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The Best Places to Land in Fortnite

Best Landing Spots Fortnite

Fortnite skill is more than just having great shooting mechanics or fast-building skills. Players need to consider many factors, from item placements to player density, to team coordination. However, bar-none, the most important thing to figure out at the start of a match is where to land on the map. So in this guide, I'll go over the best places to land in Fortnite.

The Current Map

Epic Games mixes up the map every now and then. These changes usually happen several times a chapter. The island can shift from a lush green paradise to a land covered with a thick blanket of snow, or sometimes the island gets flipped entirely upside down. 

Some key locations have been removed or replaced over time with so many impermanent aspects of the map and players should constantly be up-to-date on the newest version of the map. The most important thing to remember is that whether a team survives largely depends on where they drop.

Best Landing Spots in the Current Map

Greasy Grove

The residential area is probably the best drop site in the game due to how the place was built. In most battle royale games, players rely more on a fast-looting phase at the start of their matches. Greasy Grove is the best place for that stage of the game.

The area is perfect for early looting due to all the buildings being relatively close. This means that gamers can scavenge for items easily. The city planning of the area also ensures that players have enough cover so that they won’t get shot right away.

Unfortunately, the area is a very popular landing spot. Players are definitely going to get into a gunfight as soon as they enter the area. Fortunately, there are many items and sufficient cover for gamers to get weapons fast and outplay opponents. 

The Daily Bugle

Like Greasy Grove, the skyscraper also provides players with an excellent early looting phase. The building is arguably one of the locations with the highest number of items. There is so much loot in each room on each floor that gamers are sure to be sufficiently equipped after entering three rooms.

Unfortunately, due to the amount of loot in this POI, this place is also one of the most popular landing spots in the game. Unlike Greasy Grove, there is not much cover in the building since most of the gunfights will be at close range. However, if players can survive the initial rush, they will be sufficiently equipped until the late stage of the match.

Chonker’s Speedway

The dirt racetrack is the best landing spot for players eager to start a hunt or for those who are not sure about what they need to do. The area boasts a large quantity of loot. However, the main feature of the POI is the number of vehicles available.

Gamers can acquire a getaway car as soon as they land if they choose to leave for another looting spot. Alternatively, players can also use these vehicles to start hunting other combatants on the map after they have finished looting. The area is also an excellent spot to search for enemies.

Sleepy Sound

Residential areas are the most popular spawn areas for many players in many battle royales. The sheer amount of loot that gamers can obtain from these areas makes them the most ideal landing zones. Sleepy Sound is arguably the most favored area of Fortnite fans. Though the buildings are not as tight as the ones in Greasy Grove, the distances between the houses are close enough to allow fast scavenging.

Players who drop in this area are guaranteed to be well-equipped once they leave the residential district. However, gamers should expect that this spot is highly contested as many people will look to spawn and loot at this place. As long as fans are ready for a rumble, then this place is the best area to drop in.

Titled Towers

The famous POI was one of the most popular places in Fortnite until the area was destroyed during the Unvaulting Event. With the return of the iconic towers, the location has returned to its former glory. The spot is not just known for its unique architecture but also for the items that it contains.

The Towers have the most chest in the game, with a total of 73 chests. The buildings are also very near each other, enabling a fast-looting phase. Some buildings also contain many floors, each with various items and weapons.

Shifty Shafts

Unlike the previously mentioned spots, the Shafts is one of the best places for gamers looking for a slow but more carefully-paced match. The area is so far from other POIs that getting involved in gunfights early in the game is highly unlikely. In addition, players are less likely to land in this area if they see another team heading towards the spot.

Unfortunately, the zone also contains fewer items than other locations. However, it still has enough loot for a whole squad. As long as no opposing teams are heading towards the area, the Shifty Shafts can be one of the best starting spots.

Players should always remember that the best landing locations in the game are also highly contested ones. For those who are looking for a safe landing with not much loot, then any random place would do just fine. However, spawning in the best zones and surviving increase the chances of winning by a whole lot.

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