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Argos Phase 2 Guide

Argos Phase 2

The Argos Abyssal Raid is some of the most challenging end-game content in Lost Ark. That being said, you can still think of it as an introduction to more challenging raids to come. The recommended Item Level to enter this Raid is 1385. It drops tier 3 accessories, ability stones, engraving books, and materials to craft end-game equipment such as Harsh Oath and the Preordained Diligence Set.

Our Argos Phase 1 Guide shows that party composition is the key to beating Argos. But in this phase, close coordination is more important for both Party 1 and Party 2. This phase consists of multiple sub-phases and hard wipe-out mechanics. The survival of one party depends on the communication and action of the other.


In the 2nd phase of the Argos Raid, Party 1 will be the Sun Party, while Party 2 will be the Moon Party. This will not change for the duration of the fight, but each party must work together to survive. Additionally, the Sun Party needs heavy damage, while the Moon Party needs heavy staggers.

Party 1 - Sun Party

  • DPS
  • DPS
  • Gunlancer/DPS
  • Support (Pally/Bard)

I highly recommend that each one of these members has destruction bombs to help you clear the mini-boss in the first sub-phase of Argos Raid. Also, you will need a good spotter who knows the right call-out for the wipe-out mechanic later. Your spotter must be knowledgeable about the Raid and aware of the signals that I will discuss later.

Part 2 - Moon Party

  • DPS
  • DPS
  • Gunlancer
  • Support (Pally/Bard)

In this part, the party needs stagger bombs or dark grenades. You can't have both since they consume the same token in the Raid. So my advice is three got stagger bomb, and the support got the dark grenade. This is where high-stagger classes such as Gunlancer and martial artists class shine the most since you'll need to burst down the mini-boss to prevent the Sun team from getting wiped.

Sun Party Boss

Once the 2nd phase starts, Argos teleports the Sun Party to the Sun Party mini-boss. This boss has a mandatory Weak Point mechanic, which needs to be done in time to prevent enrage. Also, the heavy communication mechanic is part of this boss fight. These mechanics decide the fate of the Moon party and can lead to a wipe if it isn't executed correctly.

Weak Point

After dealing with a certain amount of Stagger Damage, the boss is incapacitated and reveals his weak point. Use your Destruction Bomb and skills with Weak Point Damage to destroy an armored part of the boss. The window for this is relatively short so make sure to break it to delay the Enrage phase of the boss.


If the Weak Point mechanic is done in time, the boss enrages upon reaching 15-20% HP. Once enraged, his damage and attack speed are amplified, complicating the fight.


The fight is dotted with a group of green fireflies, which pulsates and send out green waves before exploding. You'll get a debuff stack if you get hit by the explosion. Upon getting the second debuff stack, you'll get stunned and might cost you the Raid, especially if you're the spotter.


You can use Panacea if you have one debuff stack to prevent yourself from being stunned.


Argos will sit down and fire a laser into the sky, indicating that the mechanic has begun. One of the Moon Party members must relay the information to the Sun Party for the spotter to go to a specific spot and see the patterns. Additionally, Argos will create a dial under himself that serves as a timer for the current mechanics. Keep track of this timer because you need to do the mechanic before the dial reaches 0.

Follow Arrow

The moon party needs to move and stay at the location pointed by the arrow. In the example above, you must say "Arrow, Top-Left" to survive the AoE, which appears once the dial below Argos disappears. It's important to relay the message concisely.

Collect Orbs

Orbs spawn frequently around Argos. The moon party needs to collect as many orbs as possible to prevent a wipe before the dial below the boss depletes. In this mechanic, the moon party must take turns to take orbs since the maximum orb you can get is two.

Collect Stacks

A small circle will appear at 11, 1, 5, and 7 o'clock at the Argos battle area. The moon party members should spread out and watch the circle. Once a circle turns from Sun to Moon affix, the players need to step into it to collect stacks. These stacks are displayed on the buff bar and can stack up to 10 times. Once you have max stacks, you need to hit Argos to transfer the stacks over. The wipe can be prevented by repeating this process and transferring enough stacks over to Argos.

Safe Inside

The moon party members need to be at the center of the battle area to avoid death.

Safe Outside

On the other hand, the moon party members need to be at the edge of the battle area to avoid death at the end of this mechanic.

Sun Safe Spot

This is the only pattern the sun party needs to reach instead of the moon party. The sun party needs to stay in the center when the dial below Argos depletes fully to survive this wipe mechanic.

Moon Party Boss

After the Sun Party comes back, the Moon Party will be teleported to another area to deal with another mini-boss. Coming into the mini-boss, the first thing you'll notice is that you're dramatically slowed. However, the things you need to take note of are:

Damage Check

You must deal high-burst damage immediately, so I recommended you bring Dark Grenades, which lower the target defense by 20% for 20 seconds. This is because if you can't deal around 30% of his HP bar as damage, within 90 seconds, the sun party will be wiped. As a member of the moon party, you should have your Awakening Skill ready to use for this encounter. Once enough damage is dealt with, the main body of the boss disappears and the core is summoned.

The Core

After dealing enough damage, the boss will hide under the ground and summon the core. This mob doesn't take much damage but can be staggered by using Whirlwind Grenade and other high-stagger skills. Once you deplete it, the core will be killed within seconds. After killing the core, the main body of the boss reappears incapacitated, which gives you a decent DPS window to burst down the boss. This process usually needs to be repeated at least 2 times in total to kill the Moon Party Boss.


  • Totems: The boss summons 2 totems around him which send out a small linear of shockwaves after a short delay. Getting hit by the shockwave imprisons the player and makes it difficult to dodge any incoming attacks. Make sure to free your teammates by attacking them.
  • Stone Fall: The boss spawns 4 safe spots around him. Each spot needs to be occupied by one player within 3 seconds or the entire party is hit by a shockwave that deals a lot of damage.

Final Phase

Once the moon party has successfully defeated the mini-boss, they will be transferred back to Argos to help the Sun Party. The good news here is that after these phases, Argos is extremely weak and you can finish him with 2-3 attacks. That's it for defeating Argos Phase 2. Do take note that there are attack patterns that aren't mentioned above. However, I'm pretty confident that you'll be able to adapt once you see the pattern. 

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