What is a Raise Spectre Necromancer?

Raise Spectre is the king of summoner builds, as it has the best clear and damage. It is even better because expensive Uniques or items do not gate it. You tear apart your first Awakener kill or blitz through the red maps worth less than a hundred Chaos Orbs. Victario's Charity Victario's Charity or The Devouring Diadem provides the main uniques incorporated. You can get the Devouring Diadem quickly through any league, such as SSF or optional.

A Spectre of this build focuses on using the Slave Drivers. It may be an underutilized Spectre, but it can put the rest to shame. Boss killing, mapping, or deep delving will all be defeated before the spectral army we can employ by giving this build rare flexibility.

Build Pros and Cons


  • A Raise Spectre Summoner is an exceptional boss slayer using many Uber Awakeners for the first kills upon releasing Sirus.
  • Massive DPS from our cadre of Raise Spectre Raise Spectres (5M+ Shaper DPS)
  • Robust all-around Regeneration, Defenses (high maximum life, with many Jewel sockets, and high Evasion).
  • Excellent for starting in a league.
  • Reaches up to millions of DPS with less investment of Exalted Orbs.
  • Delve to depths of ~650+ without any trouble.
  • Flatten all types of enemies from the safety of the backline and let your army do the work.
  • High mobility speed.


  • The Summoner playstyle can be polarizing as you would either "love it or hate it."
  • Spectres can be squishy until you reach the end-game gem levels, trees, and additional care.

Playstyle and Build Mechanics

The Summoner archetype is unique in feel and gameplay. While some players fall in love with it from the beginning, others are alienated by the differences. A Raise Spectre Necromancer balances a conventional build and a summoner since Armageddon Brand. Armageddon Brand will be the main focus of our Elemental Equilibrium; this build has the combined feel of a spellcaster and a summoner.

This build uses the Slave Driver, most would not choose this build, but it is the best option since Patch 3.12. Unlike the past versions of the summoner, it is not necessary to use other types of Spectres to maximize our potential in all game areas, like killing bosses, clearing levels, and delving; the Slave Drivers are exceptional at this.

Utilizing the Elemental Equilibrium allows us to deal massive damage with our minions for free and apply a self-cast spell. When clearing mobs, this is optional. It is an enormous increase for defeating the boss, collecting Legion rares, and helping us power through targets that are tougher than most. Slave Drivers deal a significant amount of Lightning damage that tears apart virtually everything.

Obtaining the Slave Driver Spectres

  • Head to the Control Blocks in Act V.
  • Cast Desecrate Desecrate to spawn corpses.
  • Cast the spell Raise Spectre on a Slave Driver (holding the "A" key makes this process far more manageable).

With the new Raise Spectre gem, a summoned Spectre's effectiveness is based on the level of the equipped Raise Spectre gem and not the zone level you entered. You should be sure you are using the Raise Spectre gem with the highest level you can afford.

When casting Raise Spectre to summon Slave Drivers, remove Spell Echo Support from the link, or you will summon two instantly, causing additional random and unnecessary Spectres to be summoned. A Spell Echo Support Spell will be used purely for influencing the Slave Drivers' damage and not for the casting type of Raise Spectre itself.

  • Cast the spell Raise Spectre on a Slave Driver (holding the "A" key makes this process far more manageable). Repeat this and the previous steps until you have the most Spectres.

Passive Skill Tree

Knowing which skill is essential to creating your build, luckily for you, we have used POEPLANNER to help you follow the nodes you need for a Raise Spectre. You can refer to this recommended Level 90 Passive Skill Tree we have made for you.


To add to the Raise Spectre link for the Slave Drivers, we use Armageddon Brand to apply our curse and Blind Support. These Brand skills are excellent for this purpose, as they can stick to targets and be cast at range while repositioning. What makes it even better is that it does not need to be re-applied if the target moves. This makes Armageddon Brand the best candidate against other skills used to fulfill the same purpose.

Auras are flexible, but we prefer Wrath and Haste. Zealotry is better than Haste unless you use Awakened Controlled Destruction Support or the standard counterpart. Wrath can add a massive amount of Lightning damage to our Raise Spectre. We can use The Devouring Diadem to add a third aura or Summon Skitterbots to increase damage and survivability.

A classic combination of Desecrate and Flesh Offerings gives all minions a massive injection of cast, attack, and movement speed. These can be auto-cast to eliminate any troubles.

5.1 Raise Spectre Slave Drivers 6-Link

Many players complain about the Slave Drivers having "twitchy" AI and does not behave as predictably as other Spectres. Having Feeding Frenzy Support replace the Predator for mapping can address this issue. Although, Awakened gems are not necessary, including end-game boss killing. Instead, swap them out for their regular counterparts without affecting the build.

  1. Raise Spectre
  2. Awakened Spell Echo Support
  3. Awakened Minion Damage Support
  4. Predator and Feeding Frenzy Support
  5. Awakened Controlled Destruction Support
  6. Awakened Elemental Focus Support

5.2 Armageddon Brand 4-Link

Armageddon Brand is a skill that triggers the Elemental Equilibrium effect. In addition, it can apply a Curse of Choice and Blind Support.

  1. Armageddon Brand (Level 1)
  2. Blind Support Blind Support
  3. Hextouch Support
  4. Curse of Choice

Ascendancy, Bandits, and Pantheon Powers

Having Ascendancy Points is crucial for a Summoner Build. Unfortunately, due to the Patch 2.8.0 Blight League, Summoners are unreliable on the Ascdenacy for Minon Viability and Survivability. Although leveling up has become more accessible, and having different types of minions can be added to your build.

6.1 Ascendancy

  1. Mindless Aggression
  2. Unnatural Strength
  3. Commander of Darkness
  4. Plaguebringer

6.2 Deal with the Bandits' Reward

  • You need to kill all the bandits to get the 2 Passive Points for this build.

6.3 Major Gods

  • The Soul of Lunaris should be upgraded to prevent chains against you and your minions.
  • The Soul of Solaris, when fully upgraded, can be a potent choice to defeat bosses such as the Uber Elder.

6.4 Minor Gods

  • The Soul of Gruthkul needs to be used to reduce incoming physical damage.
  • The Soul of Yugul is the best Minor God for Uber Elder.

Gear Summary

The items listed here balance power and cost-effectiveness. You can explore both budget and high-end items if you want to, but here are our current recommendations, but feel free to explore more options. You can refer to the list below for the items you can focus on.

Recommended Gear

Item Slot

Item Name


Either a +3 Minion Gem Bone Helmet or The Devouring Diadem (each has a separate gem setup and talent tree)


Rare Amulet


+1 to Maximum Spectres Rare Chest


Rare Gloves


+1 Raise Spectre Level Elder Rare Boots


Rare Stygian Vise


Rare Unset Ring Unset Rings


Triggers a Socketed Spell using a Skill Rare Wand


Victario's Charity Victario's Charity or Rare Shield


Leveling Up A Raise Spectre

8.1 Act 1

This guide portion will point you in the right direction and grind through the Acts efficiently while obtaining all essential items and entering the right lab trials.

8.1 Act 1

20 Point Tree

Kill Hillock and enter Lioneye's Watch. Collect Freezing Pulse from Tarkleigh to immediately purchase Raise Zombie from Nessa. Remove Fireball Fireball and replace it with Freezing Pulse. Freezing Pulse linked to Arcane Surge Support. Keep your Fireball Fireball gem for now.

Socket Raise Zombie Raise Zombie as soon as possible and use the two abilities when entering The Coast and beyond. Look out for any Sapphire Ring drops, and remember to pick them up.

Returning to Lioneye's Watch, collect the following:

  • Claim Tarkleigh's reward, the Summon Raging Spirit.
  • Claim Tarkleigh's reward, Frostblink.
  • Claim Nessa's reward, Summon Phantasm Support, and your Quicksilver Flask.
  • Purchase the Holy Flame Totem from Nessa

Link them together:

  • Holy Flame Totem
  • Summon Phantasm Support

Then socket your Summon Raging Spirit and focus on leveling it up.

Next, kill Brutus and return to town, collect the following:

  • Infernal Legion Support from Tarkleigh's reward
  • Flame Dash from Tarkleigh's reward
  • Purchase Minion Damage Support from Nessa
  • Purchase Combustion Support from Nessa
  • If you have some money left, buy another Minion Damage Support as well
  • Freezing Pulse is not needed to clear or kill enemies but keep the gem if you need the Sapphire Ring for Merveil.

Convert your Holy Flame Totem Holy Flame Totem to a 3-Link as soon as possible:

  • Holy Flame Totem
  • Summon Phantasm Support
  • Combustion Support

Also, link Summon Raging Spirit when a second 3-Link is available:

  • Spirit Summon Raging Spirit
  • Infernal Legion Support
  • Minion Damage Support

You would need to link your Raise Zombie with other Minion Damage Support. It is the lowest priority for additional damage and auto-clearing.

Returning to Lioneye's Watch after entering the Cavern of Wrath:

  • Speak with Nessa and collect Flesh Offering.

Then bring one Sapphire Ring to kill Merveil or two to be swift. If you haven't received any as drops:

  • Purchase an Iron Ring or two if needed.
  • Sell both Iron Ring and your Fireball.
  • Repeat the process with another Iron Ring and Freezing Pulse to receive a second Sapphire Ring.

The recipe works for any Resistance ring (Iron Ring + gem) with blue gems for red for Fire Resistance, Cold Resistance, and green for Lightning Resistance.

8.2 Act 2

38 Point Tree

In Act 2, we will kill Oak, Alira, and Kraityn for the 2 Passive Points from Eramir.

After you kill the Weaver, collect the following:

  • A Predator from Silk's reward
  • Then purchase the Melee Physical Damage Support from Yeena

Once you have completed The Root of the Problem quest, collect the following:

  • Desecrate from Greust's reward.
  • Purchase the Summon Skitterbots from Yeena.
  • Purchase the Melee Physical Damage Support from Yeena.

Reconfigure your links, but your Holy Flame Totem 3-Link will stay the same. The Summon Raging Spirit link will become:

  • Summon Raging Spirit
  • Minion Damage Support
  • Melee Physical Damage Support

The new link, and first aura, is the Summon Skitterbots:

  • Summon Skitterbots
  • Infernal Legion Support

The Raise Zombie link can stay for now. Unless you want to add a Melee Physical Damage Support to have a 3-Link, only if you have space.

The links should be enough to get you through Act 3.

8.3 Act 3

61 Point Tree

Start with doing the Library quest when you are League Starting or Solo Self-Found since there are several helpful leveling gems:

  • Feeding Frenzy Support is a quest reward.
  • Added Fire Damage Support which is purchased in shops.
  • Wrath is purchased in shops, but you shouldn't use it now. You can level it up instead in a gem slot or offhand.

Make your Raise Zombie a 4-Link:

  • Raise Zombie
  • Minion Damage Support
  • Melee Physical Damage Support (take it from the Raging Spirit link if you don't have one)
  • Feeding Frenzy Support

Your new Summon Raging Spirit 3-Link should be:

  • Summon Raging Spirit
  • Minion Damage Support
  • Added Fire Damage Support

Take Raise Spectre as the quest reward when killing General Gravicius and start leveling it immediately.

Leveling with Raise Spectre Raise Spectre

You can use Raise Spectre to level a 4-link moving forward. Although it is much easier done with a Wraithlord, which is slower than using zombies and raging spirits when the league starts, it is a viable strategy.

Link these together:

  1. Raise Spectre
  2. Minion Damage Support
  3. Feeding Frenzy Support
  4. Elemental Focus Support

Go to Act I, The Ledge, then cast Desecrate and use the "A" key. Mouse over the corpses to raise 2 Cannibal Fire Eaters. Repeat the cast, Desecrate, if you can't find them within the pile of corpses. Keep your Holy Flame Totem and one other minion link, as the specters need speed or the tank-like ability during this level.

8.4 Act 4

Ascend in The Labyrinth to Necromancer at any time. Remember that we take Mindless Aggression first.

The Golem of choice is the Summon Stone Golem for the taunt and Regeneration. Choose the Spell Echo Support as your reward and begin leveling it in your offhand for later on.

8.5 Act 5 and Onwards

89 Point Tree

Your skill point tree should be completed by the time you finish Act 10 and are ready to face the Merciless Labyrinth.

When starting Act 5, ditch your Summon Skitterbots link and instead have the Infernal Legion Support. Run both Summon Skitterbots and Wrath at the same time. Suppose you are using Spectres in your leveling setup. You can acquire Slave Drivers from Act 4 now, but they are squishy, so invest in some additional Minion Life if necessary, or you can link them to the Minion Life Support.

When using Summon Raging Spirit as a form of direct damage, you need to upgrade it to a 4-Link:

  • A Summon Raging Spirit
  • A Minion Damage Support
  • An Added Fire Damage Support
  • Either Melee Physical Damage Support or Melee Splash Support

Using the Melee Splash allows you to use Raging Spirits to clear; simply fire a few off and run through the area. The Melee Physical will help burn down bosses and gain value when going deeper into the Acts. Choose one, or swap between them.

Improving the Animate Guardian

An Animate Guardian follows you and your undead army. Keeping them buffed up and muscular. Equip the Animate Guardian with any powerful items and Gear. Remember, if the Guardian dies, all equipped items are lost.

The survivability of the Animate Guardian is based on its gem level. Your Animate Guardian gem level must be more than Level 20 before you start to equip it with any proper Gear, especially items you fear losing. There are multiple ways to improve your Animate Guardian's gem level:

  • Empower Support.
  • Socket Animate Guardian to a +# to Level the Socketed Minion Gems helmet.

You would want your Animate Guardian to have as much Life Regeneration as possible; in this case, use Convocation. The main Uniques that is great to fulfill this purpose is Gruthkul's Pelt Gruthkul's Pelt, which gives it a large injection of Life Resistance, with a healthy 5% Life Regeneration per second.

The Kingmaker is an exceptional upgrade for dealing with damage and survivability. It ensures that a mobility skill like Shield Charge becomes unnecessary. You and all your minions will gain Fortify Support in Culling Strike, perpetuity, +50% to Critical Strike Multiplier, and a nice Rarity bonus. This Kingmaker is the best possible upgrade but not essential. You want to ensure that the Animate Guardian can survive before investing too heavily.

When upgrading the Rainbowstride boots to a pair with the enchantment, Regenerate 2% of Life and Mana per second when Hit Recently is also ideal. Instead, you can get the Rare pair of boots with Life, Elemental Resistance, and Life regeneration, but this is a more considerable investment and commitment and unnecessary.

Life is the best stat for the Animate Guardian. We want as much Regeneration as possible.

9.1 Animate Guardian End-Game 4-Link

Even without Empower Support or Minion Life Support, the Animate Guardian is difficult to kill. There are some attacks that where it cannot survive, like Sirus' meteor attack, when you forget to use Convocation. Minion Life or Empower is highly recommended if you are delving past 250. The physical damage from monsters becomes exceptionally high. Avoid taking the Guardian past 450, as the Guardian will die with the wrong combinations of mods.

  1. An Animate Guardian.
  2. A Empower Support (Level 3/4) or Summon Stone Golem.
  3. An Elemental Army Support.
  4. Either Minion Life Support or Raise Zombie.

Here are our end-game recommendations for the Animate Guardian equipment once it is Level 20 and you have Empower Support Level 3/4.

  • Gruthkul's Pelt Gruthkul's Pelt
  • A Kingmaker
  • Leer Cast, or if Nearby Enemies Have -9% to Lightning Resistance, use a Rare Bone Helmet (Crafted with Metallic Fossil)
  • A Southbound
  • Rainbowstride to Regenerate 2% of Life and Mana per second when Hit Recently Enchanted.

Remember having a Bone Helmet equipped on your character with +# to Level a Socketed Minion Gems is beneficial to your Animate Guardian Animate Guardian's ability to survive (providing you have your link in the helmet, of course).