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How to claim Monster Hunter Now Pre-registration Rewards

monster hunter now pre registration rewards

Niantic has finally released Monster Hunter Now’s pre-registration rewards! Roughly a week after its official launch, you can get some goodies to help you in your hunts.

Monster Hunter Now is the latest entry to the long-running Monster Hunter Series. While it’s not necessarily a main title, the location-based title falls in the same category as Pikmin Bloom and Pokemon GO. This is because Capcom has worked with Niantic to bring MH Now to the masses. As you explore your surroundings, you’ll get to battle iconic monsters in the franchise, craft powerful gear, and collect materials. And for a limited time, you can get yourself a box of consumables—provided that you fit the requirements to get the pre-registration rewards.

Guide to Monster Hunter Pre-Registration Rewards

Niantic is giving away free items for Monster Hunter Now to all players pre-registered for the game. These items should prove helpful to all hunters taking down some of the most fearsome monsters.

Here’s a list of all the rewards:

  • Founder Medal
  • 10 Potions
  • 3 Paintball
  • 3 Wander Droplet/Wander Pebble
  • X500 Item Box Expansion
  • Special Pre-Order Makeup
  • X3 Special Carving Knife (Double Rewards Ticket)

Monster Hunter Now Pre-Registration Claim: Getting the Rewards

To get the Monster Hunter Now pre-registration rewards, simply follow these steps:

  • Launch the Monster Hunter Now app.
  • Once you’ve reached Hunter Rank 3, go to the Shop icon at the lower right of your main screen.
  • Go to ‘Supply Items,’ then tap ‘Pre-registration Rewards.’
  • Tap ‘Claim’ to get your rewards.

Note that to receive the rewards, you’ll need to have the latest version of the game, Ver. 61. If you do not have the updated version, head over to the Google Play Store or App Store and update Monster Hunter Now on the store page. Moreover, you won’t gain access to the Shop at the start; you can only open the Shop once your hunter reaches Hunter Rank 3.

The Deadline

By installing Monster Hunter Now and starting the game before September 25, you can receive the rewards from the pre-registration campaign. All the items listed above can now be redeemed until November 30, 2023, as per Monster Hunter Now’s official Twitter account.

Embed link here:

Considering that the deadline to claim the pre-registration rewards is 60 days after the update scheduled for September, don’t forget to head to the Shop to get your free stuff. If you cannot claim the items by November 30, the rewards will automatically be removed from ‘Supply Items.’

I recommend using your referral code during this eligibility period to invite any friends or family who haven’t known about Monster Hunter Now. That way, both of you can get rewards and head out on hunts together!

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