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Lisa Build and Lore


Name: Lisa Minci

Vision: Electro

Birthday: 9 June

Constellation: Tempus Fugit

Titles: Witch of Purple Rose, Librarian of the Knights of Favonius, "One of the greatest students of the Sumeru Akademiya," Teacher (by Razor)

Lisa is one of the 'starter' characters you'll obtain in the game's prologue. She's an Electro Vision user, which means all her attacks deal elemental damage, which can trigger reactions with every hit. Without her constellation upgrades, she can be tricky to use, but getting her at C6 will significantly boost her effectiveness.

Violet Arc (E) changes depending on whether the button is pressed or held. The former releases an orb of Electro, stacking up the Conductive status on enemies it hits in a small AoE. When held (for at least 2 seconds), Lisa creates an energy field that strikes lightning on any enemy inside it. It deals more damage to enemies with Conductive stacks.

With her first ascension passive, her charged attacks can build Conductive stacks. Her sixth constellation upgrade also helps with that. It lets Lisa stack the status on enemies near her when you switch to her on the field.

Lightning Rose (Q) releases an Electro lantern that will shock and knock back enemies in its range. Her fourth ascension passive gives enemies affected by this ability a decreased DEF debuff, helping any dedicated DPS do what they do best.

All in all, Lisa is an excellent character for DPS or support. It'll take a bit of practice, though, because charging up her E makes her vulnerable. Besides that, pressing the skill button doesn't generate any energy particles. Stacking Conductive stacks is made more accessible by her first passive, but C6 makes it way easier. Otherwise, it can still take a bit of maneuvering to efficiently stack it up.

Lisa Builds Genshin Impact


When focusing on upping the damage she can deal, you'll want to stack Crit with a ratio of 1:2 Rate to DMG. Other than that, the Electro artifact set and a few others are excellent picks to strengthen Lisa. It also depends on whether you want her Burst, E, or regular attacks to be stronger.

Possible Sets: Thundering Fury, Emblem of Severed Fate, a combination of those two with Noblesse Oblige or an ATK +18% set

Main Stats: ATK%/Energy Recharge, Electro DMG Bonus, Crit Rate/DMG

Substats: Crit DMG/Rate, ATK, ER, EM


This build relies more on using her Burst to boost the team. It can be in several ways, especially the Noblesse Oblige set and the Thrilling Tales or Prototype Amber catalysts. This can still deal severe damage, especially when you pair the Emblem of Severed Fate with the Prototype Amber. It heals the party and deals damage simultaneously with every Burst.

Possible Sets: Noblesse Oblige, Emblem of Severed Fate

Main Stats: ATK%/Energy Recharge, Electro DMG Bonus, Crit Rate/DMG

Substats: Energy Recharge, Crit DMG/Rate, ATK


Lisa doesn't have a signature catalyst, but she has a lot of other options:

  • Kagura's Verity
  • Skyward Atlas
  • Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds
  • Memory of Dust
  • Prototype Amber
  • Hakushin Ring
  • Sacrificial Fragments
  • The Widsith
  • Solar Pearl
  • Oathsworn Eye
  • Mappa Mare
  • Favonius Codex
  • Eye of Perception
  • Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers
  • Magic Guide

Genshin Impact Lisa Lore (Backstory)

Lisa is hailed as one of the best scholars of the Akademiya. However, she left for Mondstadt for some mysterious reason, something the Sages deeply regret. As for the person in question, she's undeniably happier and more comfortable as a Librarian.

Despite looking slacker and lazy, Lisa does her work very well. Every time the evaluations come, she always passes. That can be attributed to her delegating various tasks to different people. That frees up her time to enjoy afternoon tea and sleep in for most days. The one thing she isn't comfortable delegating is anything concerning the Library.

Still, you shouldn't underestimate this Librarian. She will hunt down anyone who has an overdue book and will come to collect it. The collection won't end well for the borrower, and not even Abyss Mages that steal a book are exempt.

Owing to her time as an Akadmeiya Scholar, she feels most at home among tomes of knowledge. Lisa is knowledgeable about many topics and themes, but she can never delve too deep. She has seen that some kinds of information have a cost and witnessed the consequences of that in Sumeru.

Lisa also helps the younger generation. She was the one who mentored Razor in the use of an Electro Vision and lets Klee use her advanced mechanical cauldron. During the manga's events, the Librarian cared for the hurting Collei. She was the one who contacted her teacher, who in turn sent Cyno for the ritual that helped Collei.

More than that, Lisa also helps Jean relax once in a while when the pressures of being Acting Grand Master get too hard for the latter. During the first Midsummer event, she was the one who took up the position when Kaeya (Jean's first replacement) was also invited to the archipelago. Lastly, it was with her help that Jean got a tasteful swimsuit for the vacation.

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