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2 MILION STARDUST WITHIN 10 HOURS by defeat Team GO Rocket Grunt & Leaders + Shadow Shinies, IV100% Shadow & Purified - Please Read Description First

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Pokémon Go-All Servers
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  • Apr-12-2023 13:57:58 PM

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    ​​► What I will do:

    - Defeating Team Rocket Grunt and Leader

    - Catch Shiny Shadow Pokemon or Perfect Shadow Pokemon, Perfect Pokemon after purification (if I meet)

    - I will NOT attacking Giovani (Team GO rocket Boss) if you have Super Radar on bag

    ​​► What you will get:

    - 2 Million Stardust

    - 12km eggs ( If you have slot on eggs storage)

    - Shiny Shadow Pokemon or Perfect Shadow Pokemon, Perfect Pokemon after purification (random) 

    ​​► Required:

    Account Information (I'll need to log into your account in order to do the service).

    Empty space (>100) on your pokemon and items bag to catch Pokemon and spin pokestop.

    ► Time: 2 milion - 8 ~ 10 hours (I will let you know the time require when you order)

    NOTICE: Please DON'T log into your account during the order time.

    - The following Pokémon will be transformed into Shadow Pokémon (which can be caught after successful battles with Team GO Rocket Grunts):  Alola Vulpix, Spoink, Blitztle, Joltik, Alolan Diglett, Alolan Exeggutor, Alolan Raticate, Alolan Rattata, Alolan Sandshrew, Anorith, Beedrill, Cacnea, Chikorita, Cyndaquil, Dratini, Ducklett, Electabuzz, Foongus, Girafarig, Golett, Hippopotas, Hitmonchan, Hitmonlee, Lileep, Loudred, Magikarp, Makuhita, Mareep, Natu, Nidoran (Male), Nidorina, Nidorino, Numel, Onix, Patrat, Purrloin, Ralts, Rattata, Raticate, Shinx, Shuckle, Skorupi, Snorlax, Snubbull, Starly, Sudowoodo, Swinub, Stunky, Totodile, Voltorb, Wailmer, Weedle, Whismur, Zubat

    - The Team GO Rocket Leaders will have the following Shadow Pokémon:
    Arlo: Shadow Nidoran Male - CAN BE SHINY
    Cliff: Shadow Magnemite - CAN BE SHINY
    Sierra: Shadow Beldum - CAN BE SHINY





    I want to find other Services?
    Please enter my shop: PlayerAuctions - Pro_Trainer's Store or message me!


    How to buy on Pro_Trainer store?


    I have a problem with my payment?
    Please follow the Payments instructions or contact me.


    When will you start the service?
    I will start the service as soon as possible. Immediately if I online or 2 - 6 hours if not. I'll message you the start time as soon as I get the notice about your order. *My time zone: GMT +7*


    How are you doing this service?
    I use the self-writing script on specialized phones and just defeat Team Go Rocket members for grinding stardust. The device I use is an Android phone and the service will work in some big city in the world (Tokyo, New York City,...)


    Is this service safe?
    This service is 100% safe. I only log in to your buyer account with the original game which I installed from Google Play Store to keep safe. I never use any modded app / 3rd-party application to do the services. None of my customers got any problem (banned, warning,..) because of using my services.
    NOTE: If you're spoofing and using any spoofing app, I'm not guaranteed about safety if using this service. If you really want  to buy it, You take all the responsibility.


    When I can log in to play?
    I will defeat Team Go Rocket members and catch Shadow Pokemon for you so I'm not recommend you log in to your account while I doing the service. I will let you know when the service complete and you can log in, play normally.


    What I need to do after service done?
    I will log out and remove your account on my phone but please change your account information after service to keep 100% safe.


    📞I have a question, how can I contact you?
    Please click "Contact me" button above.
    I will reply when i'm online ( 0 - 6 hours ) - My time zone: GMT +7


    ☑️ When you finished, confirm delivery in "Buying Orders" and leave a feedback. It is important for me.
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