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OSRS God Equipment for Sale

The God Wars Dungeon presents quite a difficult challenge for casual players and those who want a Godsword. Means that players must prepare well and ensure they are well trained. Other players might just look for an online seller to buy an OSRS Godsword.

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Trading Information

About the OSRS God Wars Dungeon

Deep in the Wilderness, there’s a dungeon where the forces of four gods struggle with each other. Though the God Wars have ended long ago, these forces are endlessly stuck in their fights. Then again, that allows players to grab equipment they can’t get otherwise.

Dungeon Mechanics

Players can keep certain forces from being aggressive toward them by wearing certain equipment. Specifically, equipment related to the god they follow. That means with the right equipment they can get through to the boss without having to fight much of the mobs.

The four gods associated with the God Wars Dungeon are:

  • Armadyl
  • Bandos
  • Zamorak
  • Saradomin

Most equipment that has one of those gods included in their name can protect players in this dungeon. For example, there are the Armadyl Armor, Bandos Armor, Zamorak Armor, and the Saradomin Armor. Wearing one of those will keep the corresponding faction from attacking you. Some exceptions have keywords that point to which god they’re aligned to.

  • Honorable (Armadyl)
  • War (Bandos)
  • Unholy (Zamorak)
  • Holy/Hallowed (Saradomin)

Saradomin followers also consider Justicar equipment and the Ring of Endurance as aligned to their faction as well. It’s better to check if they do prevent the factions from triggering aggro when unsure. Otherwise, if it doesn’t, that can lead to disastrous results. Even the followers can be dangerous when they start ganging up on players.

Dungeon Location

The God Wars Dungeon sits to the north of Trollheim. To access it, partial completion of Troll Stronghold, 60 Strength or 60 Agility is needed. If Eadgar’s Ruse hasn’t been completed yet, players also need Climbing Boots.

There are two main routes toward the dungeon. Without access to a Trollheim Teleport spell, the closest teleport would be Burthorpe. Follow the path up to an area where a fork in the road is. Either go north or southwest. Going north, activate Protect from Ranged after passing a wounded soldier. Thrower Trolls lurk in that route. Going southwest passes through Tenzing’s house to the south and then back north again.

Follow the path, skirting through the east side of Trollheim. Players may encounter Dad or not, depending on their progress in Troll’s Stronghold. In the case of the former, they have to fight him. Past Dad, just go north of the mountain (activate Protect from Ranged) and into the cave.

With access to Trollheim Teleport, players can run to the base of the mountain and then go north to the caves. There are Agility shortcuts here and there to reduce the running time. There is also an area with some Thrower Trolls, so be sure to pray Protect from Ranged at the proper time.

In the caves, go north to a small alcove, then past a boulder and a crack in the wall to a hole in the ground. If it’s the first time coming here, the player has to talk to the Dying Knight and lower a rope to enter the dungeon. There are Ice Wolves around this area, so keep Protect from Melee active.

Gaining Access to God Chambers

Each god has control over an area. Players can access them with the right items and levels for a skill. Skill levels cannot be boosted.

  • Armadyl (SW) - 70 Ranged, crossbow with at least a mithril grapple
  • Bandos (NW) - 70 Strength, hammer or warhammer
  • Zamorak (NE) - 70 Hitpoints
  • Saradomin (SE) - 70 Agility, two ropes (first time only)

Within these chambers, the leaders wait. Though the faction that owns the chamber populates these areas, soldiers from other factions can appear there too. One example is the Zamoraks who have invaded the other three areas. Be sure to wear the corresponding equipment to travel safely.

Possible Rewards

Perhaps the most wanted reward for going into the God Wars Dungeon is the godsword. To make one, players have to merge three godsword shards from the boss’ bodyguards into a blade. Put that blade into a hilt from the boss, and the godsword is whole.

Switching hilts can be done at any time, so collecting all the hilts can also mean having all four godswords. Here are their special attacks, as they all have the same stats. All the Special Attacks will use 50% of the Special Attack Bar as well.

  • Armadyl Godsword

    Increases damage by 37.5% as well as doubles accuracy for one slash.

  • Bandos Godsword

    The next slash has 21% increased damage, doubled accuracy, and decreases the target’s combat stats by the damage inflicted. The skill cannot be decreased past 1. If so, the attack lowers the next stat in this order: Defense, Strength, Prayer, Attack, Magic, Ranged. Meaning, when the target’s Defense is at 1, it will lower Strength next, and so on.

  • Zamorak Godsword

    The attack does 10% more damage with doubled accuracy, and freezes the target for 20 seconds. The slash has to hit for the freezing effect to proc.

  • Saradomin Godsword

    Upon hit, deals 10% more damage and heals the user by 50% of the damage dealt. Also replenishes Prayer by 25% of the damage dealt. Heals a minimum of 10 HP and 5 Prayer, will not work if slash doesn’t hit.

As they can be pretty difficult to get as drops, some players just decide to buy a godsword from online sellers. This might be done by a player who isn’t strong enough to take on the dungeons or to forge the sword. Gamers who are thinking about looking for a seller online should first read the terms and conditions for the game.


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