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New World Strongman Hatchet and Great Ax Build

Hatchet and Great Ax New World

There are a lot of things that adventurers in Aeternum can do. They can live out their lives as peaceful farmers and crafters or as righteous and brave explorers ready to fight. All these things still require players to protect themselves from threats like hostile players and monsters. Gamers still need to own weapons to survive any encounter, and what better armaments to hold than the Hatchet and Great Axe Combination?

The Hatchet and The Great Axe

In New World, players can use two weapons at the same time. They can swap between to and from these armaments to unleash a deadly combo. Some combinations are more lethal than others.

The two weapons are considered one of the most fearsome melee items. The fast-slashing movements of the Hatchet paired with the heavy-hitting attacks of the Great Axe make these two a deadly combination. While the pairing is pretty decent in the PvP scene, this combo is considered one of the best PvE guilds.

Building a Strongman Hatcher/Great Axe pair is pretty much straightforward. Players can also make certain adjustments to usual builds depending on their preference. However, some specific factors or forms will optimize these weapons to their full potential. This guide will cover most of what gamers should understand about this pairing.

Why You Should Considering Using A Strongman Hatchet/Great Axe

Many players tend to use this combination due to the number of perks each weapon has that complement the other. Using these offensive items gives gamers intense burst, chase down abilities, strong CC, incredible healing, immunity, cleanse, and more. These advantages make this build great in PvE and PvP situations.

The idea behind using these two weapons is that they specialize in a specific type of combat. Hatchets are incredible in 1v1 situations, especially with their Berserk Mode. Their single target damage is considered one of the highest in the game. This ability also grants players self-healing while active, which ensures survivability.

Meanwhile, players can switch to the next weapon when facing groups of enemies. While the Hatchet excels in one-on-one combat, the Great Axe shines in group fights. This weapon’s wide-sweeping attacks can hit tons of enemies. With the Great Axe’s Gravity Well, there's little that opponents can do to avoid getting hit.

Pros of Using This Build:

  • High Mobility
  • Decent Healing
  • Can Hit Many Enemies at Once
  • Long Reach Attacks
  • Strong Debuffs
  • Strong Against Angry Earth

Cons of Using This Build:

  • Attacks with Long Animations can get Interrupted
  • Long Skill Cooldowns
  • Very Few CC
  • Situational Damage
  • Weak Against Ancients

Which Stats to Go For?

The best thing about using these two weapons is that both scales with Strength. Players should invest most of their points on this combat stat up to 250. There are two potential secondary stats that this pair can utilize, which are Dexterity and Constitution.

While DEX does not directly benefit the Great Axe, these combat stats give an additional 5% critical chance and scale the Great Axe (65%). This bonus crit passive adds more potential damage for the large sweeping strokes of the ax. Meanwhile, the Constitution stat will provide additional survivability since it increases the max HP of characters and increases the effects of the health consumables by 20%.

Abilities and Passives

Other than the combat stats, choosing the right abilities will ensure the success and effectiveness of this build. There are many skills in New World depending on the weapon being used. While players can decide which ones they can take, there are some talents that many would consider the best.

For Strongman Hatchet:

  • Berserk – Grants players 20% attack damage and 30% of max health regen while active. This ability also removes any CC and grants immunity to the characters. These perks are beneficial in duels and elite zones farming.
  • Raging Torrent – Perform four quick, lethal attacks dealing 90% weapon damage. This skill dishes out considerable damage in a short period. However, this attack is interruptible, so players will have to time the usage of this ability very well.
  • Feral Rush – A leaping attack that deals decent burst damage and has a chance to root enemies when received as a back-attack. This skill is excellent in closing gaps as well as dealing stagger damage. Though this talent is more useful in PvP, it is still used in PvE situations.
  • Capstone: Defy Death – This passive prevents players from dying upon receiving lethal damage. This talent is handy and considered one of the best lifelines in the game.

Here are some of the Hatchet’s Potential Tree Passives that adventurers can consider for Berserk:

  • Enraged Strikes: If the target is below 30% health, light and heavy attacks deal 20% more damage
  • Against all Odds: Increase base damage by 10% for every enemy within 5 meters of a player.
  • Frenzied Purge: When hitting an enemy while your health is below 30%, remove all bleed, burn, and poison DoT effects from you
  • Accumulated Power: After 3 successful light attacks against the same target; gain empower, granting a 30% damage increase for 3 seconds or until the next attack
  • Relentless Fury: After a successful heavy attack; gain a 30% damage increase for 3 seconds or after 4 attacks
  • Fortifying Strikes: Hitting the same target with 3 light attacks grants fortify, increasing damage absorption by 15% for 3 seconds

For Great Axe:

  • Gravity Well – Executes a vacuum attack that pulls or ties enemies to a single area. While this ability deals with damage, the primary use for this attack is crowd control since it ensures that enemies will not be able to run away from damaging moves.
  • Maelstrom – A spinning attack that deals 110% weapon damage while pulling targets closer to the caster. This skill is one of the best moves when facing many opponents, especially in PvP.
  • Reap – Uses the Great Axe to pull enemies towards the caster while dealing 110% weapon damage. This talent works very well with Gravity Well and is incredibly beneficial in PvE setups. This move is also helpful in smaller-scale fights.
  • Charge – An ability that allows the caster to charge a distance of 10 meters while dealing 120% weapon damage. This skill is uninterruptible. This move is great for closing gaps between enemies. However, its uses are relatively limited, so taking this ability is optional.
  • Capstone: Blood Lust – This passive provides additional movement speed and increased damage when facing an enemy within 15 meters. These perks are great since they allow fast mobility, great chase-down potential, and considerable burst damage.

Here are some of the passive talents that gamers should consider investing in the Reaper and Mauler Trees:


  • Frustration: After one of your attacks is blocked, gain 15% damage for 10s
  • Keen Edge: Critical damage increased by 10%
  • Feed: Great ax attacks against foes below 30% health heal you for 10% of the damage done
  • Greed: Light attacks with your Great Axe give you 5% damage for 5 seconds (max 3 stacks)
  • Death’s Embrace: Great Axe attacks against foes below 50% health penetrate Armor by 10%
  • Critical Condition: Great Axe attacks against opponents below 30% health critical 15% more often


  • Mauler’s Resolve: If you get hit while holding a Great Axe and are below 50% health, gain 40 stamina
  • Enduring Strike: Adds Grit to Great Axe Heavy attacks and grants 20% damage reduction while the heavy attack grit is active. (Grit is an added stagger resistance that stops attacks from being interrupted)

Best in Slot Armor

When using the Hatchet/Great Axe pair, players can be very flexible with their type of armor. Unlike other games, characters can mix and match different kinds of Armor. Here are the three varying protective gears in the game:

  • Light – Higher Mobility, Quick Roll Dodge, 20% More Damage and Healing, Less Protection
  • Medium – Decent balance between Protection and Mobility, Quick Hop Dodge, 10% Bonus Damage and Healing, 10% Increased Status Effects Infliction
  • Heavy – Higher Protection, Slow Sidestep Dodge, Minimal Mobility, 15% More Block Stability, 20% Debuff Status Reduction

Heavy Armor is arguably the best protective gear in the game since it provides maximum protection. Those who use Light Armor sets need to be highly skilled to avoid damage and should not allow even the slightest mistake. Players using the Hatcher/Great Axe tandem will get hit by opponents most of the time, so they need to ensure that they have the highest defense they can get.

Alternatively, players can use Medium Armor sets for those looking for a bit of maneuverability. While lessens their survivability, the additional damage and decent mobility ensures that fights are shorter than those wearing Heavy Armor.

However, for players who are looking to mix and match their sets, then they can benefit from these types of setups:

Light Build:

  • Light Armor Helm
  • Medium Armor Chest
  • Light Armor Gloves
  • Light Armor Pants
  • Light Armor Boots

This build dishes out significant amounts of damage and high mobility. However, it does provide very minimal protection. This get-up will be an incredibly challenging but interesting build for hardcore players who are confident in their skills.

Medium Build:

  • Heavy Helm
  • Heavy Armor Chest
  • Medium Armor Gloves
  • Light Armor Pants
  • Medium Armor Boots

While this set provides slightly less damage, it does ensure more survivability while retaining bits of mobility. The best thing about this build is that players can give longer debuffs while dealing decent damage, ideal for PvP situations.

Note: If the equipment has gem slots, it is ideal to use Diamonds for increased Resistance %.

Things to Remember:

  • Berserk and Defy Death are only active while you are holding the Hatchet! If you activate Berserk and switch to Great Axe, Berserk will cancel, and you will have to wait for the cooldown to finish before starting again.
  • With Defy Death, if you are holding your Great Axe and get smacked with lethal damage, Defy Death will not trigger, and you will die.
  • If you’re approaching a crowd of enemies, lead with your Great Axe AoE abilities since they can quickly clear out mobs faster. Otherwise, start with the Hatchet.
  • Hatchet is your best tool for 1v1 with combining Berserk and Defy Death.

This general build for the Hatchet/Great Axe pairing is excellent for PvE and PvP. These skills and setups are the optimized builds for most gamers. However, gamers can implement some variations depending on their preference. Players should always enjoy the game style they are practicing.

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