Barrows Gloves Zerker - Full Void - No Email - 67 CB - 915 Total - Hand leveled - No Email - #1702

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 Perfect account to make into the zerker you want. With 176 quest points, barrows gloves, and full void already finished, you'll save 100 hours of questing, skilling and pest control. Just afk level the combat stats into the perfect build for you. 
Combat Level: 67 | Quest Points: 176 
Quests Completed 
Black knight's fortress
Cook's Assistant
The corsair curse
Demon slayer
Doric's quest
Ernest the chicken
Goblin diplomacy
Imp catcher
The knight's sword
Misthalin mystery
Pirate's treasure
Prince ali rescue
The restless ghost
Romeo & Juliet
Rune mysteries
Sheep shearer
Shield of arrav
Vampyre slayer
Witch's potion
x marks the spot
Big chompy bird hunting
Client of kourend
Clock tower
Creature of fenkenstrain
Death plateau
The depths of despair
Desert treasure
The dig site
Druidic ritual
Dwarf cannon
Elemental Workshop I
Elemental Workshop II
The eyes of glouphire
Fairytale I - growing pains
Family crest
The feud
Fight arena
Fishing contest
The fremennik trials
Gertrude's Cat
The giant dwarf
The golem
The grand tree
Hazeel cult
Heroes' Quest
Horror from the deep
Icthlarin's little helper
Jungle potion
Lost city
The lost tribe
Making history
Merlin's crystal
Monk's friend
Monkey madness I
Murder mystery
Nature spirit
Observatory quest
One small favour
Plague city
Priest in peril
The Queen of thieves
Rag and bone man
Recipe for disaster
Recruitmentd rive
Sea slug
Shades of mort'ton
Shadow of the storm
Sheep herder
Shilo village
Spirits of the elid
Tai Bwo Wannai Trio
A tail of two cats
Tears of guthix
Temple of ikov
The tourist trap
Tree gnome village
Tribal totem
Troll romance
Troll stronghold
Underground pass
Waterfall quest
Witch's house
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