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An In-Depth OSRS Crafting Guide 2021

Crafting is one of the most important and productive skills in OSRS, so it’s no surprise that plenty of players take it up with the seriousness of a rocket scientist. Crafting isn’t exactly simple. So, if you want to try it but are met with confusion and staggering complications, worry not! Here’s our extensive OSRS Crafting Guide for leveling your crafting skill and making a ton gold out of it.

What Exactly is OSRS Crafting?

In Runescape/OSRS terms, OSRS crafting isn’t a catch-all term for skills that result in the creation. Rather, Crafting is a specific skill that creates a wide variety of items, such as OSRS pottery, armour, leather, jewelry, gems, and even weapons. For each kind of item, you’ll need a certain skill level and set of materials. It already goes without saying that higher-quality items can only be crafted at higher levels, so it’s important to grind first before crafting with trading in mind.

Starting Your 1-99 Crafting Guide Grind

Like all skills, players who want to reach level 99 will be spending quite the amount of time, gold, and effort. Here’s one of the fastest ways to do OSRS Crafting Training.

For level 1-54, gem cutting a good start. The breakdown for this is as follows:

Level 1-20: Cutting Opals. Yields 20-30,000XP per hour, and will require you 500 opals, in turn costing around 15,000 gold. It might seem a bit much but it’s worth the price, all things considered.

Level 20-27: Sapphires. Yields 140,000XP per hour, require 106 sapphires, and cost 41,000 gold.

Level 27-54: Emeralds. This yields 170,000XP per hour with an overall cost of 650,000 gold.

Do not be discouraged by the estimated prices of grinding through gem cutting, as you can make back or even make a profit out of the gems you’ve already cut. On the other hand, if you find other gemstones too expensive, you can stick with Opals. With this, however, you can only break even or make a small profit at best.

Reaching Level 99

At levels 54 and above, you’ll be crafting battlestaves to grind XP efficiently.

Level 54-58: Water Battlestaves. Yields 250k XP per hour and will require 736 battlestaffs.

Level 58-66: Earth Battlestaves. These require 972 battlestaffs.

Level 66-99: Air Battlestaves. Take note that this is only recommended if you have enough OSRS gold, as it requires 91,187 battlestaves, in turn requiring you to spend up to 50 million gold.

Thankfully, you don’t necessarily have to go with air battlestaves, as there is a cheaper way to grind levels: making green dragonhide bodies. However, this also has a limitation as it can only be crafted by members. If you are one and you want to grind using dragonhide, here’s how you can do so:

Level 63-71: Green Dragonhide Bodies. Yields 300,000XP per hour, requires 687 pieces.

Level 71-77: Blue Dragonhide Bodies. Yields 350,000XP per hour, costs 4 million gold.

Level 77-84: Red Dragonhide Bodies. Requires around 20,000 pieces and costs 10 million gold.

Level 84 Onwards: Black Dragonhide Bodies. Yields 430,000XP, requires 39,000 pieces and 19 million gold.

Taking the Other Crafting Route

There are alternative methods to crafting training in OSRS other than gem cutting and dragonhides, especially if you want to stick to F2P OSRS Crafting. First of that would be crafting Gold Jewelry, which is suitable for levels 5-30. With this particular approach, here are the items you’ll be crafting rings, necklaces, bracelets, and amulets.

On the other hand, you can craft silver items until level 46. This will garner you less profit than gold items, but will yield twice the XP. In the end, it’s up to you whether you prefer to get to 99 faster or make a little more gold along the way.

For levels 46 to 99, Glassblowing is also an alternative. However, the prices of other methods have been getting lower and lower, making it a less popular and viable option.

At levels 82 and above, crafting Amethyst items can also help you earn money while grinding.

  • • Level 83: Amethyst Bow Tips
  • • Level 85: Amethyst Arrowtips
  • • Level 87: Amethyst Javelin Heads

Making Gold Out of Crafting

If you’re into crafting to earn gold, here are the items you should craft. If you don’t or can’t afford to wait until you reach higher levels, you’ll start with clockworks. You’ll need a steel bar per clockwork, which, in turn, can be sold for 800 gold.

Jewelry is another way to make gold at early to intermediate levels. A good example of this is opal and topaz bracelets, which are used in Slayer and therefore highly sought after. Sapphire rings and necklaces are also a good way to make gold through jewelry. Finally, you can make lots of gold out of dragonstone jewelry, as well as XP.

At level 80 and above, crushable jewels are the best way to make money. This is because your crush rate is at an all-time low and the cut versions of gems selling so much more than uncut ones. For the most profit, Jade and Red Topaz are your best choices.

Crafting is indeed one of the most helpful and profitable skills in OSRS, so it makes sense why you’d want to get it to 99 swiftly, as well as earn from it early on. With this guide, you’ll hopefully be able to manage exactly that.

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