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Succeeding in the Fortnite Trios Mode

Fortnite Trios

With all the potential contenders popping up for Fortnite’s place in the gaming industry, it seems like Fortnite is on a defensive retreat—trying to keep up and stay relevant in an ever-changing community. However, recently they made an enormous stride when Epic Games introduced the game mode Trios. In this Trios Fortnite guide, I will take you through everything you need to know about this game mode, how to be successful, and what it means for Fortnite.

What is Fortnite Trios For?

Simply put, it’s for anyone who enjoys the game. Specifically, though, the mode introduces an interesting new element that deserves to be commended; for all the people who have wanted to play the game but only have a friend or two online, this is for you.

I don’t know about you, but there have been plenty of times when I have found myself staring at the screen with me and two of my friends with no fourth player to fill. It’s an annoying feeling because you know you have to take a chance on complete random to complete your squad or run at a disadvantage. This game mode consists of you and two squadmates.

The way that Fortnite introduced the mode is quite clever; they teased the release several times, successfully building up suspense and excitement before it even came out. Now that it has been out for years, it’s garnered a lot of success—just as fans anticipated. Some people, notably successful YouTubers, speculated that it would become the most popular game mode on Fortnite itself. And actually, they’re right. Trios Mode is now a permanent staple in Fortnite, whether for Zero Build or Build mode.

 How Do You Play the Game Mode?

It’s simple—there are no unique gimmicks or tricks, which is perhaps why it’s been received with such positive reinforcement. There are no zombies, special abilities, and nothing else to suggest at that time that it will be a Limited Time Mode. In other words, the developers were clever enough to remove everything except the base game to make sure there was no reason people would not play it.

Although fun, many of the Limited Time Game Modes quickly got irritating thanks to the extra factors. I would be a rich man if I had a dollar every time a swarm of zombies came and started mauling me when I was trying to loot. Fortnite Trios has none of that, thankfully.

However, there are certain differences in how you must play to succeed. Veterans of the game certainly know that each mode presents a unique gaming style to come out on top. Each one has different challenges, obstacles, and differences. The critical thing to remember with Trios is that it’s a healthy mix between Squads and Duos. Should one of your teammates go down, it’s still possible that you will be successful.

The Benefits of Fortnite Trios Mode

No Duos

First, the big one: you don’t need to have four people. No longer do you have to choose between running Duos or running a three-person squad which, I know for me, was always a magnificent pain in the backside. This game mode is more applicable to your average, everyday gamer than regular squads. As somebody who personally plays quite frequently, I constantly had to search for an extra to fill or be at a disadvantage. Now there is a game mode for just three people.

More Loot

Second, more loot. Loot makes the world go-'round, and here you get the lion’s share. More loot and fewer people sounds like a recipe for success to me.


Experiencing fast but not insane combat is one of the best perks you can have while playing Trios. Some people enjoy the frenzied, frantic gameplay where four team members are jumping around, building, and shooting. Others find it stressful and too chaotic to think, making Duos the preferable method because of the slightly slower, more rational fight style. You can predict where people will come from or prepare yourselves if you don’t want to get swarmed by three or four enemies at once.

Unfortunately, if you get downed in Duos, the chance of your team surviving becomes minuscule. In Trios, there’s less chaotic fighting and unnecessary build battles. Plus, you stand a good chance of winning 2V3 makes it highly alluring.

The Implications of Fortnite Trios Mode Being Introduced

When Trios mode was in its inception, it was difficult to predict what would happen due to its introduction. Like with all the new content, though, it puts forth a strong message: Fortnite will continue to release content and stay updated. With all the wild rumors of it being replaced with Apex and similar contenders back then, Epic Games declared that Fortnite was here to stay.

Fortnite has weathered its fair share of obstacles, and it’s come out on top every time. Fortnite Trios is a fun, unique game mode that caters to a broader number of gamers. It takes aspects from Duos and Squads and mixes them all to create Trios. I recommend giving it a shot if you have not tried it yet. You’ll find it swiftly becoming your favorite game mode if you're like me.

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