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Lost Ark Destroyer Build and Guide

Lost Ark Destroyer Build

Lost Ark's May update brought some variety to Lost Ark's endgame progression with Hard Chaos Gate, the Valtan Legion Raid, and the Challenge Guardian Raid. The recent patch also balances some weaker classes, making them more viable in endgame content. That being said, the main highlight of this patch is the Destroyer class.

The Destroyer in Lost Ark represents many of the qualities most commonly associated with the Warrior archetype. You can think of them as the midpoint between the Berserker and Gunlancer. They're big and strong, and they're not afraid to fight bosses head to head. The Destroyer uses a big hammer to pummel their foes and stagger them. 

They have a decent amount of crowd control, push-immunity skills, and enormous stagger damage. However, the Destroyer is one of the few classes that are slow and lack mobility, but it doesn't stop them from being a top-tier pick in end-game raids. With that being said, you need the right build and tips to make your Destroyer smash everything on his way. That gets much easier with this Lost Ark Destroyer build and guide. 

What is the Best Destroyer Build in Lost Ark?

If you asked me what the playstyle is for Destroyer, I would describe them as slow, tanky, and burst damage heavy. But to achieve that, you need to know the right skill and rotation to maximize your damage output. Before I dive into the in-depth guide on your skills, I will discuss optimal engravings.

  • Rage Hammer: This is the most commonly used class engraving for the Destroyer. The reason is that when you use Gravity Release skills (purple), you gain an additional 5% crit rate and 15% crit damage based on the number of cores used.
  • Gravity Training: On the other hand, this class engraving is widely focused on the Destroyer's hypergravity mode. This gives 2% gravity meter recovery and +30% basic attack and crit rate while providing +20% additional damage to foes.

In this guide, we'll be focusing on the Rage Hammer Raid Build and Destroyer Chaos Dungeon build.

Destroyer Raid Build

Typically, all Destroyer skills have paralysis or push immunity tripods. You need to fill up your cores using blue skills and your purple skills to damage and provide you with massive shields. Gravity Release skills (purple skills) should be timed perfectly with boss patterns to mitigate damage. Destroyer suffers from long cast animations and low mobility. That's why you need to position yourself correctly and use your skills accordingly.

Skill Build

  • Heavy Crush: Quick Hit (Quick Recharge)
  • Dreadnaught: Tenacity - Toughened Body - Violent Hammer (Protection)
  • Jumping Smash: Superior Change - Armor Destruction - Smash (Overwhelm)
  • Endure Pain: Wide Hit - Taunt - Hidden Pain (Focus)
  • Earth Eater: Enhance Strike - Tenacity - Earthen Rage (Overwhelm)
  • Full Swing: Agile Movement - Scary Hammer - Beast's Eye (Galewind)
  • Perfect Swing: Weak Point Detection - Absolute Strength - Intemperance (Galewind)
  • Seismic Hammer: Quick Prep - Absolute Strength - Starving Strength (Galewind)
  • Awakening: Big Bang


  • Your Heavy Crush is your low cooldown Core generator skill and is usually followed up with Dreadnaught or Jumping Smash.
  • Jumping Smash is your main gap closer and provides -12% debuff to the target for 14 seconds.
  • Dreadnaught is your main counter skill and can also act as a defensive skill to tank through an attack when you don't have a shield. This is because you gain tenacity (push immunity) and toughened body that provides -30% incoming damage.
  • On the latest balancing of classes, endure pain gains taunt to set up for your burst skills such as Perfect Swing and Seismic Hammer. You can also use this as your defensive button to tank through attacks.
  • Your Full Swing and Earth Eater are your main stagger check skills, while Perfect Swing and Seismic Hammer are your main burst skills. 


If you're confident that you don't need to position yourself properly in the raid and don't need a gap closer skill, you can replace Jumping Smash with the following skills:

  • Power Strike: This provides you with a slightly faster counter with a defence reduction debuff.
  • Gravity Impact: This provides a quick animation core generator.
  • Power Shoulder: This is an alternative choice for a gap closer with faster animation but provides less utility than Jumping Smash.


Your primary role is to generate 3 cores with your Concentration skills (blue) and then do Gravity Release skills (purple).

Basic Rotation

  1. Jumping Smash
  2. Heavy Crush
  3. Seismic Hammer
  4. Endure Pain
  5. Perfect Swing
  6. Heavy Crush
  7. Dreadnaught
  8. Earth Eater/Full Swing

Stagger Check Priority:

  1. Earth Eater
  2. Full Swing
  3. Seismic Hammer
  4. Jumping Smash


The rule of the thumb is when you do fill up your gauge by casting two blue skills, you need to follow it up with your purple skills.

Destroyer Stat Priority

Rage Hammer Destroyer Build focus Crit to prioritize their burst with their Gravity Release Skills. You can go for 400-500 Specialization and max out Crit.


  • Rage Hammer: This grants extra crit rate and crit damage based on the number of cores consumed when using Gravity Release Skills.
  • Super Charge: This engraving is a must since this increases the charging speed and damage to your charging skills especially earth eater, full swing, and perfect swing.
  • Barricade: This is an excellent engraving for you since you gain a shield from using gravity release skills. You will gain +16% damages to foes while you are shielded.
  • Master Brawler: This provides 25% head attack damage and synergises well with your skills since you mostly have head attack modifiers.
  • Keen Blunt Weapon: this is for high crit rate builds because this provides +50% crit damage.
  • Grudge/Curse Doll: These two engravings are for advanced players who want to boost their damage further. I don't recommend these engravings for beginners because the penalties attached to these can be hard to overcome.

Destroyer Chaos Dungeon Build

This build is heavily focused on clearing mobs as fast as possible, and in my opinion, you will enjoy how efficiently it is compared to other classes.

Skill Build

  • Heavy Crush: Quick Hit - Law of the Jungle - Aftershock (Quick Recharge)
  • Gravity Impact: Charge Enhancement - Tough Mind - Will Enhancement (Protection)
  • Jumping Smash: Dark Flame - Armor Destruction - Smash (Protection)
  • Running Crash: Agile Movement - Elaborate Plan (Rage)
  • Endure Pain: Wide Hit - Taunt - Hidden Pain (Focus)
  • Earth Eater: Red Shards - Perspiration - Rock Storm (Bleed)
  • Perfect Swing: Weak Point Detection - Absolute Strength - Hour of Slaughter (Galewind)
  • Seismic Hammer: Quick Prep - Law of the Jungle - Starving Strength (Galewind)
  • Awakening: Big Bang


This build has straightforward gameplay. You just need to fill up your gauge before using gravity release skills. 

  • Use your Heavy Crush as frequently as possible since it has the lowest cooldown on all of your skills.
  • Gravity Impact can be used to group mobs together and follow it up with Earth Splitter.
  • Your Endure Pain allows you to use your Perfect Swing on Elite and Boss-type mobs.

Overall, the Destroyer is a fun class to play as long as you land your skills and know when to dodge and when to tank. I hope you like this guide and stay tuned for more in-depth lost ark guides.

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