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$ 350.00

  • 1. Check out and complete the payment
  • 2. Receive an email with the Game Account details
  • 3. Log in to the Game Account and verify description
  • 4. Confirm the delivery
  • 5. Seller gets paid

HoT + PoF Expansions

Server: Gandara
4.3k Hours spent on acc

30k Account Value
Legendary Heavy Armor and matts ready for next set

5k gold in total Raw&Liquid
20 million Karma
180 Laurels

Fractal Champion title
23k Relics
560 Pristines
Warrior, Guardian, Ranger ready to be played with all over 150 Agony resistance
Any other preferable build can be instantly upgraded to above 150 AR with the saved matts at wish
10k Fractal CM Essences
And 120 of the old KP before the fractal changes
Infinite Potion

~1.2k Legendary Insights/Divinations
Bosses KillProof vary anywhere from 70 to 300+ , HoT bosses have more KP then PoF bosses
Every Challenge Mode and important achievement
6.6k Gaething Crystals
4.3k Magnetite Shards
Around 20 builds ready and additional gear to min-max for specific encounters in raids/fractals
8 Characters at lvl 80 naturally, missing Engineer

Anywhere from 1-4k currencies of some dungeons

Other Stuff:
Over 40 stat selectable weapon pieces from random boss drops, not including the pre-defined pieces
Over 20 stat selectable armor pieces from random drops, not including the pre-defined pieces
370 Tomes of Knowledge
6x lvl 20 experience scrolls
1x lvl 30
1x lvl 40
Every traitline for the specs except spellbreaker
lvl 500 Tailor
lvl 465 huntsman
lvl 400 chef
AD Infinitum done to last part
Ranger Necro Guardian mainly have increased slot bag spaces
4 Shared inventory slots, Silver-Fed salvage, Xera's teleport, Mistlock Sanctuary Pass, and Infinite fractals potion
Inventory storage increased to 750
Couple Armor/Weapon Gem skins unlocked

Food obviosly for every build adaptable for changes, anywhere from 50 to 2 stacks of the same food including Boon Duration Heal Power Condi etc..


API-KEY: 25A8B28F-AAB0-0941-8E4E-6256A8ABA8D234F80F33-F85D-49DA-A17E-520279EB120F


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