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The problem with using orbs is that sometimes you don’t get the result you want. Thankfully, there’s the Eternal Orb, which can create an imprint of an item, which in turn is used to revert an item back to its original state just in case. Here in PlayerAuctions, you can Buy Eternal Orb.


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Trading Information

What Does Eternal Orb Do?

Eternal Orb is probably the strongest crafting material in the entire game. Potentially even more powerful than a Mirror of Kalandra, depending on what you’re looking for. Eternal Orbs are used to make an imprint of an item. You can then modify the item, and if it doesn’t turn out the way you want, you can use the Eternal Orb to revert it to its prior state. This is the only way to reliably finish a ‘perfect’ item.

The first four stats on an item can be manipulated using various advanced crafting techniques. However, the final two cannot be manipulated outside of great RNG, or using Eternal Orbs. If you have an item with four completely perfect stats, you would use an Eternal Orb on it, use an Exalted Orb on it, and then see what additional stat it gets. If it’s good, awesome! If not, you can use the Eternal Orb to revert it to the four perfect stats. Once you have your fifth perfect stat, you do the same until you have all six perfect stats. This will take a lot of Eternal Orbs, and is only used when creating items that will be used for a Mirror Service – where people pay high numbers of Exalted Orbs to have the privilege of creating a copy of your item.

Eternal Orb Acquiring

So right off the bat, Eternal Orb farming and Eternal Orb recipe are not things that exist in the current Path of Exile. Also, there is no Eternal Orb drop chance. That is because it was deemed that Eternal Orbs were too strong, and they were removed from the drop tables several years ago. However, the ones that already existed were not deleted, so there are still quite a few floating around in Standard. This means that, with a few exceptions, the only way to acquire Eternal Orbs is to purchase them from other players.

The one exception to this is that occasionally leagues will have mechanics that engage with old content. In Legacy league there was a way to acquire Eternal Orbs once again, although they were rarer than Mirror of Kalandra, by far. If an event happens that allows the engagement with Eternal Orbs once more, then that might be a way to acquire them in the future. However, for the moment it’s trade or nothing.

Eternal Orb Price and How to Buy

Eternal Orb Price: How much is an Eternal Orb worth?

Since Eternal Orbs are so rare, and there’s a limited supply, their price only goes up over time. They cannot be purchased in the temporary leagues (with the exception of past events, as mentioned above), so their price can only be measured on Standard, where all high-end currency is more expensive. Eternal Orbs in Standard, currently, are priced at approximately the same value as a Mirror of Kalandra – which run for around 220 Exalted Orbs in Standard. These items are not cheap, and should only be used by the most thorough of crafters.

If you want to purchase Eternal Orbs for real money, you’ll be looking at similar prices to Mirror of Kalandra – anywhere from $100 to $300. Unlike Mirror of Kalandra it has less to do with time in league (as you can only purchase them in Standard), and more to do with who is selling the few that go up on the market. Since there is such small supply, you have to work with the few sellers out there.

How to Buy Eternal Orb for Real Money

If you have decided to purchase Eternal Orbs for real money, you’ll want to keep a close eye on our PlayerAuctions marketplace. Typically I would simply suggest purchasing one of the readily available products, but when it comes to Eternal Orbs you’ll have to watch for seller availability. Once you have found someone looking to sell their Eternal Orbs, purchase them through our site. Get in contact with the seller via our messaging system if you want to ensure a speedy delivery.

Rest assured that you cannot be scammed through our marketplace trading system! They don’t get paid until you receive your Eternal Orbs, so even with the high price you can be assured that you’ll always get your item.


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