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    Level 95 Necro tier 3 and 4 raid gear!

    EverQuest - Xegony-Druzzil Ro
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    May-21-2012 07:11:49 PM
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    brano11 (72)

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    I have a 95 necro in VoA RAID cultural (all slots and a little bit better then tier 3 raid) with the right focus! His offslots are complete tier 4 VoA raid, and he has ALL rank 3 spells. He also has the enhanced minion 16 earring! He is WAY over max in AA's, and ready to be a domination machine! He is 300 in all tradeskills! He has 72k+ mana and 78k hp UNBUFFED!


    I AM the original owner of the account, and have first CC ever used, and birthdate on the account.

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    Positive Good buyer! Thanks for your purchase. MMG*** May-08-2017
    Positive Good buyer! Thanks for your purchase. MMG*** May-08-2017
    Positive ^_^ ty for purchasing! always a pleasure! ^_^ GoldInfinity ur best choice! ^_^ Gol*** May-02-2015
    Positive ty! superb+++ buyer! hope to deal again soon! GoldInfinity ur best choice! ^_^ Gol*** May-01-2015
    Positive Thank you, I will do better, I hope next time you'll back again:) w00*** Jan-01-2015
    Positive great customer lea*** Dec-25-2014
    Positive Good buyer,A+++ Sec*** Dec-06-2014
    Positive Excellent Buyer! Fast trade and delivery confirmation, thank you very much! =) Mar*** Oct-20-2014
    Positive Great and friendly person, would sell to again. Twi*** Aug-18-2014
    Positive Sorry I could not get back to you in time. Look forward to doing business again. Mar*** Aug-18-2014
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