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How to Complete Simulated Universe World 6

honkai simulated universe world 6

Boss: Cocolia (Complete)

Elites: Auramaton Gatekeeper, Frigid Prowler, Ice Out of Space, Decaying Shadow

Rooms: 13

Immersion Rewards: Belobog of the Architects, Inert Salsotto

World 6 is the culmination of everything you’ve learned about the Simulation Universe. As the last world, you can be sure it’s the most challenging in the feature. Here are some tips and tricks you can use to complete the world.

But first, an overview of the boss battle.

Cocolia (Complete) Boss Fight

This fight has three phases where you must deplete Cocolia’s health bar to progress to the next. She’s weak to Fire, Lightning, and Quantum. Cocolia and her summons’ damage increases the more frozen allies there are.

Phase 1 Attacks

Omen of Everlasting Freeze - Summons an Ice Edge that attacks with Icy Wind when its turn comes (weak to Fire and Quantum).

Chill of Bone-Piercing Coagulation - Deals Ice damage on a single target.

Hoarfrost of Eternal Isolation - Deals Ice damage to one target with a high chance of Freezing them.

Phase 2 Attacks

Upon starting Phase 2, Cocolia summons Bronya.

Bronya’s Attacks

  • Windrider Bullet - Deals Wind damage to a single target.
  • Suppressive Fire - Deals Wind damage to a single target and delays their actions.
  • Combat Redeployment - Dispels debuffs on Cocolia and moves the boss’s Action Forward to take the next turn. Deadly when Cocolia is charging up for Punishment of Endless Winter.

Omen of Everlasting Freeze - Summons 2 Ice Edges with the same effects as Phase 1 (left is weak to Fire and Lightning, right is weak to Fire and Quantum)

Chill of Bone-Piercing Coagulation

Hoarfrost of Eternal Isolation

Wrath of Winterland Saints - Enters a charge state, on the next turn, uses Punishment of Endless Winter.

Punishment of Endless Winter - Deals significant Ice damage to all allies

Reverberating Ice - Deals damage to Frozen targets and adjacent units (removes status). If the characters next to the target are Frozen, Cocolia uses the ability again.

Phase 3 Attacks

Cocolia uses all of the above attacks in Phase 3. What’s different is the ‘Doomsday Ice Cascade’ that joins the turn queue. It deals about four instances of Ice damage, and its turn comes regularly.

More Details

Bronya will be summoned only once. She stays gone for the rest of the battle if you defeat her. Depending on your strategy, you can focus on Bronya or manage her turns by causing Weakness Break on her. She’s weak to Physical, Fire, and Imaginary.

As much as possible, Cocolia will always summon her Ice Edges in battle.

Freeze is annoying and must be cleared as much as possible. Note that the boss’s damage increases if you have Frozen characters.

Recommended Characters

  • Seele (superb single-target DPS)
  • Qingque (AoE DPS)
  • Natasha (healer, Frozen cleanser)
  • Bailu (healer, reviver)
  • Fire Trailblazer (Weakness Breaker, minor shielding)
  • Asta (Weakness Breaker, SPD boost)
  • Jing Yuan (superb multiple-target DPS)
  • Himeko (excellent AoE DPS)
  • Serval (AoE DPS)
  • Tingyun (support)
  • Arlan (single-target DPS)
  • Welt (Bronya suppressor)

Choose according to what is available in your roster. Fire Trailblazers are a must-have in the fight because they can provide little shields and reduce damage. More than that, every enemy in it is weak to Fire. Himeko is actually an excellent choice to bring to this world.

Herta is certainly not someone to bring to this world. She doesn’t scale well at higher levels and does not have utility besides Freeze and AoE DPS. Plus, the boss will have resistance to her element, which means you’re more likely to spend too much time in the battle. When that happens, the boss will slowly get more powerful. Before long, your party will be wiped out.

As time passes, more characters will be added, and you have more choices of who to bring into this world.

Recommended Paths and Blessings

By this time, you should be able to access Resonance Formations. Taking the Path of Abundance and having the Anicca Formation is an excellent way to recover HP and remove all debuffs from your team. Also, using the Path Resonance increases your survivability by increasing your characters’ HP every time.

If you’re using Jing Yuan or Himeko, the Path of Elation can also be helpful. Blessings of note are:

  • Champion’s Dinner: Cat’s Cradle (3-star Blessing): Ultimate attacks are considered follow-up attacks. Increases the DMG of the latter by 15% (55% enhanced)
  • Auto-Harmonica: Whitest Night (3-star Blessing): After a follow-up attack, deals Aftertaste DMG equal to 55% ATK (60% enhanced) 1-3 times. (Enhancement increases Aftertaste DMG by 35%.)
  • Twenty-First Military Rule (2-star Blessing): Provides a 65% (100% enhanced) chance of regaining a Skill Point after a follow-up attack.
  • The Painted Albatross (2-star Blessing): A character deals additional damage to all enemies equal to 24% ATK (36% enhanced) for each enemy hit during their follow-up attack.
  • Suspiria (1-star Blessing): Increases follow-up attack DMG by 26% (39% enhanced).
  • Exemplary Conduct (1-star Blessing): Increases follow-up attack DMG by 9% (12% enhanced) for every Elation Blessing taken. It can stack up to 6 (9 enhanced) times.
  • Pale Fire (1-star Blessing): Increases follow-up attack Crit Rate by 26% (39% enhanced).

The first two will increase the damage output of the mentioned characters. Moreover, the first Blessing also empowers your characters with Ultimates that hurt enemies. Because their Ults are considered follow-up attacks, they also receive the same benefits (Aftertaste, increased DMG and Crit Rate, etc.).

Still, with the randomness of what you can get, it can be hard to aim for these Blessings. The general rule is to consider the capabilities of your team and choose Blessings around them. You should take your chosen Path’s Blessings, but if they don’t come up in the choice, use your best judgment.

As mentioned, Jing Yuan and Himeko will benefit from Elation Blessings. Seele and the rest of the DPS characters can use Destruction or Hunt. If you use units like Serval or others with debuffs, the Path of Nihility will be good to take. Preservation Blessings can help you survive, the same as Abundance.

Definitely do not take Remembrance since you won’t be using Ice characters. Enemies have resistance to elements they’re not weak to, making them harder to defeat. A case can be made for Gepard or March, but they can also work with Preservation Blessings.

Recommended Curios

While the game offers you random Curios every time, you’ll want to pick up the advantages. Here are some recommendations and those you definitely don’t want to take.


  • Faith Bond (discounted Blessing enhancement and other transactions with Cosmic Fragments)
  • Record from Beyond the Sky (nullifies damage from the first hit and prevents debuffs for three turns)
  • Entropic Die (level up two random Blessings)
  • Society Ticket (increases Cosmic Fragment gain after battles by 75%)
  • Space-Time Prism (characters’ Eidolons +1 in battle)
  • Punklorde mentality (adds a weakness to all enemies that match one of your allies. It lasts for three turns.)
  • Beacon Coloring Paste (enhances one random Blessing)
  • Laurel Crown of Planar Shifts (For one time, losing a battle does not end the exploration. Instead, it is treated like a victory, and characters recover their HP)
  • Shattered Star Bait (increases movement speed by 20%, and characters’ actions are Advanced Forward by 10% in combat)

What You Shouldn’t Take

  • Any of the cuckoo clock ones from events
  • Insect Web (increases ATK at the cost of -20% of the character’s HP every turn; can be taken if on the Destruction Path)
  • Galactic Big Lotto (when destroying destructible objects, there’s a slight chance of either getting a Curio or all your characters lose 99% of their HP)
  • Error Curios (use your judgment)

For the rest, use your best judgment. For example, The Doctor’s Robe is a good Curio. However, it’s useless if you’re on the Path of Abundance. Robe of the Beauty is also great, especially if you have the Society Ticket, Golden Coin of Discord, Angel-type I.O.U. Dispenser, and Omniscient Capsule. As you can see, it needs various other Curios to be effective, or you don’t spend as much enhancing your Blessings or reviving characters.

As for the wax seals, of course, the one for your chosen Path should be the priority. You can take other seals, but only if no better choice exists.

Tips and Tricks

You don’t have to focus on Bronya or the Ice Edges if you have an excellent Weakness Breaker. It’s enough that you keep them from taking their turn. As mentioned, all of them have weaknesses to Fire, which makes Preservation Trailblazer, Asta, and Himeko excellent for this.

Still, the fight is easier if you have AoE damager characters. This will let you defeat the summons without directly attacking them and keeping your focus on Cocolia. Serval and Jing Yuan make things easy, though you might have yet to have the latter.

Do not bring Preservation characters if you plan to use the Destruction Path. That means Gepard or March 7th explicitly. The Fire Trailblazer’s shields are low, so they can be used, but still, it’s not recommended.

If you have Bronya or the Dance! Dance! Dance! Harmony Light Cone, they can help you break Cocolia before she can use her most decisive attack. Both can advance your party’s turns forward, especially if you have Welt to delay the enemies’ turns. It’s not foolproof, though it helps.

Having abilities or Light Cones (Landau’s Choice) with the taunt effect can help. It makes the boss target (and Freeze) your tank instead of your DPS, meaning you can keep up your damage dealing.

There’s not much to say about the best party compositions since the combinations can vary from player to player. This much should be said, though: you must have

  • A Fire character (Trailblazer, Asta, Himeko, Hook)
  • A DPS (Quantum, Lightning, or Fire)
  • Natasha/Bailu for healing
  • A flexible spot for support or another DPS

You don’t have to double up on Preservation characters unless you go for that Path. Generally, if you’re still underleveled, the Abundance Path ensures your survival as a backup healing option (and increase in HP). Despite the advice to avoid Ice characters, Gepard is the best tank in the game. He won’t be used for damage, so he can be brought along.

Use the Auto-Battle setting only if you’re confident your characters can handle it. Otherwise, manual input ensures that no Ultimate is wasted, and you target who you need to. It also lets you manage your Skill Points better. The auto setting sometimes uses the Basic Attack when there’s more than enough for Skills.

You can save this challenge for later. Do the other Worlds to unlock more nodes in the Ability Tree first. This will help you be stronger and make the fight easier. Also, this will let you get a feel for your characters’ abilities and which Paths make the most sense for them.

Also, don’t forget to upgrade Relics and enhance Traces. More than that, having Relic sets that fit your character’s abilities will help immensely in your fight against Cocolia.

Enjoy the Challenge!

Cocolia will be a challenging fight. Ensure you’re ready and your characters are well-built with the best equipment. Otherwise, she will eat you up, or you’ll be so close to defeating her, but you get wiped at the last moment.

Remember all that you’ve learned as you read this article. Also, consider that this is a rogue-like mechanic. Although you could do it then with this party/Path/Blessings/Curios, it doesn’t guarantee you’ll be successful in the next run. You can keep your party and Path, but the Blessings and Curios you’ll get will differ significantly from the last.

On the flip side, failure to complete the world shouldn’t deter trying again. You might get lucky with your Curios or Blessings the next time, which will result in your success. Besides, if you aim to get Planar Ornaments, just defeating the Elites will give you two chances. Defeating the boss will add two more, but half isn’t bad for a failed run.

This element of randomness means there will never be a guaranteed run, but at least it makes things exciting.

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