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Rare gears are the staple tier of competitive POE items, so it’s important that they have the best mods for a specific build. To get a bit of a boost, they can always get a new mod with the Exalted Orb. The fastest way to get them would be to buy Exalted Orb from our sellers, on PlayerAuctions. With the latest league, Sentinel, buyers will need all the help they can get. Click here if you are looking for other PoE currencies.

Latest News: Path of Exile's newest league, Sentinel, releases on May 12th for PC and May 18th for Consoles. It features a new bite-sized hard mode, allowing players to customer their own experience, as well as recruit robotic helpers to assist with the grind. 

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Path of Exile Exalted Orbs

What Does Exalted Orbs Do?

Exalted Orbs are one of the two main currencies used in Path of Exile. Chaos Orbs are used for smaller transactions, while Exalted Orbs are used for larger ones. In most cases you will use them in this way, to purchase high level items.

The true purpose of Exalted Orbs is to add stats to rare items. This is generally only used in very high-end crafting, and is rarely worth the investment. They can also be used via the crafting bench for some of the strongest modifiers in the game – if you know what you’re doing, this is extremely valuable. However, the main use for Exalted Orbs remains their immense value when trading them with other players.

Exalted Orb Drop Rate

You’re probably wondering how to get Exalted Orbs. Well there’s two main ways, finding them and buying them. The reason that Exalted Orbs are worth so much is their incredibly low drop rate. Exalted Orbs can drop from any monster in the game above level 35, but their drop chance is only 0.055%! This means that on average you will get one Exalted Orb for every 181,818 monsters that you kill. As you can see, it’s an extremely unlikely event. Even if you boost your odds by running high quantity map and having bonus item quantity on your gear, you’ll never get it even close to a 1% chance, making Exalted Orb farming difficult, if not impossible. Now you understand why they are so rare, and why they are so valuable!

Exalted Orb Vendor Recipe

There is an Exalted Orb vendor recipe, but before you get your hopes up, it’s not great. It’s very similar to the Chaos Orb recipe, but with Shaped or Elder items instead. For those unaware of the Chaos Orb recipe, this means that you have to collect a full set of rare items. A full set being one of every piece you can normally equip: two weapons, two rings, an amulet, boots, gloves, helmet, belt, and body armour.

Remember that for the Exalted Orb recipe, all of the items have to be either Shaper or Elder items as well – meaning all the same type, you cannot mix and match between the two. If you’re able to get an entire set together, there are still two outcomes. If any of the items are identified, your reward for turning in a full set will be a mere single Exalted Shard – one of twenty required for a full Exalted Orb. If the entire set you turn in is unidentified, then you get a whopping two Exalted Shards.

If you haven’t realized by now, the Exalted Orb vendor recipe is incredibly bad, outside of niche situations. In almost every case it’s just better to sell the items that go into the recipe, rather than use it. This only increases the Exalted Orb’s value!

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Based on the total ratings of 1178 orders in the past year


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About Path of Exile Exalted Orb

Exalted Orb Price and How to Buy Exalts

Exalted Orb Price: How much is an Exalted Orb worth?

As mentioned, Exalted Orbs are quite expensive in Path of Exile. After the first few days of a league, once the price has settled, Exalted Orbs can be purchased for between 100 and 200 Chaos Orbs. Typically, they only increase over the course of the league, staring around 100-120 Chaos Orbs and slowly making their way up to 200. Some leagues Exalted Orbs jump up to 180 Chaos Orbs in the first week! So, every time you pick up a Chaos Orb or do the Chaos Orb vendor recipe, you have to realize that you’re less than one percent of the way to an Exalted Orb. They truly are worth their weight in gold.

However, if you’re looking to purchase Exalted Orbs for real money, each one will cost you between $0.50 and $2 USD, depending on how early in the league you’re trying to buy them. The later the league goes, the cheaper they get. You have to ask yourself: would you rather pick up 180 Chaos Orbs, or shell out $2? The choice is yours!

How to Purchase Exalted Orbs for Real Money

If you choose to buy Exalted Orbs with real money, we suggest contacting one of our sellers over at the PlayerAuctions marketplace.

First, be sure to do all of your discussion outside of the game client. Only the trade itself should happen within the client. PlayerAuctions has one of the best systems for ensuring you are not scammed. You make your order and choose your payment method. Once you have done so, the seller is contacted and they will arrange pickup of your merchandise. When the trade has finished, log back onto PlayerAuctions and confirm that the trade has been completed. The seller does not receive your money until you have confirmed the trade, ensuring that you will not be scammed.

If you’re worried about your account, here are a few steps that you can take to ensure safety. First, listen to the seller. They’ve done this many times, so they know the right ways. But there are some things you can be aware of going in. First, again, don’t talk in the client, you don’t want a record of your transaction to be within the game. Second, if you choose to trade via a typical trading window, be sure to give the other player a rare item. That way it simply looks like a normal trade. If you choose to go the non-trade-window route, go into a map with the seller and have the seller drop the items you have purchased on the ground. That way they show up as picked up items rather than traded ones. You might be tempted, but again do not say anything in game, use the other methods you have used to communicate.

Lastly, be polite! These sellers will get you your item, but they’ll be a lot more pleased to work with you if you’re both happy and polite. A little please and thank you goes a long way!

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