Equipment comes in two forms: weapons and artifacts. Characters can use only one Genshin Impact weapon type, whether sword, claymore, catalyst, or bow. They can use any kind of artifact, but that isn’t a license to slap on just any old one onto your character. Each one is part of a set, and choosing the right set effects can either make or break your character.

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Genshin Impact Weapon Stats and Mechanics

There are two weapon stats in Genshin Impact: a Base Attack boost and a percentage bonus. The second one varies depending on the weapon, but it will always be the same for any duplicate of it. That secondary stat can boost anything from Attack or Physical Damage to Elemental Mastery or Energy Recharge Rate.

Then for 3-star and above weapons, there are weapon skills. These add extra effects as you attack, from adding extra attacks to buffing your character. Some need a condition such as a target has to be affected by a certain element or the character has to induce certain elemental reactions. You can level up this skill by refining your weapon, a process that uses up duplicates to do so.

You can do weapon leveling through enhancement in Genshin Impact. Sacrificing unused weapons or weapon enhancement ores will increase its level, as well as its two weapon stats stated above. This is a separate process than refinement, but you may also use the weapon’s duplicates in this one. The refinement level of the weapon won’t increase, though.

As for Genshin Impact weapon tiers, you should carefully check 3-star weapons. Some of them, while weaker in base attack boosts, may have effects that far surpass 4 and 5-star weapons. You also get them more often from chests or wishes, so you’re sure to be able to max out refinement for these weapons. The higher ranked weapons are still nothing to scoff at, though. It’s just harder to refine them since duplicates will be rare.

Genshin Impact Artifact Mechanics

There are five artifact slots: a Circlet, a Goblet, a Timepiece, a Feather, and a Flower. Feathers and Flowers always have a flat main stat boost to Attack and HP respectively. The rest usually have percentage boosts to Attack, HP, or Defense. Goblets may have the chance to roll an Elemental Damage percentage boost. Circlets might have a Healing Effectivity or Crit Rate percentage boost. Timepieces might get an Elemental Mastery boost instead.

Then, you also have to think about artifact sets. They have various effects when you equip 2 or 4 of the same set. From replenishing your HP when opening a chest to increasing your attack when you use a skill, there are many effects that you can choose from.

You can even mix and match 2-set effects since there are only five slots. If you pick to have a 4-set effect, you won’t be able to add effects from another set. That is unless you have a 1-set effect artifact, but you only get those later.

For enhancement, you can only use other artifacts to enhance them. That means you have to choose which ones to trash because you can’t take the materials back once you confirm the process.