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League of legend account: 

Level 30 unranked silver, number of champions 110, 36 skins 7 of them are legendary unavailable and rares skins, 39 154 blue essence, 29 riot points, 14 full rune pages


- Aatrox

- Ahri

- Akali

- Alistar

- Amumu

- Anivia

- Annie

- Ashe

- Aurelion Sol

- Azir

- Blitzcrank

- Brand

- Braum

- Camille

- Cassiopeia

- Cho’Gath

- Corki

- Darius

- Diana

- Dr. Mundo

- Elise

- Evelynn

- Ezreal

- Fiddlesticks

- Fiora

- Fizz

- Galio

- Gangplank

- Garen

- Gnar

- Gragas

- Graves

- Hecarim

- Heimerdinger

- Irelia

- Janna

- Jax

- Jayce

- Jinx

- Karma

- Kassadin

- Katarina

- Kayle

- Kennen

- Kha’Zix

- Kled

- Kog’Maw

- LeBlanc

- Lee Sin

- Leona

- Lissandra

- Lucian

- Lux

- Malphite

- Malzahar

- Maokai

- Master yi

- Mordekaiser

- Morgana

- Nami

- Nasus

- Nidalee

- Nunu & Willump

- Olaf

- Orianna

- Pantheon

- Poppy

- Ramus

- Rek’Sai

- Renekton

- Rengar

- Riven

- Rumble

- Ryze

- Sejuani

- Shaco

- Shen

- Shyvana

- Singed

- Sion

- Sivir

- Sona

- Soraka

- Syndra

- Taliyah

- Talon

- Taric

- Teemo

- Thresh

- Tristana

- Tryndamere

- Twisted fate

- Twitch

- Udyr

- Varus

- Vayne

- Veigar

- Vel’koz

- Vi

- Viktor

- Volibear

- Warwick

- Wukong

- Xerath

- Xinzhao

- Yasuo

- Zac

- Zed

- Ziggs

- Zilean

- Zyra


- The thousand pierced-bear

- Victorious Oriana

- Heartseeker varus

- Omega squad twitch

- Victorious graves

- Victorious maokai

- Riot kayle

- Arclight vel’koz

- All-star akali

- Surprise party amumu

- Swamp master kennen

- Pentakill olaf

- Jade fang cassipeia

- Siren cassipeia

- Victorious sivir

- Grey warwick

- Wildfire zyra

- Victorious morgana

- Artic ops kenen

- Glacial malphite

- Uncle ryze

- Full metal ramus

- Arcade hecarim

- Pool party lee sin

- Sanguine garen

- Samurai yi

- Vindicator vayne

- Ghost bride morgana

- Surprise party fiddlesticks

- Sandstorm katarina

- Cottontail teemo

- Sultan tryndamere

- Shockblade zed

- Death blossom elise

- Glaive warrior pantheon

- Sailor gankplank

Runeterra account: 
Targon level 19/25
Bilgewater level 11/29
Demacia level 19/29
Frejlord level 19/29
Shadow isles level 8/29
Ionia level 8/29 
Noxus level 9/25
Piltover & Zaun level 15/25
 Jokers available :
Champions: 2
Epic: 3
Rare: 47 
Commun: 86
Here are all the champions I have: 
 Here is where i am in the current event: 
Once you log in you will get this bonus reward:
You will be able to claim it the 2020 november 12 

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