epic )

Infected Bear/Drought/Circus/Season 10/Season 19


( 4 Legendary / 2 Epic )

Good News/Shark Bite/Steel Jungle/Night Lantern/Silver Plaque/Season 18


( 1 Legendary )


Pistol -10 Varied


Machete ( 3 Legendary ) Draconian Champion/Icy Blade/Bloody Suits


( 1 Legendary / 1 Epic )

Acolyte of Justice/Steel Jungle


( 1 Legendary / 1 Epic )

Legendary Scythe (Kong's Weapon x Godzilla)/Deadly Blade


( 9 Legendary / 14 Epic )

Wild Club / Lightspeed Chicken / King Ghidorah (Godzilla King of the Monsters) / Rodan (Godzilla King of the Monsters) / Team Kong (Kong x Godzilla) / MECHAGODZILLA (Godzilla x Kong) / Painkiller / Black Rose / Samurai Command / Unleash the Grave / Modern Lord / Defender of Justice / Anti-Hunting / BOOM / Fluffy Chicken / Bear Roar / Crescent Eagle / Cute Reindeer / From Heaven to Hell / Arctic Witch / Leonine Majesty / Graffiti / Tulip

All Seasons Grenade

Bad Boy / Masked Wasp / Jinx's Rage / Thanksgiving / All Seasons Smoke Grenade/Toxic Swamp/Toxic Fang/Defender of Justice/Fire Wraith All Seasons Stun Grenade / Jinx's Fury Molotov / Venomous Sting / Wasp Rage / Unyielding


( 37 Mythic Set / 88 Legendary Set / 99 Epic Sets ) 

Wild Survivor set/PMNC 2021 Set/Demon Slayer Set/Jinx's costume/Vi's costume/Jayce's costume/CYCLE 2 set/Dark Succubus Set/Charming Christmas Set/Charming Reindeer Set/Anarchy set/Armed Maiden Set/Bunny Set/Kitten set/Scarlet Fox Set/Ninja Kitten Set/Crystal Thief Set/Heart of Gold Set/Apocalyptic Guardian Set/Dawn Killer Set/Dawn Witch Hunter Set/Bloody Lotus Set/Jungle Fang Set/Night Warrior Set/Gothic Gentleman Costume/Gothic lady costume/Cyber Fighting Set/Biochemical Force Set/Bronze Master Set/Imminent Danger Set/Stylish Santa Claus Set/Winter Horns Set/Fighting Bull Set/Deadly Dancer Set/Heroine set/Mummy Nurse Set/Prison attire/Pink Student Costume/Tiger Print Suit/Galactic Messenger Set/Lemon Freshness Set/Lovesick Girls JISOO costume/No Return Home Sports Set/Baby Shark Set 

Accessories Head 
( 20 Mitíco Head Accessories / 70 Legendary Head Accessories / 65 Epic Head Accessories )
/Straw Hat (Pink) /Dark Succubus Tiara /Enchanting Hat /Christmas horns /Futuristic Rabbit Helmet /Punk Mafioso Hat /Godzilla Mask /Height Hunter Goggles /Reindeer Trainer Hat /Aurora's Witch Hunter Hat /Cover of Biochemical Forces /Cyber ​​Killer Hat /Windhunter Goggles /Jungle Wolverine Helmet /Crown Lady of Fury /Iron Berserker Helmet /Cyber ​​Fight Cover /Gothic Lady Bow /Stripes and Stars Hat /Winter Queen Hat /East Wanderer Belt /Musical Rose Mask /Bronze Master Mask /Impending Danger Accessory /Fox Fantasy Mask /Furry Bunny Accessory /R.P.D beret /Galactic Messenger Hood /Lemon Freshness /Crying emoji head /Flower Girl Hat 


( 27 Legendary Helmets / 7 Epic Helmets )
Anubian Magistrate Helmet/Color Touch Helmet/Cute Idol Helmet/Extreme Diving Helmet/Viscotechnic Helmet/Elite Helmet/Santa Claus Helmet/Angry Pumpkin Helmet 

Eye Accessory
( 8 Legendary Accessories / 12 Epic Accessories )
Cool Diver Goggles/Gold Sheriff's Goggles/Lemon Freshness Mask/Night Walker Glasses
 Accessory Face 
( 4 Mythical Accessory / 25 Legendary Accessory / 38 Epic Accessories )
Cloth Mask(Leopard)/Eyelids Mask/Pest Exterminator Mask/First Kill Mask/Night Warrior Mask/Fangs of the Jungle Mask/Cat Cat Mask/Wild Marksman Scarf(Red)/USA scarf/Season 6 Scarf/Swordsman mask/Santa's Stylish Beard/Royal Guard Beard/Height Hunter Mask/WALKER Mask (Alan Walker)/Alan Walker Mask/Mummy Nurse Mask/Infiltrator's Mask 
( 30 Legendary Backpacks / 7 Epic Backpacks ) 
Jinx's Backpack/Bloodthirsty Joker Backpack/Bloody Rain Backpack/Snow Girl Backpack/Field Commander's Backpack/Nutcracker King Backpack/Masked Wasp Backpack/Banana Backpack/MECHAGODZILLA Backpack/Bunny Friends Backpack/ZOIUDO backpack/Liverpool FC backpack/Pink backpack 
Backpack Accessory 
( 25 Legendary Accessories / 5 Epic Accessories )
Ornament Mr. Rabbit (Jinx)/Hextech ornament/Kong Puppet Ornament (Godzilla x Kong)/Ornament of the Fearless Res (Angry Birds)/Enigmatic Killer Ornament/Anúbius Magistrate Decoration/Modern Lord Ornament/Commander's Easter Egg Decoration/Beehive ornament/Gold Cup Embellishment/Igneous Spectrum Ornament/Lord of the Spine ornament 
Shirts and Blouses 
Bunny Season sweatshirt/Combat Jacket T1/Racer Jacket(Grey)/Infiltrator's Jacket/THE WALKING DEAD T-Shirt (Black)/Fashion icon jacket/Urban Performer Jacket/Prosperity Top/Pro League Blouse (Grey)/Spring PMPL 2021 T-shirt/ROCK shirt (Purple)/USA regatta/Gold Urban Shirt/Tropical Shirt(Green)/Fighter Shirt (Yellow)/Fighter Shirt (Grey)/Hooded Jacket (Alan Walker)/Wild West Coat (Red)/Wild West Leather Vest 

Camouflage Mini-Shorts/Sports Pants (Yellow)/Combat Pants T1/Fighter Pants (Yellow)/Fighter Pants (Grey)/Infiltrator's Pants/Summer Mini Shorts (Maple)/Charming Mini Shorts (Orange)/Fashion Icon Pants/Prosperity Pants/Bunny Season Leggings 
Rabbit Season High Top Sneakers/Urban Performer Boots/Infiltrator Boots/Swimmer Sandals/Sandals (White)/Rabbit Foot Royale 
Voices - Female Thai Voice/Tomokazu Sugita/Heartrocket Voice Pack (A,B) CyberGen Voice/Mai Davika Voice/Dora Voice/Prank Chicken Voice/Carlo/Sara/Victor
Night of Mischief / Mischievous Pets / Rat Trap / Happy Yeti / Under the Sea
Dacia Bloody Lotus/Dacia Birthday Celebration/Dacia Crescent Eagle/Dacia Infected Bear
 2 Seat Neon Jumper/2 Seat Neon Corsair/Hot Dog/2 Seat Fine Porcelain/Lime Green/Nutcracker/Daryls Motorcycle
Ice Sculpture
 Punisher/Alligator/Lifesaver/Black Magma/Street Art/Godzilla
Fluffy Penguin/Imperial Gold
Pow-Pow Flying Machine (Jinx)/Magic Girl Glider
All Season Pass Aircraft from Season 4 through 19 and all from M1 through M14.
All Season Pass Seasons 4 through 19 and all M1 through M14. Parachute - PMNC2021/PMSC Special/Pro League Silver/Freedom/Soldier/Brave/Butterfly Knot/Wrestling/Black Magma/Field Master/ Street Art/Cute Reindeer/Little Devil/Black Comedy/Happy Emoji/Modern Lord/Vespeiro/Godzilla x Kong/Eye of the Abyss/Shoot and Fall/Good News/ Arabesque/Dune/Monster Boss/Technoatlantic/Golden Spring/Warning Candle/Enchanted Wish/Evangelion's NERV/Twin Foxes/Heartrocker/ Spectral Love/Baby Cactus/From Home/Showy Feathers/No Return Home
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