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Genshin Impact Thoma Build and Lore

Thoma Genshin Impact

Name: Thoma

Vision: Pyro

Birthday: 9 January

Constellation: Rubeum Scutum

Titles: Protector from Afar, Chief Retainer of the Kamisato Clan, Housekeeper of the Kamisato Clan

How to Play Thoma in Genshin Impact

Whether it's housekeeping or protecting others, Thoma can excel at either. His titles aren't just for show; with his trusty polearm by his side, there's no stain or enemy he can't defeat.

His E skill makes him launch a fiery kick at enemies while simultaneously summoning a Blazing Barrier. Those shields' damage absorption capacity is based on Thoma's max HP. Using the attack again refreshes the shield's duration and stacks the damage absorption, making it stronger. However, the Blazing Barrier can only stack up to a certain percentage of Thoma's max HP.

His Burst, Crimson Ooyoroi, makes Thoma spin his polearm while releasing a burst of AoE Pyro Damage. The flames weave themselves into a Scorching Ooyoroi, which triggers a fiery collapse every second as the active character attacks. The talent also summons a Blazing Barrier, which has the same effects as the one his E skill makes.

The fiery collapse is a cone-shaped AoE Pyro damage in the direction where the attack hits. It has a short range, so keeping close to enemies while attacking makes the best of it. Too far away, and the collapse won't hit.

Genshin Impact Thoma Builds

HP/Shielder Thoma

His shields and some bonus damage on his Burst scale with his HP. The build makes him a supporting character to the DPS, keeping them from harm and adding a bit of firepower. DPS isn't the main point of this build but keeping the active character alive.

Maximize the HP boosts with a 2-set Tenacity of the Millelith. The remaining spots can be Severed Fate or Crimson Witch, with a higher priority to the former. You'll need more ER to keep using his Burst.

Main Stats: HP or Energy Recharge, HP, HP

Substats: HP, Energy Recharge

Sub-DPS Thoma

This takes advantage of his Burst to deal additional damage or increase the effects of Elemental Reactions. It needs a 4-set Crimson Witch or Emblem of Severed Fate. The former focuses on Pyro DMG and reactions, while the latter is a direct boost to Burst damage through ER. Noblesse Oblige can be an alternative, and it will provide an ATK boost when using Qs.

Main Stats (CW or Noblesse): Energy Recharge, Pyro DMG Bonus, Crit Rate/DMG

Main Stats (EoSF): ATK or HP, Pyro DMG Bonus, Crit Rate/DMG

Substats: Energy Recharge, Crit DMG/Rate, ATK, Elemental Mastery, HP

DPS Thoma

Turning Thoma into an active DPS would mean increasing his ATK and Physical DMG. Since he's the one using AAs, that will be where most of his damage comes from. His Scorching Oyoroi would only be a means to add attacks or create reactions.

This means using a combination of two sets of the following:

  • Gladiator's Finale
  • Shimenawa's Reminiscence
  • Echoes of an Offering
  • Vermillion Hereafter
  • Pale Flame
  • Crimson Witch

The first three can be used as 4-sets, depending on which artifacts you have the best substats for. Thoma has pretty low multipliers on his AA, so don't expect too much from him.

Main Stats: ATK, Phys DMG Bonus, Crit Rate/DMG

Substats: Crit DMG/Rate, ATK, HP

Budget Builds (4-Star Artifacts)

Since there are no 4-star sets that increase HP, other than the 4-star versions of the above, here are some suggestions:

  • The Exile
  • Resolution of Soujourner
  • Brave Heart

2-set or 4-set, it doesn't matter; you'll switch that out once you get far enough. Just use the stats of whichever build you want to use.


It depends on what you have and what build you want. However, the Staff of Homa can fit any of the builds mentioned above, making it the best in slot for Thoma. Other suggestions are:

  • Skyward Spine
  • Calamity Queller
  • The Catch
  • Prototype Starglitter
  • Dragon's Bane
  • Wavebreaker's Fin
  • Black Tassel

Skill Priority

It depends on your build and preferred role for him.

  • Support/Shielder: Blazing Blessing>Crimson Ooyoroi>>Normal Attack
  • Sub-DPS: Crimson Ooyoroi>Blazing Blessing>>Normal Attack
  • DPS: Normal Attack>>Crimson Ooyoroi>Blazing Blessing

Thoma Ascension Materials Genshin

To level up Thoma, you'll need the following materials:

  • 1 Agnidus Agate Sliver
  • 9 Agnidus Agate Fragments
  • 9 Agnidus Agate Chunks
  • 6 Agnidus Agate Gemstones
  • 168 Fluorescent Fungus
  • 46 Smoldering Pearl
  • 18 Treasure Hoarder Insignia
  • 30 Silver Raven Insignia
  • 36 Golen Raven Insignia
  • 420k Mora

He uses Transcience Skill Books from the Violet Court on Sundays, Mondays, and Thursdays. Past level six, he'll also need Hellfire Butterflies from Signora in Narukami Island: Tenshukaku.

You can farm the Smoldering Pearl and the elemental stones by defeating the Pyro Hypostasis. Other sources for the gems are:

  • Azhdaha
  • Andrius, Wolf of the North
  • Signora
  • Primo Geovishap
  • Pyro Regisvine

Fluorescent Fungus can only be found on Tsurumi Island in Inazuma. These cannot be planted in your teapot, so picking them in the wild is the only way to get them. Treasure Hoarders are a common enemy in Teyvat. You can gather many of their insignias just by exploring.

Genshin Impact Thoma Lore (Backstory)

Thoma was born in Mondstadt, which is the country of his mother. His father was an Inazuman, and it was through him that Thoma learned loyalty. He lived his childhood in Mondstadt, happy and carefree. From the city, he learned how to mingle and socialize with all kinds of people.

After all, the City of Freedom is a cheerful place filled with warm people. Perhaps all the alcohol has something to do about it, but nevertheless, it's a great place to live in. Thoma grew up in this kind of place until his father left to return to Inazuma.

A younger Thoma, worried that his father wouldn't be able to drink any more Dandelion Wine, boarded a small boat and sailed to follow his father. Alas, a wave overturned his craft, and he drifted on the ocean, thankfully ending up on Inazuma's shores. With nothing to his name and no one to help him, he started a new life in this new country he found himself in.

It's unclear exactly when he became acquainted with the Kamisato siblings Ayato and Ayaka. However, it's implied that he did so before the siblings' parents died, and the clan was in turmoil some ten years ago. Ayato had given him the chance to leave the family to its devices, but at that point, Thoma had it in his mind to 'repay' them. Since then, he has served the Kamisato Clan.

At first, he didn't intend to be a housekeeper. However, when given cleaning tasks and a duster, he learned all kinds of cleaning techniques. There were times he spent sleepless nights trying out various cleaning methods. Now, he knows everything about housekeeping, from cleaning, sewing, and gardening, to cooking, caregiving, and socializing. He still uses an old duster from those times, even if it has greyed and worn.

Thoma didn't start out popular right off the bat. Many Inazumans were wary of him because of his status as an 'outsider,' never mind that he had one as his father. Still, his optimism and amiable behavior eventually warmed up the chilly reception and built up his reputation as a fixer.

He was a good conversationalist and knew the timing of when to butt in and when to retreat. It was in this way that he was able to build up his connections. He learned early on that the more people he knew, the more resources and help he could get. This is something he discovered even when he had nothing to his name.

Today, he uses that network to help the Yashiro Commission or the Kamisato Clan. He knows people in various industries and trade. People want to know him and approach him instead of vice versa. Just be sure never to sabotage the Yashiro Commission or hurt any of the Kamisato Clan, else you'll feel his wrath. With his vast connections, he can make life a living hell for anyone who does so. He can brush off insults toward him, but never toward his masters.

One last thing you should know about him is that he can't resist cute animals. When leaving the estate, he has all kinds of snacks and treats for any dogs or cats he might come across. For Thoma, seeing these cute critters filling their bellies always makes him smile. You'll also see this when you put him in your teapot. He'll mention that he couldn't resist patting Tubby on the head when he first came in.

This kind of care extends to his co-workers. He once knitted a sweater for a sick guard, though it can be seen as an extension of his duties as housekeeper. They became good friends because of that incident.

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