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Honkai Star Rail Simulated Universe Tips and Guide

Simulated Universe Tips


The Simulated Universe is Herta's pride and joy. It's a method for her to collect data about the Aeons, even though they would be simulations. As a weekly activity, there's less pressure to complete it than the daily tasks. Still, it would be best if you were doing it to collect the weekly prizes and eventually grab the 5-star Light Cones or regular Passes from its rewards shop.

How to Unlock Simulated Universe

This is one of the first features the game introduces to you. Herta wants to know about the Aeons. To that end, she created a simulation of the universe in hopes of being able to collect data. There are several worlds to explore in a roguelike fashion.

You'll get a quest related to it as soon as you finish the prologue. It will guide you through the mechanics of the feature, though here's a refresher anyway.

Simulated Universe Mechanics

This is a more dungeon-delving feature than the Forgotten Hall. Each World has a specific number of rooms to explore. These can be:

  • Combat Oriented (rooms with enemies, marked by red portals) can come in various flavors):
    • Elite (has a higher chance of rewarding better blessings)
    • Boss (contains the boss of the World)
    • Domain (contains random enemies)
  • Event Rooms (where weird things can happen; you might get more blessings or Cosmic Fragments or get into battle unprepared. Marked by blue portals)
  • Respite (usually has breakables that heal and replenish Technique points, and also where you add teammates or enhance blessings. Marked by green portals)

You can choose which rooms to pass through, but you must defeat the boss at the last room to complete the World. The one before that is usually a Respite room, and Herta will tell you to use up all your Cosmic Fragments because it's the last chance.

Every battle you win will reward you with a Blessing, which has various effects. Each one follows a specific Aeon and is typically geared to characters on their path. However, depending on your team composition, some blessings can be beneficial even if you didn't pick a character on that path.

These Blessings are random every time, so don't expect to get the same buffs for your runs. That's why it's a roguelike. You also can't change teams mid-way or pause and return later. Every run must be completed or abandoned.

For example, World 2 has 13 rooms. For most of the run, you can choose which portals to enter unless it's a mandated Respite one (especially the second to the last). Depending on your choice, you can have more Occurrence rooms or Combat ones.

Starting from World 3, you may also receive Planar Ornaments from the Simulated Universe. You can generate them from unique booths in specific combat rooms. Each generation costs 40 Trailblaze Power, or you can convert that much into an Immersifier, like Condensed Resin in Genshin Impact. You can have up to 8 Immersifiers in your inventory and only use them in the Simulated Universe.

To help you along the way, you can also receive Curios and buy specific abilities from the Ability Tree. Sometimes, Occurrence rooms will give you chances to get a Curio, but you can also get them from Herta in a Respite room. The Ability Tree can only be accessed before you start a dungeon run and costs Ability Points. You get the latter through runs, whether complete or abandoned.

Simulated Universe Rewards

Of course, you aren't doing this for nothing. There are rewards to collect through various methods.

The first is through the weekly points. You can earn 3,500 points every seven days. Every run you do will award you points. Completing a World will give more than abandoning the run or losing to an enemy. At specific point milestones, you can get some rewards. These do not change as you increase in Equilibrium, but the amounts do for some of them.

  • 350: Credits
  • 700: Stellar Jades
  • 1,050: Lost Gold Fragments
  • 1,400: Star Rail Pass
  • 1,750: Lost Gold Fragments
  • 2,100: Stellar Jades
  • 2,450: Lost Gold Fragments
  • 2,800: Herta Bond
  • 3,150: Credits
  • 3,500: Tracks of Destiny

The second method is through the rewards shop. The Herta Bonds you get can be used here, and it has an offering of some 5-star Light Cones and Standard Rail Passes for Warps. Each Light Cone costs 8 Bonds, while the Passes and Superimposer cost 2.

  • On the Fall of an Aeon
  • Cruising in the Stellar Sea
  • Texture of Memories
  • Superimposer (Custom-made)
  • Star Rail Pass

You can also get rewards by completing Worlds for the first time. This provides you some Stellar Jades, Credits, and other enhancement materials. Completion means beating the boss of the World, so abandoned runs will not give you these things.


Honkai Star Rail Simulated Universe Tips

Go For Endurance

You must bring a healer along as you'll be going through several battles with rarely any breaks (Respite rooms). At this point, Natasha is the only free-to-play option and can do the job well. Bailu is for those lucky enough to get her in Warp. Bring either of those characters, a decent DPS, and other support. A tank is also recommended so the team receives less damage than otherwise.

This has no time limits. It's possible to take a slower pace, and it's not as prioritized to have high DPS.

Weigh Every Tradeoff

You can go to Occurrence rooms to avoid combat, but you won't get more Blessings for future fights. Also, you might still fight depending on the event you encounter. Pick the rooms that will get you prepared for the boss.

This goes for choosing Blessings or the choices in the events. Will you spend your Cosmic Fragments to enhance two random ones or buy a new one? Do you risk flipping a card for something good with a 30% chance of failure? Gamble only what you can, Trailblazer.

You Still Get Points for Failed Runs

Even if you quit midway or get defeated, you still get points for the weekly rewards. Which is good since you don't have to try hard to get all of them. It also allows you to see what you can do better. Mix up your team members and see which brings you the farthest.

Choosing the Best Blessings

 Of course, the best blessings would be what your characters can use. If you don't have Ice Element users, what use is increasing DMG on Frozen targets? What about increasing ATK when shielded when you're not using a character under the Preservation path? You'll get the best chance of winning when getting those with the effect beneficial to your current team.

However, if you're sure that your team can handle anything without these extra boosts, you can get Blessings you can't use. That increases your index points which is an additional source of rewards. It's better to do this if you're over-leveled for the World.

General Tips

  • Ensure Your Characters are Sufficiently Leveled
  • Enhance Relics and Light Cones
  • Upgrade Traces
  • Upgrade the Ability Tree

Getting the right combination of Blessings and completing the run under-leveled is possible. However, you cannot use the auto function for the fights and must manually input actions. Still, you can get the best chances of success if you follow the above tips.

The Most Important Tip of All: Have Fun!

You will feel energized if you're having fun, no matter how many tries it takes to complete a world. Besides, enjoyment is the purpose of a game, so it's not doing its job otherwise. Go at your own pace. You can take your time and do these activities whenever. Learn from your failure and try again.

Enjoy Honkai: Star Rail!


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