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The PlayerAuctions Help Center is your resource with information and advice on all your PlayerAuctions activity. From registering your account to making your first sale, we'll make sure you are trading quickly and safely in no time.

PlayerAuctions is the most secure place for players to buy and sell MMO game assets. We support over 400,000 registered users in over 184 countries, covering over 300 games. We secure your trade through our advanced payment security tool, PlayerGuardian.

Our CS teams can help provide 24/7 support and we work in a partnership with buyers and sellers to make the trading of assets quick, simple and safe.

Security & Resolution Center

At the heart of the PlayerAuctions platform is PlayerGuardian™, a powerful proprietary technology that provides unparalleled protection for all players, payments and trades. Buyers are guaranteed delivery of their purchase or their money back. Sellers have complete protection against payment fraud and chargebacks. PlayerAuctions is also the first marketplace to offer secure player-to-player game account trade. All members’ privacy is protected as neither party sees sensitive personal or payment information, protecting both buyer and seller against identity theft and stolen credit card numbers.

Based on the security systems and procedures at Itemmania in Korea, PlayerGuardian technology has been further enhanced at PlayerAuctions to meet the needs of the international market. This security technology has been time-tested and proven on Itemmania through the successful and secure completion of more than 30 million player-to-player trades. This makes PlayerAuctions not just another auction site, but instead the most safe and secure place to buy and sell MMO game assets online.

At PlayerAuctions, PlayerGuardian secures payments between members with banking-level security and fraud prevention technology. Unlike other, unsecure auction websites, buyers send their payment to PlayerAuctions, and not the seller directly. The payment will then be secured by PlayerGuardian, only to be securely disbursed to the seller once PlayerAuctions has confirmed the full and accurate delivery of the order.

You can learn more about how PlayerGuardian protects buyers and how PlayerGuardian protects sellers, as well as our website policies within the Security & Resolution Center. The graphic below of our secure order-handling process is a simple overview of how player-to-player trade works on PlayerAuctions.

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