Cities in FFXIV are a dime a dozen, but each has its distinct design that makes them unique. Cities are set in Eorzea, a region within the world of Hydaelyn, known as “The Source” (it’s basically like Earth with a different name). Eorzea is home to many continents and islands that serve as the main character’s setting. The cities found on these continents are known as special safe zones. This means that there are no hostile creatures or combat-related activities since it’s a place where many residents live. Among the many safe zones in FFXIV, Ishgard, the shining city on the mount, stands. So, what secrets does this city keep within its slumbering belly? Where is Ishgard located? And what exactly makes this city so unique? We’re about to find out as we delve deep into this nation.

Where Can You Find FFXIV Ishgard?

Ishgard is located in the Coerthas region in north Aldenard, infamous for harsh snowfall, making it hard to traverse on foot. The developers first introduced the city during the release of the Heavensward expansion. To gain access to Ishgard, you must first complete all of the main scenario quests and purchase the Heavensward expansion.

To unlock Ishgard, you need to meet three of the following requirements:

  1. You must complete all of the Realm Reborn missions first.
  2. Have at least one job and have a level of 50 or higher.
  3. Have the Heavensward expansion.

You can either teleport or walk if you plan to level up through the monsters you’ll encounter at Camp Dragonhead. The camp is located in the Coerthas Central Highlands. Enter the intercessory on the southeastern side of the bridge with a guard on standby. Once you’re inside the intercessory, find Alphinaud and speak to him about the “Coming to Ishgard” quest. After speaking with him, you’ll need to talk to Haurchefant. He can be found beside Alphinaud. Then, head off onto the Foundation to speak with the Temple Knight Gateguard to gain access to Ishgard. After your conversation, the area where Ishgard is located will automatically be marked on your map.

The Industries in Ishgard

Ishgard has five industries under its belt: Livestock, Stonemasonry, Magitek, Steelworks, and Hunting/Trapping. Thanks to these, Ishgard has a thriving economy and bustling foreigners worldwide trading within it. Besides the city being a vast monument, Ishgard is also famous for having the best-geared soldiers for military conflict – making them the most formidable militarized city-state followed by Iimsa. This is thanks to them winning the war (with your help) and gaining victory over Nidhogg not once but twice!

Is There An Inn in Ishgard?

Inn services are available in FFXIV Ishgard, but it’s hard to find, especially if it’s your first time entering the city. The inn is located in the Forgotten Knight pub in the Foundation area. Once you’ve entered the pub, talk to Bamponcet, the innkeeper. After booking a room for you and your team, you can head upstairs to rest up.


That’s about all you need to know regarding Ishgard. The Holy See of Ishgard has a great history full of surprising twists and lush tales – but that’s another story. Home to world-class knights, seeing and traversing the city of Ishgard (FFXIV) itself is worth getting the Heavensward expansion if you don’t have it already. Plus, it’ll open up more main quests that’ll progress the story!