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Links between sockets make or break good gear. So for Rare gear with perfect mods but bad links, there’s always the Orb of Fusing. If you’re looking for this orb but don’t want to farm for it or trade other items, then buy Orb of Fusing here at PlayerAuctions.

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Trading Information

What Does Orb of Fusing Do?

Orb of Fusing may not be the most glamourous currency in the game, it’s certainly not as rare or as flashy as Mirrors, Eternal Orbs, or Exalted Orbs. However, they are likely the most practical and useful currency type within Path of Exile. Orb of Fusing is used to link the sockets on your gear together. Getting a better weapon is often a good way to boost your damage, but almost nothing is better than moving from a five-link body armour to a six-link one. Orb of Fusing is what lets that happen. Unfortunately, it can often take many of them in order to achieve your goal of finally getting that six-link. The average cost of Orb of Fusing to get a six-link is one thousand! This is why, even though they are fairly common, they are so valuable.

Orb of Fusing Drop Rate

So, you want to know how to get Orb of Fusings? The easiest way is simply picking them up off the ground. As I mentioned, Orb of Fusing drop rate is actually quite high. It’s not uncommon at all to find at least one per map you run. Sometimes I’ll leave a map after a couple minutes and have three or four Orb of Fusing in my inventory, particularly in higher quantity maps. If you want an equivalent, they drop fairly evenly with Orb of Alchemy, Orb of Scouring, and Orb of Regret. You’ll have no shortage of Orb of Fusings… until you try to use them and blow through a week of collecting them in five minutes. They may drop frequently, but you better believe you’ll want every single one you find.

Orb of Fusing Recipe

Even though their drop rate is high, I don’t typically get most of my Orb of Fusings from natural drops. The majority of my Orb of Fusing are gained through the Orb of Fusing Recipe. Or in this case, simply buying them from an NPC. If you talk to the main shop NPC in any of the later acts, they will be offering one Orb of Fusing for the price of four Jeweller’s Orbs. If you’re looking to buy in bulk remember that you can hold down Ctrl while clicking to move them directly to your inventory, and holding down both Ctrl and Shift allows you to buy full stacks with each click.

So why do I have so many Jeweller’s Orbs to turn into Orb of Fusings? Well Jeweller’s Orbs have a higher drop rate, but you also get many of them from selling the six-socket items that you find. Every time you find a six-socket weapon or body armour, take it back to your hideout and sell it to a vendor. They will give you seven Jeweller’s Orbs in return. Since we know that four Jeweller’s Orbs can buy one Orb of Fusing, this means that each time you pick up a six-socket item you are picking up almost two Orb of Fusings.

Orb of Fusing Farming

Orb of Fusing farming goes one layer deeper than simply finding them or finding Jeweller’s Orbs or six-socket items. There are several Divination Cards that give Orb of Fusings, and they can be farmed fairly efficiently. The most notable ones are the Loyalty Divination Card and the Lucky Connections Divination Card. The Loyalty card stacks up to five cards to complete it, and rewards three Orb of Fusing. The Lucky Connections card stacks up to seven cards to complete it, and rewards twenty Orb of Fusing.

There are several maps that you can farm these cards on. Loyalty can be found in Barrows, Grotto, and Lair. Cave tilesets are home to the Loyalty card. Of these my personal favourite and farming preference is Lair. Lucky Connections can be found in Pier, Port, Shipyard, and Wharf – all of the waterfront tilesets. Of these Pier is by far my favourite to farm. Fairly obviously judging by the amounts that they reward, Loyalty is far more common than Lucky Connections, but both will net you a steady stream of Orb of Fusing if you farm these maps religiously. As with any drop, your outcome will be increased if you run higher quantity maps or use some bonus item quantity on your gear.

Orb of Fusing Price and How to Buy

Orb of Fusing Price: How much is an Orb of Fusing worth?

As I said, Orb of Fusings are nowhere near as expensive as some of the high-ticket items. However, they can still set you back a pretty penny. Orb of Fusings typically take 3-4 days to settle in a new league, and once they have settled, they will almost never be cheaper than two Orb of Fusings to one Chaos Orb. To put that into perspective, throughout the league it’s between 200 and 300 Orb of Fusings for one Exalted Orb, typically.

If you’re looking to buy Orb of Fusings with real money, they will cost you $0.01 to $0.03 USD. Not exactly the most expensive purchase in the world! It takes an average of 1000 Orb of Fusing to six link an item. 1500 if you want to guarantee a six-link using the master crafting bench. Which means that you can buy yourself a six link for around $10-20 USD.

How to Purchase Orb of Fusing for Real Money

If you choose to buy Orb of Fusings with real money, we suggest contacting one of our sellers over at the PlayerAuctions marketplace. 

Making use of our PlayerAuctions marketplace you are never at risk of getting scammed! If they don’t deliver, they never get the money, we hold it for you both until the transaction is complete. Typically, sellers will ask you to only communicate outside of the game, so feel free to make use of our PlayerAuctions messaging services, to ensure you receive your Orb of Fusing as fast as possible! Be sure to listen to anything the seller wants you to do, as they know the proper way to trade safely.

Lastly, be polite! These sellers will get you your item, but they’ll be a lot more pleased to work with you if you’re both happy and polite. A little please and thank you goes a long way!


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