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OSRS Ironman Thieving Training Guide

osrs thieving ironman

Thieving is one of the easy skills to train as an ironman, similar to training it on a main account. However, you will want to bank more frequently than on a main account for some methods.


Thieving is used in many quests and achievement diaries tasks, and a few skill milestones will unlock different methods. Besides the fastest methods, you can also use alternative training methods as an ironman since they could bring you various other supplies or click intensities. However, most methods that could bring you a profit or valuables are best done past level 90.

Ironman Thieving Training Milestone Quests

  • Level 13 – The Lost Tribe
  • Level 14 – The Giant Dwarf
  • Level 15 – Cold War, Watchtower
  • Level 17 – The Hand in the Sand
  • Level 21 – Tribal Totem
  • Level 22 – Darkness of Hallowvale
  • Level 23 – Death to the Dorgeshuun
  • Level 25 – Creature of Fenkenstrain, The Dig Site, The Golem
  • Level 30 – The Feud, The Slug Menace
  • Level 37 – Spirits of the Elid
  • Level 40 – Fairytale II: Cure a Queen
  • Level 42 – Temple of Ikov
  • Level 45 – Land of the Goblins
  • Level 50 – Legends' Quest, Mourning's End Part I
  • Level 52 – A Kingdom Divided
  • Level 53 – Desert Treasure I
  • Level 55 – Monkey Madness II
  • Level 56 – The Path of Glouphrie
  • Level 58 – Grim Tales
  • Level 60 – Dragon Slayer II
  • Level 64 – Secrets of the North
  • Level 70 – Desert Treasure II: The Fallen Empire

Achievement Diaries

  • Level 5 – Easy Varrock Diary, Easy Fremennik Diary, Easy Ardougne Diary
  • Level 21 – Easy Desert Diary
  • Level 25 – Easy Kourend & Kebos Diary, Medium Desert Diary
  • Level 38 – Medium Ardougne Diary, Medium Lumbridge & Draynor Diary
  • Level 40 – Medium Falador Diary
  • Level 42 – Medium Fremennik Diary
  • Level 47 – Medium Kandarin Diary
  • Level 49 – Hard Kourend & Kebos Diary
  • Level 50 – Hard Falador Diary
  • Level 52 – Hard Karamja Diary
  • Level 65 – Hard Desert Diary
  • Level 72 – Hard Ardougne Diary
  • Level 75 – Hard Fremennik Diary, Hard Western Provinces Diary
  • Level 78 – Elite Lumbridge & Draynor Diary
  • Level 82 – Elite Ardougne Diary
  • Level 84 – Elite Wilderness Diary
  • Level 85 – Elite Western Provinces Diary
  • Level 91 – Elite Desert Diary


Level 1 to 5

From levels 1 to 5, you should pickpocket men around Lumbridge or Varrock.

Level 5 to 25

Make your way to Ardougne. The simplest way to get there as an early-level ironman is by using the fishing trawler minigame teleport. Here, go to the baker’s stall and position yourself on the east side of the stall. Start stealing from the stall. Drop everything else, but bank the cakes since they are a good food source, especially for early levels.

Level 25 to 55

At level 25, make your way to Hosidius by taking a boat from Port Sarim. Obtain 15 percent favour and head towards the building with two fruit stalls. There is a bank in the vinery to the south, and you should consider banking the following and drop the rest:

  • Strange fruit
  • Golovanova fruit top
  • Papaya

Once you reach 50 or 55 Thieving, train your agility to a minimum of 50 and head to Burthrope. Here, you can access the Rogue’s Den minigame and obtain the Rogue’s outfit. The full outfit is guaranteed to double your loot when pickpocketing.

Level 55 to 65/91/99

At level 55, you should move to Ardougne and start pickpocketing Ardougne knights. There are two places where the knights can be trapped, so they don’t move much. For example, in the building just north of the baker’s stall. Put your camera over the bar there, and you’ll be able to pretty much click on the same spot. Also, consider completing as many tiers of the Ardougne diary as possible since you’ll have a better chance at pickpocketing. If you have some, you can also bring some dodgy necklaces as they will help you even further to avoid taking damage. You can either bring food or steal some at the bakers’ every once in a while.

Level 65 to 91/99

At level 65, you unlock the highest tier of desert thugs you can blackjack, and this is by far the fastest training method. However, it is more click-intensive than the Ardougne knights. You must also have completed the Feud and have a blackjack in your inventory. Simply lure a Menaphite thug into an empty building, close the door, and then start blackjacking and pickpocketing him.

Level 65 to 91/99

At level 65, you unlock the most AFK thieving training method: the Sorceress’ Garden. Here, you’ll need to use the plugin for RuneLite, so the method is limited to PC users, and you can’t do it AFK on mobile, or it would be much more complicated.

Level 91 to 99

At level 91, you can start doing Pyramid Plunder at full efficiency while having access to all the rooms. The minigame will give you one of the fastest XP rates, and you’ll be able to obtain a unique: the Pharoah’s Sceptre, a great quality-of-life upgrade since it will let you teleport to a few pyramids around the desert.

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