The Ultimate Guide to RuneScape and OSRS RWT


Since its release, Old School RuneScape has steadily endeared itself in the collective hearts and minds of MMORPG aficionados the world over. Add the nostalgia factor that it inherently exudes (thanks to Jagex giving it a distinctive old school flavor) and you’ve got a surefire formula for gaining a solidly loyal fan base.

As long-running as the game is, you can’t just expect to master the nuances of the game a single sitting. Even veteran players will attest that there’s always something new to learn in OSRS. The lush landscapes of Gielinor is an ever-unfolding secret waiting to be discovered. And of all the aspects of OSRS, it’s its currency and RWT that has so many nuances. No worries, though, because PlayerAuctions has your back. With this definitive guide to OSRS Gold, and RWT in general, you can wrap your head around things to help you ease into the swing of things. Hopefully, you can hit the ground running.

Get ready to read up and take notes!


Chapter 1 - Introduction to Gold, the Currency of RuneScape and OSRS

Just like any other MMORPG, OSRS has a rather robust economy that revolves around its main currency. In OSRS’s case, it’s simply known as gold. There are as many ways of earning OSRS gold as there are different ways of spending during the many adventures that await you in Gielinor. These will be further discussed in the succeeding sections.

What is Gold?

Simply put, gold is the in-game currency in OSRS. As you earn them throughout your journey in Gielinor, they stack up as coins inside your inventory. At any given time, RuneScape players can have up to 2,147,483,647 coins. While it’s the most common form of currency in the game, it is by no means the only one. Other currencies, however, are somewhat limited as they can only be used in specific locations. It’s here that gold outshines the rest. Perhaps the only other currency that can hold a candle is trading sticks. This is due to the fact that players can use it to either buy or sell items in multiple areas throughout the game. Still, it’s usage isn’t as far-reaching as gold.

What is Gold used for in OSRS and RuneScape?

Character skill upgrades, virtual armor, weapons, and even cosmetics—these are but a few of the things you can spend OSRS gold for. As any veteran OSRS player would tell you, the more you play the game, the more you’ll need to boost your stats to play at a competitive level. If not, you can always compensate for it with kickass weapons and armor. And as for the cosmetic side of things, let’s just say that it’s much more fun to do the things you do in the wonderful world of Gielinor when you look good.

Current Methods of Earning / Making Gold in OSRS

The different methods of earning OSRS gold can be divided into skill-related ones, GE (Grand Exchange) related ones, and a few more miscellaneous methods.

Skill-related methods of earning OSRS gold include level smithing, mining, and other such activities in OSRS. GE related ones are the ones that revolve around flipping and selling various materials you have gathered across Gielinor. Then there are those that are a bit unorthodox. But though they may not be among the usual methods of earning gold, it doesn’t mean that they’re not as effective. These miscellaneous methods include Rune Running, Skeletal Wyvern Running, Treasure Trails, Merchanting, Cyclopes, Jewellery, Motherlode Mine, and Law Rune Running.

Note: You can also sell potions you’ve concocted to level up your character’s skills.

A Faster Way to Get Gold

As efficient as these ways are, however, there are still ways for players to earn gold even faster. While somewhat non-traditional, these ways are also legit. Let’s face it. While playing OSRS is indeed fun and rewarding in a vicarious sense, not everyone has the time or patience to grind it out indefinitely. For those who don’t have the luxury of time or patience, there’s Real World Trading.


Chapter 2 - What You Need to Know before Engaging in RuneScape RWT

Before crossing the street, you look both ways. In the same way, before you embark on the RWT, you’ll want to know the potential risks and rewards of the endeavor. So, here’s all you need to know about R RWT.

What is RWT?

RWT (Real World Trading), also called RMT (Real Money Trading), is the trade of virtual goods or services for real-world cash. Say you want this ultra-cool equipment. It's a reward for a difficult quest you could never complete. There are a few ways you can use your real-world money to solve your problem.

One, you can pay someone to do the quest for you. Lending your account for others to use is commonly called ‘piloting’. For a specific purpose, especially for leveling up, it’s called ‘powerleveling’.

Two, you can pay to buy the equipment directly. This is one of the most common forms of RWT—the other being buying currency. It’s also the fastest and most convenient method, provided the item is tradable in-game. Alternatively, you can buy currency to buy it off the player-exchange feature such as OSRS’s Grand Exchange.

Three, you can buy an account that has that certain piece of equipment. This method is perhaps the best one for new players entering the game. If you’re already playing it, the aforementioned methods are more appropriate—that is unless you’re tired of your own account or need an alt.

Since RWT deals in real-world money, you’d be justified in being cautious. This kind of transaction can indeed go wrong with one mistake. The results of that mistake can range from getting your account banned to getting your identity stolen. Not to mention you can even lose your money to a scam or have your account hacked or stolen.

Despite all these risks, the RWT community thrives in figurative back-alley deals and the metaphorical black market. Many people still want the convenience of these transactions enough to participate. No matter how game developers might try to prevent this kind of trading, the community will always find ways around restrictions.

The Different Names of Gold

In OSRS, the currency acquired many names. There’s gold, gold pieces (GP), coins, or simply money. Players use them interchangeably, so don’t get confused! They’re used for player or NPC exchanges of goods or services. You can earn them through a wide variety of activities, though farming is always the most effective method.

Players also abbreviate amounts such as k denoting thousand (i.e. 3k for three thousand). There’s also m or mil for millions and b or bil for billions.

Now, before you try RWT for yourself, the last thing you should know is how to check prices. You want to get the most bang for your buck, so you have to know if your purchase is worth it. Also, you’ll figure out the proper range of prices you can reach while haggling.

Checking Account Value

It’s difficult to put a price on something intangible. Good thing there are tools to help you fix a price on your account. PlayerAuctions’ Account Value Calculator is one such tool that can calculate the value of accounts. It does so by collecting information about your account and comparing that to other offers on the site. Of course, you can decide not to follow the price it says, but it’s a good price guide. Whether you’re buying or selling, this can be crucial knowledge.

If you’re buying, you can put in your desired account characteristics. For OSRS, it’s mostly skill levels and quest points. So, you enter your desired skill levels (and quest points) for the account you want and click the ‘calculate’ button. The price that appears can be your baseline. When you’re checking offers, you can compare the price to the baseline, letting you know if the offer is too expensive or not.

As for selling accounts, it gives you an idea of a price range you can sell the account for. Even if the buyer tries to lower the price, you have a limit to how low a price you can accept. Not that haggling occurs often in these kinds of transactions, but the idea is there.

Checking Currency Value

For currency, it’s a little more complicated. OSRS, fortunately, has Bonds, which can be used as a standard for currency exchange. It’s an item that can be bought with real-world money and then sold on the Grand Exchange for gold. That makes it an indirect vehicle for RWT and a good measure for gold prices. However, one more factor can influence gold prices, and that is competition.

Gold trading sites want business, so they will try to match or beat the prices of their competitors. Then again, they’re not going to undercut so much since doing so would cost them profit. That means that no matter how much they try to beat their competition, they’re not going to go below a certain minimum.

The easiest way to check gold prices is to look for a Currency Market Price Tracker, such as the one PlayerAuctions provide. It’s a nifty tool that tells you the highs and lows of currency prices. It also shows the lowest offer price for the currency of a game. Use it to guide your purchases or when you’re setting prices yourself.

Checking Item Value

This is a necessary skill, especially if you want to flip items on the GE. Checking item prices isn’t as simple as comparing offers on the GE. There’s the ever-present pull of supply and demand, recent updates and patches and the population of the game to take into consideration. There are many factors to keep track of. With time and enough experience, however, you can predict how these things will affect the value of items, and be able to react accordingly.

To help you with that, there is a tool called the GE Tracker. It gives prices for just about anything that’s sold on the GE. More than that, it provides you with the price history of the item. As for flipping, it can recommend some items for you to flip. However, as many other players also use the same tool, be warned that you may not be as successful as others in flipping those items.

At any rate, whether you’re buying or selling, knowledge is power. Otherwise, you wouldn’t know if someone’s overcharging you. Alternatively, your items won’t sell because the prices you set are too expensive for that item. Keep that in mind as you engage in RWT.

Now, the rest of what you need to know is experience. Research and reading about it can only get you so far. You have to apply that knowledge and turn it into action. When you do that, knowledge turns into wisdom. Of course, you’re going to be fumbling and making mistakes at the start. As you keep practicing, however, you’ll begin to see the patterns and slowly make fewer and fewer mistakes.

Well, it’s hard not to worry about it since this is about money, virtual or not. After all, anything that involves that is serious business. So be vigilant, aware, and concerned about your own safety.


Chapter 3 - RWT as a Buyer

Why Should I Buy RuneScape Gold?

As an MMORPG that has tons of quests and items, RuneScape and Old School RuneScape will have you nearly bankrupt every time you purchase something. As your character grows, you’ll need to do some periodic maintenance. Things such as purchasing updated gear and items can easily burn a hole in your pocket, and the stronger your character is, the more OSRS gold you’ll need just to buy items. Granted you can easily farm gold with methods like raiding dungeons and cutting wood, but such endeavors can take hours if not days. If you’re the sort of person that doesn’t have the luxury to spend a lot of time on the computer, then buying OSRS gold is the perfect way for you to get in-game currency without having to hash out the hours of trying to farm some.

Another reason to buy OSRS gold is that it’s quite easy to flip if you don’t need it anymore. Say you bought an abundance of gold from a seller, and you’ve bought more than you needed. This is the perfect opportunity for you to flip the gold in the market. You can earn tons of gold yourself since you already have starting capital! Gold in Old School RuneScape is highly tradable and valued by players, so much so that the economy is entirely dependent on it. The Grand Exchange should be your go-to place for all things buy and sell, as there are thousands of players active each day there—scouring for the next best deals they can get their hands on. So, if you want to make the most of your gold, the best thing to do is to leave some for the market!

Where's The Best Place to Buy OSRS Gold?

There are lots of places that sell OSRS gold since it's basically like a staple in any marketplace, but we recommend that you check out our website for the best deals with tons of reputable sellers willing to give you a deal at any time. If you have even five bucks to spare, you can get yourself more than a million OSRS gold! The in-game currency in Old School RuneScape isn’t as expensive as some people make it out to be. In fact, we would even say that it’s one of the most accessible currencies that you can get your hands on! You can check out our OSRS gold buying page and pick out the seller that you want to buy gold from. We recommend buying from the ones that have the “Legendary seller” title. This means that they have been dealing with buyers on our platform for years now and have amassed a large number of five-star reviews.

Another place to buy OSRS gold is through forums like Sythe that have a large community of both buyers and sellers in various online games, and that naturally includes Old School RuneScape. Sythe prides itself as a large RuneScape trading community—and it’s true. Lots of people use Sythe as their main source of income since it’s a great place for sellers to jumpstart their online business. Like PlayerAuctions, you can buy directly from the sellers here, which means no additional prices that other marketplaces impose on their customers.

Is RWT Safe?

According to the official OSRS page and other affiliate pages or wikis, any player who is active in RWT risk of being permanently banned from the game. Despite that though, there seem to still be a large number of players that do RWT—and some have been doing it for more than a decade! There are safe ways to RWT while avoiding getting banned. All in all, our say in this is that RWT can be your friend, but it never hurts to be cautious.

Can I Get Banned For RWT?

It is possible to get banned for doing real-world trading. As stated by Jagex, RWT is considered illegal and therefore punishable by being banned forever. However, this can only happen if Jagex happens to find any evidence that suggests or looks like you have been actively participating in RWT. You can lower your risk of obtaining a ban by taking precautions when engaging in RWT, and trading through secure and trusted sites such as PlayerAuctions.

Can I Get Banned for Buying Old School RuneScape Gold?

Purchasing Old School RuneScape gold has been seen for many years now, but there are still risks of doing so. It’s definitely possible to get banned for buying gold, but only if you don’t take precautions. Dealing with veteran sellers is usually the preferred method of other buyers since they already know the ins and outs of RWS as well as the loopholes. Altogether, we suggest that you tread lightly when buying OSRS gold and trade with trusted platforms.

How Can I Buy OSRS Gold without Getting Banned?

Taking pre-emptive measures when buying gold is a great way to minimize the risks of getting banned in OSRS. One way to go about it is “trading” an item to the seller in exchange for the gold they’ll be sending you. This can just be a simple material that can be found easily like wood. It may come off suspicious to Jagex if the seller gives you the gold without anything in return, so it’s best to have an item for the exchange beforehand.

How Can I Buy Accounts Safely?

When purchasing an OSRS account, don’t just ask for the username and password. You must also have access to the e-mail used as well as the password for it just in case the OSRS account might be re-claimed. Any additional information for the e-mail such as the secret question and answer used by the seller can also be helpful in the long run.

How Can I RWT Items without Getting Banned?

When engaging in RWT as a buyer, it’s important to ensure that you’re trading through a trusted marketplace with experience in RWT. You can minimize your risk of getting banned by doing so. Trading through secure sites such as PlayerAuctions also helps to protect against other risks, such as scamming. Alternatively, you can buy RuneScape or OSRS gold and use that to buy the desired items on the Grand Exchange.


Chapter 4 - RWT as a Seller

Selling Runescape-related stuff (items, gold, and accounts) is a great way to make money in real life. Because of the ever-dedicated community, you can be sure that there are lots of interested parties that will buy your hard-farmed gold, items or your well-loved account.

You can sell them directly to other players, or use forums or third-party trading platforms to find prospective buyers. If you’re selling gold, there are gold reseller sites, where they buy gold from farmers and then sell them at a higher price.

However, you need to be warned that there is the risk of being banned when it comes to trade related to these things. Obviously, this is to ensure that the game is balanced and fair for everyone. As for the penalizing of gold buying and selling, it is to ensure that the in-game economy doesn’t get inflated due to the increase of gold in circulation.

Having said that, well-intentioned as these measures may be, they should not stop you from earning money through RuneScape gold, items, and accounts. While there is a risk of getting banned, it’s not a certainty. In fact, according to forums, Jagex doesn’t have very good RWT detection, and very few buyers and sellers actually get caught.

Other than getting banned, you can also get scammed by buyers. It rarely happens but it happens nevertheless, so it’s important to pay attention to your transactions. Even better, do your trading via legit sites like PlayerAuctions.

How can I Avoid Getting Banned Selling RuneScape Gold, Items, and Accounts?

Getting banned is one of the risks involved in RWT as a seller, so the answer to this question is yes. However, it’s not as common as you fear it to be. In fact, hundreds of RWT transactions happen and only a very select few get caught.

That, however, doesn’t mean it’s okay to be a statistic. Thankfully, there are all sorts of ways to be safe while engaging in RWT. For every kind of asset being sold, there is a different set of precautions. However, here are some general steps to keep in mind when engaging in RWT.

First off, DO NOT use a VPN. While it may seem like a rule of thumb to use one when you’re trying to avoid getting detected online, Jagex knows when you’re using a VPN. They have suspicions towards those using the program while playing. If you’re thinking of installing one just to avoid in-game admins, don’t. If you already have one prior to becoming a seller, just don’t turn it on.

Second, for obvious reasons, do not talk to your buyer using the in-game chat.

Third, avoid transacting in in-game areas and venues that are popular with other gold sellers. Choose a unique spot. Don’t transact in areas that have become common meeting places for RWT buyers and sellers.

Lastly, do not use a dummy account, as it will further raise suspicions.

Is Selling RuneScape Gold, Items, and Accounts Safe?

Like what’s been mentioned, it can be safe—provided you know how. Among the three, accounts carry the biggest risk.

Selling RuneScape Accounts

Perhaps the biggest reason trading accounts is a sensitive matter is because as a general rule, game publishers don’t actually let you create your own account. Rather, they give you permission to create an account that is actually theirs, and that its usage is limited to their own terms and conditions. In line with this, Jagex can easily spot any sudden changes in an account or activity that is not part of the player’s usual routine.

As a seller, this is important not because of your sake, but the buyer’s. After all, once you’ve received the money and the buyer the details, it will be his/her loss if the account gets flagged, or worse, banned! This is why you instruct your buyer to change security details once the transfer has been complete. You should also tell them not to log in within 24 hours after they receive their account, especially if they’re from a different time zone. Lastly, you should tell him/her not to use a VPN. To be on the safe side, assume that your buyer does not know this and inform him/her about it for every account transaction.

Selling RuneScape Items

On the other hand, RuneScape items are probably the safest to sell. Because there are no sensitive real-world information, no terms and conditions being breached, and no effect on the in-game economy, you don’t have to worry much about you or your buyer getting banned for the RWT of items.

Selling RuneScape Gold

Last but definitely not least is gold. Although not legally as problematic as account selling, Jagex has its eyes on gold sellers due to the possible negative effects of the gold farming being done to perpetuate the demand for it.

Thankfully, there are many safe ways to make money out of gold. Unfortunately, directly selling them from isn’t a very good idea. Of course, you wouldn’t openly advertise in-game that you are selling something that isn’t allowed.

A safe but and rewarding method of selling gold would be through third-party trading platforms. Through them, players looking for gold sellers will be able to easily find you. Because you’re the one doing the selling, you’ll be the one making an earning.

When you’re finally trading with the buyer, make sure that you don’t give a conspicuously high amount. To avoid suspicion, make multiple transactions and break down the amount. This is because Jagex monitors the amount of gold being exchanged in a transaction, not the frequency a particular player transacts with someone else.


Nothing ventured, nothing gained. This is true for any way of earning money, and selling Runescape items, gold, and accounts are definitely not exempt. Hopefully, with these tips, you won’t get banned and that your business will continue.

And that wraps up our Ultimate guide to OSRS Gold and RWT! Make sure to bookmark us to keep up-to-date with all things RuneScape and be privy to all the handy tips and tricks you’ll need to survive your future battles in Gielinor.

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