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The NieR series having a mobile game that sticks to the lore would have been unthinkable – until Nier Reincarnation came. With Yoko Taro’s direction, it manages to have the same haunting and deep air and story as the original. Players that want to focus on the story can avail of Nier Reincarnation Power Leveling Services.

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What is Nier Reincarnation?

While knowing the lore of Nier isn’t a requirement to play or even enjoy it, doing so helps power levelers appreciate the lore and get into the game more easily, especially those that are new to the series. Plus, Yoko Taro has already mentioned that the game is going to be more story-heavy compared to other mobile games, so knowing the lore will be a huge plus.

This time around, players will be filling the shoes of the Girl of Light. She inhabits a world in the far future full of what are known as “cages”. To be more precise, they are a series of towers and dungeons. Joining her travels is Mama, a white ghost-like being that helps in her journey to reawaken a sorrowful, broken, and forgotten world.

With this being a gacha game, Girl of Light and Mama will also be accompanied by other recruitable characters. Currently, the only known ones are Wanderer, Prosthetic Hunter, Clockwork Soldier, and Assassin. Much like other gacha games, each of them has a unique class, set of abilities, and role to play.

The game, however, is still in development, so it not yet known how the combat will turn out. While it’s not unlikely for it to be the usual active but stationary combat found in other gacha games, Yoko Taro has hinted out that it will be much

Also, much like other gacha games, progress is not limited to getting more and more characters and continuing the story. For now, however, the progression system is still unknown. Nevertheless, it is very likely to have the same leveling system as other gacha games. 

What is the Lore of Nier?

Contrary to how the franchise is at first glance, Nier’s lore didn’t start in the first titled game. Instead, the story began in Drakengard 3, where you play as Zero, one of the Intoners, powerful goddess-like beings in a world called Midgard. Their true purpose is to annihilate humanity, so Zero rebels against her sisters. While she manages to kill them, one of them managed to create a male version of herself and later founded a death cult called The Watchers.

From there started the events of Drakengard 1, where you play as Caim, a prince fighting for his kingdom called The Watchers. To do so, he freed and allied himself with Angelus, a powerful red dragon. In order to stop the Watchers, they had to go to our timeline and kill what the Watchers have summoned. Unfortunately for them, they were killed by jets from the Japanese Self Defense Force.

Unfortunately, the corpse of the being they killed caused a killer pandemic that greatly reduced humanity’s numbers and created anomalous beings called Shades. At the same time, scientists studied Angelus’s remains, and from there developed the means to fight this mysterious disease and Shades. That is what served as the backdrop of the original Nier, which is divided into two games that share the name of the game: Gestalt, which is about a middle-aged man trying to save his daughter, and the recently rereleased Replicant, where it’s a young man trying to save his sister.

Many years into Nier’s future comes Nier Automata, which is centered on elite androids 2B and 9S. They fight for the very few remnants of humanity in a proxy war against machines created by aliens.


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