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FFXIV Dragoon DPS Guide and Rotation

FFXIV Dragoon Guide

The Dragoon is one of the game's most popular classes due to its high DPS role and the amount of damage it can unleash during boss fights. Due to the nature of the Dragoon, the skill rotation for this DPS class has to be (ideally) strictly observed to ensure maximum damage. Newer players might get intimidated by this condition. Fortunately, this FFXIV Dragoon DPS guide will walk players how to do execute it. 

What are Dragoons?

The Dragoon is an advanced class for the Lancer. It is considered one of the hardest-hitting jobs in all of the game. This fast-paced DPS is generally sought after by raid groups due to the sheer amount of damage it can bring. 

Dragoons have very noticeable distinct armor and weapons that enable party members to differentiate them from the rest. This distinction makes it easier to spot this lancer class whenever they make mistakes. Dragoons are generally nowhere near being the most accessible class to use. 

The class has less durability than many other jobs and requires proper skill rotations for continuous attack upkeep. In addition, this DPS job requires extreme positioning and movement skills to ensure survival and optimize damage. That is why aspiring Dragoons need to learn about the job's proper skill rotation to avoid getting roasted by their teammates. 

How to Unlock the Dragoon Class?

To become a Dragoon, players need to level up their Lancer class to 30. Gamers who don't have a Lancer yet can apply for the job in the guild's headquarters in Old Gridania. Upon reaching 30, players will receive the option to become Dragoons. 

Best Race for this DPS Class

Dragoons do not rely too much on the starting stats provided by races, so choosing the correct characters for this class depends entirely on the players' preferences. However, for those who are very meticulous about numbers, Dragoons generally prefer high STR & VIT. While it won't make that much of an impact, gamers can go for races that have starting points for these two stats.

When Using Dragoons



High DPS Damage

Decent Utility Buffs

Easy to Memorize Skill Rotations

High Mobility

Strong LB3

No Personal Mitigation Cooldown

Opening Attacks have Fairly Low Damage

Frequent Burst Windows

Relies on Positionals

Stat Priority

For any class, the main focus is choosing gear with a high item level. Dragoons' value increases their damage output above all else. This reason is why players tend to focus on these specific stats:

  • Weapon Damage
  • Strength
  • Crit Hit Rate
  • Direct Hit Rate
  • Skill Speed

Best in Slot (BiS) Items

Other than mastering the DPS rotation for the class, one of the best ways to ensure optimal damage is to wear the correct items before any raid. Having the BiS that the characters' stats are maxed out to deal with hard-hitting attacks. Here is the best equipment for the Dragoon class:

Dragoon – 2.50 GCD

  • Asphodelos Trident – DH +36 | DH +36
  • Augmented Radiant’s Helmet of Maiming – DH +36 | DH +36
  • Asphodelos Himation of Maiming – DH +36 | DH +36
  • Asphodelos Halfgloves of Maiming – CRIT +36 | DH +36
  • Asphodelos Breeches of Maiming – DH +36 | CRIT +36
  • Augmented Radiant’s Sabatons of Maiming – DH +36 | DH +36
  • Asphodelos Earrings of Slaying – DH +36 | DH +36

Pentamelded Set

  • Classical Spear – Crit +36 | CRIT +36 | DET +36 | DET +12 | DET +12
  • Classical Eques’s Headgear – DET +36 | DH +36 | DH +36 | DH +12 | DH +12
  • Classical Eques’s Chiton – CRIT +36 | CRIT +36 | DET +36 | DET +12 | DET +12
  • Classical Eques’s Manicae – CRIT +36 | CRIT +36 | CRIT +36 | CRIT +12 | CRIT +12
  • Classical Eques’s Loincloth – CRIT +36 | CRIT +36 | DH +36 | DH +12 | DH +12
  • Classical Eques’s Caligae – CRIT +36 | CRIT +36 | CRIT +36 | CRIT +12 | CRIT +12
  • Classical Earrings of Slaying – DET +36 | DH +36 | DH +12 | DH +12 | DH +12
  • Classical Choker of Slaying – DET +36 | DET +36 | DET +12 | DH +12 | DH +12
  • Classical Ring of Slaying – DET +36 | DH+36 | DH +12 | DH +12 | DH +12
  • Classical Ring of Slaying – DET +36 | DH+36 | DH +12 | DH +12 | DH +12

Dragoon's Notable Skills

Before players learn about the right combos for the FFXIV Dragoon Rotation, they should first understand how each of the class's skills works. Specific abilities are worth mentioning since these moves make this lancer class distinct from other jobs.

Positional Attacks

Flank Attacks - Deal additional 40% potency

  • Fang and Claw

Rear Attacks – Deal additional 40% potency 

  • Chaos Thrust
  • Wheeling Thrust
  • Chaotic Spring

Movement Abilities

  • Jump/High Jump - These two jump abilities are some of the most superior skills in the Dragoon's arsenal. Using these moves allows players to use the "Dive Ready" buff, enabling the Mirage Dive action.
  • Elusive Jump – While it doesn't deal any damage output, It is one of a Dragoon's main lifelines. Due to their lack of durability skills, this class relies mainly on dodging to survive. Elusive Jump allows players to leap out of harm's way quickly.
  • Spineshatter Dive – This ability allows players to cover more ground by leaping great distances. The skill is also a Jumping attack that deals 250 potency damage.
  • Dragonfire Dive – While Spineshatter is a single-target jump attack, this ability is its AoE counterpart. The move is a blazing aerial strike that deals 300 potency damage to enemies in a targeted area.
  • Stardiver – This ability is only available when the Life of the Dragon is active. This is one of the class' most hard-hitting jump attacks.

Life of the Dragon

During Patch 6.0, the Life of the Dragon skill was turned into an action, which essentially made significant changes to how the Dragoon's mechanics work. The update also presented new combinations for the existing GCD and off-GCD. 

Mirage Dive – This ability is the primary activator for Life of the Dragon. Every time players use a Jump or High Jump action; they can use the Mirage Dive. Each time this ability is used, one stack of Gaze of the First Brood is acquired. Dragoons can activate Life of the Dragon when they gain two stacks of the Gaze of the First Brood. Here are the changes that this trait can provide:

  • Nastrond – While under the effect of Life of the Dragon, the Geirskogul skill transforms into Nastrond. This skill should be used as much as possible while the trait is active.
  • Stardiver – This skill is a highly potent attack. However, it is recommended that this ability is only used once per trait activation to optimize the meter.


  • Lance Charge – This ability buffs the damage dealt by 10 percent, which lasts for 20 seconds. This skill should be used as much as possible since it is the strongest buff on the Dragoon's disposal.
  • Life Surge – This ability ensures that the first weapon-skill used after activating this buff will deal critical damage. This augment best paired with the Fang and Claw ability.
  • Dragon Sight – This buff increases damage dealt by the Dragoon by 10% for 20 seconds and his allies by 5% for 20 seconds. This ability should be used to improve the output of jump attacks.
  • Battle Litany – This ability increases the critical hit rate of the player and any nearby party members by 10%. It is up to the gamer's discretion when to pop this skill.

FFXIV Dragoon Rotation

The skill rotation for the Dragoon is straightforward, but there is no room for variation. Players should memorize the combination to ensure maximum damage output. Here are the skill rots for the Dragoon:

Dragoon Opener

Openers are usually interwoven between weapon skills. Players should note that shifting everything forward by one GCD tick will lower the total damage. Here are the ideal Opener sequences:

  • True Thrust > None/Potion > Disembowel > Dragon Sight > Lance Charge > Chaotic Spring > Battle Litany > Wheeling Thrust > Life Surge > Geirskogul > Fang and Claw > High Jump > Raiden Thrust > Dragonfire Dive > Vorpal Thrust > Life Surge > Mirage Dive > Heaven’s Thrust > Spineshatter Dive > Fang and Claw > Spineshatter Dive > Wheeling Thrust > Raiden Thrust > Wyrmwind Thrust
  • Blood of the Dragon > True Thrust > Dragon Sight > Disembowel > Battle Litany > Lance Charge > Chaos Thrust > High Jump > Wheeling Thrust > Mirage Dive > Geirskogul > Fang and Claw > Spineshatter Dive > Raiden Thrust > Dragonfire Dive > Vorpal Thrust > Life Surge > Full Thrust > Fang and Claw > Wheeling Thrust

Weapon-skill Rotation

  • Chaotic Spring combo: True Thrust > Disembowel > Chaotic Spring > Wheeling Thrust > Fang and Claw
  • Heavens' Thrust combo: True Thrust > Vorpal Thrust > Heaven's Thrust > Fang and Claw > Wheeling Thrust

It is ideal to complete both of these rotations whenever possible. Upon finishing the whole sequence, players are given the Draconian Fire buff, transforming True Thrust into the Raiden Thrust. Using this skill will award players with stacks of Firstminds' Focus. When players have collected two stacks of this status, Dragoons will be able to use the Wyrmwind Thrust, which is a hard-hitting skill. For the mid-rotation, here is the ideal sequence:

  • Raiden Thrust > Disembowel > Chaotic Spring > Wheeling Thrust > Fang and Claw > Raiden Thrust > Vorpal Thrust > Heaven’s Thrust > Fang and Claw > Wheeling Claw

Off-GCD Rotation

When players execute the Opener correctly, they will be able to use the following Off-GCD sequence, which provides the optimal damage output:

  • High Jump > Mirage Dive > Geirskogul > Spineshatter Dive > Dragonfire Dive > Nastrond > Stardiver > Wyrmdwind Thrust

Multi-Targeted Sequences

There will be instances where players will have to face off with more than one enemy simultaneously. While it is ideal for focusing down on one foe first, there are certain combinations that players can use to hit the second enemy while focusing down on the first one. Here are two rotations for multi-targeted situations:

  • Raiden Thrust > Disembowel > Chaotic Spring > Wheeling Thrust > Fang and Claw > Raiden Thrust > Disembowel > Chaotic Spring > Wheeling Thrust > Fang and Claw
  • Draconian Fury/Doom Spike > Sonic Thrust > Coerthan Torment
  • Blood of the Dragon > Jump > Mirage Dive > Draconian Fury/Doom Spike > Sonic Thrust > Coerthan Torment > Spineshatter > Dragonfire > Jump > Mirage Dive > Geirskogul > Stardiver > Nastrond > Draconian Fury/Doom Spike > Sonic Thrust > Coerthan Torment

These FFXIV Dragoon Rotations might seem a bit too much for new players, but they are straightforward to get used to once they understand the theory of these sequences. While gamers can input some changes in certain areas, the rotations are essentially the same and do not have that many variations. Dragoons should master these combinations to bring the most out of this class.

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