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Lost Ark Arcanist Preview NA

Lost Ark Arcanist Preview

Lost Ark NA has already released the roadmap for June and July's major updates. And the most exciting thing about it is the release of the new class, Arcanist or Arcana, in the KR version of the game. Arcanist in Lost Ark is a mage-type character that deals fast in medium-range. In addition, the third female mage character wields a magical card deck in her hand as the primary weapon, which can damage mobs swiftly and efficiently in battles. They're a hybrid class that combines agility and magical abilities that players can build and play in many ways. Before we get into a more in-depth explanation with Arcana, let me break down what we will be expecting in June's major update:

Lost Ark June Roadmap

  • Vykas Legion Raid: Vykas is the second Legion Raid that will be released in the western version of the game, and she's the key to completing your relic set. This legion raid requires players and would require 1430 (normal) and 1460 (hard) iLvl.
  • Guardian Raid: Kungelanium: Kungelanium will be joining Deskaluda as the second end-game guardian. This frost turtle-type guardian will require an item level of 1460 or higher.
  • Thronespire: This new single-player dungeon will have 50 levels similar to the towers in tiers 1 and 2. This new dungeon offers many rewards and thinking about it makes me hyped. You will be clearing an overwhelming group of mobs on a given floor with limited time. Players who want to enter this dungeon will need to be at least 1325 to participate.
  • Yoz's Jar: This is a new consumable arriving in the in-game store that will introduce a variety of Epic and Legendary skins for your class.

Lost Ark Arcanist Preview

The Arcanist is a class that can quickly move across the battlefield with high mobility and can deal a decent amount of damage. They are one of the hardest classes to master, and most of her DPS depends on RNG, which I will be explaining later. If you're planning to make one. Here are the pros and cons of the class:


  • Outstanding Mobility
  • Fast DPS and Burst Skills
  • It can be played in close/mid-range depending on the build


  • Squishy and has low health
  • Hard to play and master
  • It offers little synergy for the team
  • Arcanist classes have three types of skills and are categorized in the following.

General skills: The general skills or yellow skills helps you build your DPS as well as charge your Identity Meter.

Stack Skills: As the name implies, these skills allow you to stack up to four cards on the mobs, and then, with the cards accumulated on the enemy, you can unleash your hard DPS skills or the Red skills.

Ruin Skills: Ruin skills or Red skills can be used if you have at least four stacks of blue skills on the enemy. These sets of skills are your primary DPS skills that can inflict enormous damage to enemies if you timed them correctly.


Like all other classes, the Lost Ark Arcanist Class has two awakening skills:

Prismatic Mirror: Summons cards in a circle shape that bounces little cards around who stagger the enemies. Casting this awakening allows you to draw two cards from the identity card.

The Fate of Death: Summon a big card summoning the Reaper that deals damage and knocks enemies along the way. The higher doom stacks you apply, the more damage.

Note: The Fate of Death has the highest DPS, and if you don't want to deal with the RNG-based DPS so much, you will opt for this awakening.

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