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Path of Exile Divine Orbs for Sale - PoE Currency Shop

Divine Orbs are used to re-roll the values of explicit mods on an item – critical for many endgame builds. However, with the Lake of Kalandra expansion, Divine Orbs have soared in value as drop rates have been decreased across the board and they’ve now surpassed Exalted Orbs as the king of currencies, at least for this league. Stock up on this important currency by buying PoE Divine Orbs for sale from trusted sellers.

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2 Offers found
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Best price among sellers with a fair amount of ratings and feedback score.
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Trading Information
Path of Exile Divine Orb

Why Buy Path of Exile Divine Orbs?

With the most recent changes in PoE’s Lake of Kalandra expansion, players must get used to the new dynamics in the game due to significant rebalancing of the currencies. Divine Orbs has Exalted Orbs as the top currency in the game, which has a lot of implications. From being the main currency for trading to crafting large and powerful items, Divine Orbs have become one of the most essential currencies in the game. Unfortunately, its newfound status does come at a high cost, which is what makes buying PoE Divine Orbs from a trusted seller so enticing.

Divine Orbs have become even rarer and harder to get by. Previously, players could acquire one from selling six link vendor recipes. With the recent changes, this is no longer the case, so gamers must farm these items for even longer periods of time. It can be frustrating for Exiles to grind for hours and hours and not get any Divine Orbs. Fortunately, gamers can acquire Divine Orbs with real-world money on an online marketplace. 

Instead of spending time and effort farming Palaces and Maps, players can choose to exchange with Path of Exile Divine Orbs sellers to have a guaranteed way of getting these currencies instead of relying on PoE’s notoriously finnicky RNG while farming.

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Based on the total ratings of 9595 orders in the past year


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About Path of Exile Divine Orb

Why are Divine Orbs Important?

Aside from trading, the real value of Divine Orbs comes from their newfound purpose in metacrafting. Previously, Exalted Orbs were the ones that were used for crafting gear on the crafting bench. Divines are taking over and will be the tokens needed to create customized high-end equipment: critical in endgame builds. 

Metacrafting is an essential aspect of the game because it allows players to customize their own builds without relying on Unique Items to set up their gear. However, making one's items have the perfect affixes requires several attempts to get the right ones, so gamers need copious amounts of Divine Orbs. Due to the changes, these tokens are harder to come by, so Exiles will have a more challenging metacrafting.

Aside from crafting, Divine Orbs are used for augmenting Unique items. These types of things have pre-determined stats, names, and mods. Divines are used to re-roll the values of these augments until players get their desired outcome. 

How to Get Divine Orbs?

Previously, the primary method of acquiring Divine Orbs was to sell six-linked items to Vendors. However, this recipe has now been removed, so players must rely on farming these tokens. Here are the only two ways to obtain Divine Orbs:

  • Slaying Monsters
  • Trading x10 The Sepiroth Divination Cards
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