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Want to make Professor Oak proud by making a complete guide on all the Pokémon in the world? Are you looking to be a Pokémon master? Get your Pokemon Mystery Gift Codes to finally complete your Pokédex or become a part of the Elite Four here!


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The Pokemon world is full of mysteries, and among them are the Mythical Pokemon. A fortunate few have spotted legendary Pokemon, even fewer have seen the mythical creatures. In fact, the few testimonies of the Mythical Pokemon that some gamers have seen are being doubted by players. The truth is there are some who have captured powerful Pokemon creatures. You can too if you buy Pokemon Mystery gift codes, which by the way, are for sale. There’s no better time to do so than now, as Pokemon Sun and Moon has finally arrived.

Dominate with Mythical Pokemon Code

The Mythical Pokemon arrived at Pokemon XY and Alpha Sapphire/Omega Ruby in celebration of Pokemon’s 20th Anniversary. Every month since February 2016, Nintendo gave away Pokemon Mystery gift codes.

Among them are some of the most powerful Pokemon, a force to be reckoned with in competitive battling. A good example is Arceus (the Alpha Pokemon). Arceus is said to be the divinity who created the Pokemon world. With boasts of 720 base stats, which is a perfectly equal spread on each stat, a wide move pool, and with a powerful signature move (Judgment, a 100-base power special attack move).

Other than Mythical Pokemon, Nintendo gave away special edition Pokemon in the past. Take for example Torchic from the XY series, which they gave away as one of the Pokemon X Mystery gift codes, or as a Pokemon Y Mystery gift codes. While Torchic is readily available in the game’s Friend Safari, there is no way players can get a Blazikenite, which lets Blaziken (Torchic’s final evolution) evolve into Mega Blaziken. Shiny Rayquaza, another near-impossible Pokemon to catch, was also given away at one of Nintendo's events.

Since Nintendo's events were in the past, now, the only way Mythical Pokemon are obtained is through trading. Thankfully, many Pokemon players are selling their Mythical Pokemon code, either from Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Mystery gift codes, or Pokemon Omega Ruby Mystery Gift codes. However, not all online player to player sellers can be trusted since many engage in scamming, phishing, and other dubious practices.

Don't worry, because there are always some honest online traders. PlayerAuctions is here to help you find one.

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About Pokemon Sun Moon CD Keys

The legendary Pokemon are powerful, one-of-a-kind, and are difficult to find. No other group of Pokemon holds greater mystery and power than the legendary group, or is there? Well, there's Mythical Pokemon. These creatures were seen rarely and their existence has been questioned by Pokemon advocates. In fact, they do exist and can be captured. How? Well, there are Pokemon Mystery Gift Codes, which can be found online.

Powerful Pokemon Mystery Gift Codes Are Available

This year, as the celebration of Pokemon’s twenty year success, Nintendo has been giving away Mythical Pokemon codes every month for Pokemon XY, Alpha Sapphire, and Omega Ruby. The codes grant players with Mythical Pokemon, which cannot be obtained in normal gameplay, especially Arceus and Meloetta. With Sun and Moon slowly becoming the officially supported Pokemon game, there is no other way to get Mythical Pokemon codes other than to buy them.

Mythical Pokemon are highly sought after not only because of their rarity or to add to one’s Pokedex, but more importantly because they make an awesome addition to one’s team. The creatures are immensely powerful Pokemon that have their respective signature moves.

The perfect example of a mythical Pokemon is Arceus, which can be obtained via Pokemon X Mystery Gift Codes, or Pokemon Y Mystery Gift Codes. According to legends, Arceus, is the creator of the Pokemon universe. From its lore alone, it has been said that Arceus holds great power, with in-game stats to back it up. With a whopping 720 base stat total, which is evenly spread out across Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed, the creature is an offensive and defensive force to be reckoned with. Arceus can get even more powerful and specialized with EV training. The signature move (Judgment), adds to Arceus’s dominion in battle, as it’s a 100-base power special attack move that always enjoys a 50% Same-Type Attack Bonus. Since the special creature can learn a wide variety of moves, it can respond to an equal assortment of threats.

Hoopa's Confined and Unbound Forms have great base Special Attack, making them capable of downing Pokemon that have low Special Defense and/or weak to the move type they’re using. With Hyperspace Hole, Hoopa can tear a hole through any Pokemon that uses Protect or any other move with the same effect. Do note, however, that Hoopa’s Unbound Form can only be obtained with Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Mystery Gift Codes, and Pokemon Omega Ruby Mystery Gift Codes.

Lastly, there is Darkrai, the dark half of the Lunar Duo, Darkrai, is the Pokemon world’s Sinister Sandman. With the signature move of Dark Void, it has an 80% chance of putting any Pokemon to sleep. Moves with Bad Dreams perfectly synergize with Dark Void, as it deals considerable damage to any opposing, sleeping Pokemon.

How to Get Your Hands on Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Mystery Gift Codes

Aside from giving away Pokemon Mystery Gift Codes, Nintendo gave away special edition Pokemon several times a few years ago. A good example would be Torchic for Pokemon XY. Although Torchic can be caught in the game’s Friend Safari (depending on the friend you have), it cannot Mega Evolve into Mega Blaziken. Torchic makes a huge difference with his Blazikenite, specifically, in competitive play. Another legendary Pokemon giveaway at a Nintendo event was Shiny Rayquaza, which is another near-impossible Pokemon to catch.

The window of time to attain Mythical Pokemon codes has already closed so that the only way trainers can get them is through trading. For Sun and Moon, mythical creatures are not part of the giveaway, although there will be soon with Pokemon Mystery Gift Codes 2017. The only way trainers can have Mythical Pokemon is to trade them. The question is, who’s willing to trade this limited-edition Pokemon? People who are searching for one, look no further because we have them here at PlayerAuctions.

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