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Gloria Victis Beginner's Guide

Gloria Victis Beginner's Guide

If you are looking for a Medieval Open World brawl with MMO feels, Gloria Victis might tickle your fancy. The game's emphasis on realism and skill-based non-target combat makes it unique, considering it is mainly an open PvP game. Aside from clashing swords and shooting arrows, there are other activities to do in the game, such as PvE situations, crafting, and harvesting resources. If you want to get into the game as a new player, this guide will help you navigate this medieval world. This beginner's guide has 7 crucial tips for players who want to dominate at Gloria Victis.

1. Pick the Right Nation

One of the first things that players must decide on is which nation they will be joining in Gloria Victis. Varying cultures from the real world inspire each country. Gamers will have the chance to become one of the fiercest warriors of their chosen faction. Here are all the nations in Gloria Victis:

  • The Ismirs – Based on the Danes and Vikings, the Ismirs are bulky and burly warriors occupying the map's Northern and Western fronts. Their sigil is a serpent on a blue and white sea. They value resilience and strength above all else.
  • The Midlanders – Based on the medieval Knights of continental Europe, the Midlanders are chivalrous warriors covered in armored plates. They occupy parts of the Northern front and the whole east of Stonehelm. Their banner is a tower and sword on a sea of red and green. This faction values honor and chivalry.
  • The Sangmar – Based on the ancient Romans and Byzantine Empire, the Sangmar are an advanced people once considered the strongest country in Stonehelm. They are a united tribe that occupies the Southern territories of the world. Their sigil is a zenith sun on a black, gold, and purple sea. They aim to reclaim the former glory of their empire.

Choosing a specific faction doesn't provide any bonuses. You mainly pick a country depending on its visuals, as they only influence your aesthetic. One thing you should consider when deciding which nation to join is the population. Each will have varying numbers of members, so one might be overpopulated while another has a balanced community. 

Depending on your region, each country will have varying populations. This means that player distribution is not equal in each server. There might be more Ismirs in NA, while the Midlanders might be more prevalent in the EU. Check the stats of each data center if you want to join the more populated country. 

2. Pick the Right Equipment

The next thing you must decide when you start playing Gloria Victis is what items you will be using. Each item requires different attributes, and each scale with other stats. In Stonehelm, you must know what gear you will use because your character build depends on it. Here are the pieces of armor and weapons that you can equip in Gloria Victis:


  • Light Armor – This armor is the most basic type in Stonehelm. Most ordinary soldiers wear this type of protective piece made of fabric and leather. Though they provide less protection, they are also the cheapest, making them the best thing for beginners.
  • Medium Armor – Made out of leather and a bit of metal, This medium armor is stronger than the base light gear. Infantry-type soldiers prefer this protective gear because they gain more survivability in battle. While these pieces are generally more expensive, the defense you gain from acquiring them is worth the expenditure.
  • Heavy Armor – This set is the most expensive one that players can get in Gloria Victis, and they are tough to craft. They require more resources, so they are not easily obtainable for ordinary soldiers. Cavalry units prefer this type of gear because they give the most protection. Unfortunately, not everyone can wear them because they require unique stats.

In terms of armor, you generally rely on gear that complements your chosen weapon. You should avoid wearing Heavy Armor for fast-paced fights because tanks mainly use it. If you want to be sturdy and be at the frontlines, then Light Armor is out of the question.


  • One-Handed Weapons – Players should note that dual-wielding is not a feature in Gloria Victis, so that players will use these weapons with a shield or without any offhand. Each item has varying stats.
  • Knives – have a concise range but can cause bleeding and have the fastest attack speed. Very effective against Light and Medium.
  • One-Handed Swords – can cause bleeding with stab attacks. Effective against Light and Medium Armor.
  • One-Handed Axes – have 5% overhead armor penetration. Very effective against shields, doors, & light armor.
  • One-Handed Blunts – very effective against heavy armor.
  • One-Handed Spears – has 10% Stab armor penetration and has the most extended range. Effective against light and medium armor.
  • Two-Handed Blunts – These weapons have the greatest damage among all weapons but have very slow attack speed, which leaves users vulnerable to attacks. Two-handed users are recommended to use Heavy Armor to protect themselves during their moments of vulnerability.
  • Axe – has 5% overhead armor penetration and strong cleave attacks. Very Effective against shields, doors, and light armor.
  • Bardiche – has 5% armor penetration and strong cleave attacks. Very Effective against shields, doors, and light armor.
  • Guisarme – has 5% stab armor penetration and all piercing damage type. Very Effective against medium armor.
  • Glaive - has 5% overhead armor penetration. Very Effective against shields, doors, and light armor.
  • Halberd - has 5% overhead armor penetration and is the most extended cleave weapon. Very Effective against light armor.
  • Hammer – has cleave attacks. Most effective against heavy armor.
  • Lance – has 5% stab armor penetration and has Couch & Brace abilities. Very effective against Cav and anti-cav units.
  • Spear – has 5% stab armor penetration and has the fastest stab-to-block speed among all two-handed weapons. Very effective against medium armor.
  • Sword - has cleave attacks and the strongest LMB/RMB attacks among all two-handed weapons. Very effective against lightlight and medium armor.
  • Bows – Archers are powerful when using projections, but those who aren't trained in this art will not be able to bring the full potential of their power. Players who use bows should consider wearing lightlight to medium armor to enable them to keep their distance from charging melee enemies.
  • Simple – moderate fire rate with 15% piercing armor penetration.
  • Reflex – high fire rate with 10% piercing armor penetration.
  • Long – low fire rate 22% piercing armor penetration

Newbies need to figure out which weapon they want to main. Your choice of offensive items will determine the type of armor you will use and the stats you invest in. This decision will significantly impact your playstyle, so you should ensure you are sure of the chosen weapon.

3. Learn How to Craft

The primary way for players to get their items is via crafting. Gamers can create almost every item after gathering the necessary materials. These things can be traded with other champions. The process of making gear is complex and a two-step process. You must first gather all the required components before you can craft them. Here are all the related functions for this activity:

Trade Skills

  • Forestry and Hunting – related to gathering materials needed to make leather.
  • Herbalism and Alchemy – focus on crafting medicines to help with recovery.
  • Tailoring and Leatherworking – mainly concerned with creating armor using leather
  • Mining and Metallurgy – related to gathering materials needed to make metal alloys.
  • Woodworking – focuses on crafting furniture and wooden military weapons.
  • Armorsmithing – focuses on creating heavy armor
  • Weapon Forging – focuses on crafting weapons
  • Artificing – mainly concerned with making accessories.
  • Husbandry and Culinary Arts – related to farming crops for the army.

If you are starting in Gloria Victis, you should focus on crafting activities that help you create weapons of your choice. If you are an agile fighter relying on fast attacks, invest in skills like Forestry, Hunting, Tailoring, and Leatherworking. You should apply a similar approach if you need Medium or Heavy Armor. 

Other crafting skills help you in different ways, such as providing recovery items. If you are joining a guild or playing with friends, looking at what you lack is best. If you need accessories, go for Artificing. If your party is always low on HP, going for Herbalism and Alchemy might be the best way.

Aside from locking on one specific playstyle, there are other tips that players should know if they want to thrive in Stonehelm. There are many stats and conditions that gamers need to learn and understand before they start their journey to become the most powerful warriors in their chosen nation. Here are some of the tips that you should remember: 

4. Always Eat Food

One of the most prominent features in Gloria Victis is the hunger mechanic. Players need to maintain this specific gauge because it affects their character. You will experience debuffs on your health, stamina, and recovery when it goes below a certain threshold. If you need the means to make your food, then make sure you buy bulk from innkeepers. Players should note that eating high-quality meals will also provide powerful buffs, so consider finding a steady supply of great food.

5. Prioritize Heavy Attacks

There are two types of attacks in Gloria Victis: light and heavy. In general, you should use Heavy moves most of the time because they deal the most damage. While they are generally slow and make you vulnerable, the amount of damage they do outweighs the cons. You have to practice when and how to execute these attacks and how to recover from them. 

6. Learn How to Block and Dodge

One thing that many new players tend to mess up is their blocking and dodging. Mastering how to block attacks can be a life-saver since you can reduce the damage you take. Dodging is another useful skill, especially if you are an Archer. These movements are some core mechanics you should learn early on to become a competent fighter in Stonehelm.

7. Earn Money Via Trading

If you have mastered a specific trade skill, consider investing time in making surplus items for profit. Each capital city has a market keeper that you can interact with. These NPCs will allow you to sell some of your valuable equipment to other players, where you can earn vast loads of money.

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