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Live 85-115 [Firiona Vie & Bristlebane] Leveling | AA's | Tradeskills | Epics | Gear | & More

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  • Nov-05-2021 18:02:09 PM

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$ 125.00

  • 1. Buyer creates order and send payment to PlayerAuctions
  • 2. PlayerGuardian secures payment
  • 3. Seller completes delivery within delivery guarantee
  • 4. Buyer confirm delivery
  • 5. Seller receives disbursement


About Us

OGEdge is a US Based company providing gaming services on many sites since 2006. Our feedback shows we are committed to providing a complete gaming experience. Power leveling services are tracked via our ticketing system which also emails you.


Order Process

All orders are started as soon as possible after purchase. All time frames below are estimated and based on previous order completion. Time frames can also vary based on class and type of server. All updates & communication are done via the Email for Updates provided.

1. Choose the correctly priced listing for the service you wish to order. If one is not available, contact us for it to be created.

2. After purchase [ Copy & Paste Info Needed ] and type the information after the [ : ] in a Private Message.

3. The order will be placed in our tracking system which emails you for all updates & communication with the booster.


Copy & Paste Info Needed
Game: EverQuest
Server: Bristlebane
Service Requested:
Account Login:
Account Password:
Character Name:
Email for Updates:
Game: EverQuest
Server: Bristlebane
Service Requested: Leveling 85-110
Account Login: exampleLogin
Account Password: examplePassword
Character Name: Example Name
Email for Updates: [email protected]


EQ Live on Bristlebane & Firona Vie Servers            
Leveling (Bristlebane & Firona Vie)            
01-85     $48     0.25 Days
85-115     $125     6.50 Days
85-90     $6     1.00 Days
90-95     $6     1.00 Days
95-100     $12     1.00 Days
100-105     $18     1.50 Days
105-110     $24     2.00 Days
110-115     $60     7.00 Days
Alternate Advancement (Bristlebane & Firona Vie)            
1,000     $15     1.00 Days
10,000     $143     12.00 Days
Tradeskills 0-300 (Bristlebane)            
Baking     $36     2.00 Days
Brewing     $36     2.00 Days
Fletching     $36     2.00 Days
Fishing     $66     2.00 Days
Jewelcraft     $36     2.00 Days
Pottery     $36     2.00 Days
Smithing     $36     2.00 Days
Tailoring     $36     2.00 Days
Alchemy (Shaman)     $36     2.00 Days
Make Poison (Rogue)     $36     2.00 Days
Spell Research (Casters)     $36     2.00 Days
Tinkering (Gnomes)     $36     2.00 Days
Epics & More (Bristlebane)            
Epic 1.5 pre Quest     $72     1.00 Days
Epic 1.5     $143     2.00 Days
Epic 2.0     $179     2.00 Days
Epic 2.0 + Epic 1.5 + Pre Quest     $393     5.00 Days
Tier 5 Mercenary     $24     1.00 Days
Achievements (Bristlebane)            
Champion of Torment of Velious - Snow Griffon Saddle     $350     6.00 Days
Champion of The Empires of Kunark - Golden Frontier Rhinoceros Saddle
    $286     4.00 Days
Champion of The Ring of Scale - Scaled Stonegazer Saddle     $286     4.00 Days
Trials of Smoke x5 - no item just flags for plane of smoke     $72     4.00 Days
Champion of The Burning Lands - Efreeti Flying Carpet     $322     4.00 Days
Challenger of The Broken Mirror - Relife Adornment     $143     2.00 Days
Paragon of the Empires of Kunark - Forgotten Gemstone     $50     2.00 Days
Paragon of The Ring of Scale - Emperor Ganak Familiar     $72     2.00 Days
Paragon of The Burning Lands - Jann's Veil     $108     2.00 Days
Paragon of Torment of Velious - Luminescent Restless Ice     $60     1.00 Days
Individual Items (Bristlebane)            
Torment of Velious Tier 1     $18     1.00 Days
Torment of Velious Tier 3     $24     1.00 Days
Torment of Velious Type 5 Augmentation     $43     2.00 Days
Gnome Memorial Mountain     $30     1.00 Days
The Burning Lands Tier 3     $36     1.00 Days
The Burning Lands Type 5 Augmentation     $30     1.00 Days
Djarns Tarnished Amethyst Ring     $714     RNG
Torn Efreeti Boots     $429     RNG
Tattered White Satin Gloves     $1,427     RNG
Threadbare Weighted Tabard     $3,568     RNG
Visage of the Daft Trickster     $143     2.00 Days
Shiliskin Trickster Mask     $143     RNG
Mask of the Mighty Minotaur     $72     1.00 Days
Efreeti Death Visage     $143     2.00 Days
Mask of the Lost Guktan     $143     2.00 Days
Golden Ticket Service     $18     1.00 Days
Relife Adornment     $143     2.00 Days
Forgotten Gemstone     $50     2.00 Days
Emperor Ganak Familiar     $72     2.00 Days
Jann’s Veil     $108     2.00 Days
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