Account Seller + Power Leveler! skills 20% off! | CHEAP 99'S & CUSTOM ORDERS! agility, mining, runecrafting, prayer, power leveling, all skilling!!

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RuneScape - Old School
  • Aug-05-2020 05:19:25 AM

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$ 888.00

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Account Seller + Power Leveler! Many accounts for sale 
Curious where your accounts/leveling services are coming from? Scroll to the bottom of the listing to see about the company!
First off, all orders will get 100 hours per week, yes really 100 hours per week. This is about double the industry average, and your orders will complete about twice as fast with us than everyone else. Usually this "turbo service" is marked up to 200% rates, however with us it stays where it's at, which is already below market pricing.
Between all platforms have completed 100s upon 100s of 99s, we have this down to a science and are the best in the industry. Have incurred 0 bans, and never plan to. A lot of our customers end up maxing here over time, as passing off a 2k+ total account to a random person online who you don't know the integrity of, is not something easy to do. 
Every order here gets the same amount of dedication, focus and safe practices, which is why we have so many happy customers. The insane 100 hour weeks of playtime help a lot as well, as it's a lot better to get a 99 like agility knocked out in 3 weeks, rather than the average 6 to 7 with nothing to play on. 
PM the skill/levels for custom quote
Level 99 Woodcutting -  $229 
Level 99 Fishing - $239 
Level 77 to 99 RuneCrafting - $375 
Level 99 Agility - $340
Level 99 Mining - $385
 99 MAGIC (LUNARS) - $110
 99 PRAYER - $130 + SUPPLIES
99 COOKING - $130 
Minigames + common bundles!
Full Graceful - $49.99
Full void (3 helms) - $39.99
Message from owner:
Are you unsure if the account or power leveling service you are purchasing is safe? Do you hate the idea of spending money with the big question in the back of your mind saying "am I going to get scammed by this person I don't even know"?
 In the past as a player, when I purchased services myself I had these same questions in the back of my mind every time, and on many occasions I did end up getting scammed, as a lot of customers unfortunately have. I think every customer should have peace of mind when purchasing either a new account, or a leveling service on an account they have put a lot of their own time into and don't want it to get banned by something shady such as botting, or disregard for safety.
 In order to give you the best peace of mind possible prior to your purchase, I will let you know who I am, who will be on your account, safety measures that are taken, and any information that will help give you some reasurrance.
 About the owner/company:
 I am 28 years old and from the USA. I spent ages 17 to 22 in the Us Marines, of which most of my time was spent in the middle east and Asia. From age 22+ I have been working in the automotive industry in sales, finance and marketing. I am an old school player (started in classic at a very young age), and as of 4 years ago began playing again. When I purchased services or accounts myself, I noticed there was lack of reassurance and safety when purchasing products/services (such a lack that if it existed in any other business operation it would surely fail and get shut down). Due to this lack of safety with most websites/providers I decided to spend some of my freetime creating a side business/hobby in this marketplace, as I could bring 100% safety to all orders and completely eliminate any risk of safety with all sales/services. About 1.5 years ago I fully launched, and hired full time workers (every worker is a real worker, they don't play the game themselves, and they work full time out of an office with computers, are monitored, etc). With my workers, there is a 0% chance of botting, scamming, etc. I found a huge risk of service providers is when they don't have the resources to hire real workers they will resort to hiring players, who will end up scamming eventually, botting on accounts when getting lazy, etc. My operation is ran extremely safely, and when I say there is a 0% chance of a scam occuring, I must really emphasize the 0% because I don't think it exists anywhere else.
When you order from me, you are ordering from an American with a high regard to integrity and honesty, and your accounts/services purchased will always be handled with 100% safety. You don't have to wonder if you are ordering from a Chinese individual with 100 people crammed in a sweatshop, who have no regard to safety whatsoever - and have the lingering thought if your account is safe the entire purchase.
If you have any questions about my account sales, services offered, or any other inquiries feel free to PM anytime! I will respond as soon as possible! Thanks, and hope to hear from you soon!
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