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LIVE SERVER: AllyMan's Power Leveling, Gearing, and Raid Gear! [ Transfer Required ]

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  • Mar-16-2021 22:20:08 PM

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$ 2021.00

  • 1. Buyer creates order and send payment to PlayerAuctions
  • 2. PlayerGuardian secures payment
  • 3. Seller completes delivery within delivery guarantee
  • 4. Buyer confirm delivery
  • 5. Seller receives disbursement

**Services are currently only available on Bertoxxulous server**
This is an Advertisement ONLY, please message us and a unique offer will be created for you.
AllyMan is a husband and wife team based on the West Coast of the United States. We do our best to deliver the greatest quality of work. We want you to be 100% happy with us and we will always go a little out of our way to do just that! Check out our feedback and send us a message to get started!
We offer a range of services: Power Leveling, AAs, Group Gearing, Augs, and even Raid Gear!
How it works...
1. Message us and we'll set up a unique offer just for you with the services desired.
2. Move your character to the Bertox Server or create a Heroic Character on Bertox.
3. Purchase the Offer and provide the Account LOG IN with a TEMPORARY password.
4. We'll log in and start PowerLeveling/Gearing. You will receive nightly updates.
5. Once the service is completed, we'll message you and update the order. Please log into your character to check the quality of the work.
6. Then confirm delivery, change your password, and leave feedback!
Keep in mind that accounts must be at least 30 Days old to be eligible for Server Transfers which costs 2500 DB Cash ($25) for each transfer.
**Build your own or see the Package Deals available further down below**
Power Leveling
Level 85-115 - $65
1,000 AAs per - $10
All AAs - $150 to $250 (Depending on Class)
Trade Skill AAs - $40
All AAs are the Focus, Class, Archetype, and General tabs filled(minus the Trade Skill AAs). Classes range from 16,000-26,000 AAs added after autogrant, so let us know your class when inquiring about an order.
All orders come with Luminous Restless Ice aug and Ice Bound Ulthork from doing ToV/CoV missions.
Time to complete: 2 to 12 days
Group Gearing
Full CoV T2/T3 Gear - $150
Full CoV T3 Gear - $245
Every CoV Gear order comes with 8 extra restless ores for the new TS Augs and 1000 Coins by doing multiple CoV missions.
Jann's Veil (Must have Clicky) - $60
Type 7 Augs: 9 dropped augs from CoV, ToV, and TBL - $150 (Recommend for Tanks)
Heroic Stat to 2000+ of your choice - $240
Time to complete: 5-14 days
Raid Gearing
Raid Gear has enhanced AC, Heroics, and HP/MP. Not to mention the raid focus effects on the gear that improves certain spells and skills. The Nuggets/Ores from the raid chests can turn any slot you want into T2 Raid Gear. So if you just want your Sword and Shield, no problem. If you just want a Caster Staff and Pet Earring, no sweat. We can get it for you!
ToV Raid Gear
ToV Nugget - $75
T1 Raid Drop - $50
Rk 3 Spell - $12
Full ToV Raid Gear Set - $900
T1 Raid Drops and Nugget Gear
All your ToV Raid Spells
Claws of Veeshan Raid Gear
The new CoV Raid Gear is now available! Very limited. Enhance your character with the best icy weapons and gear!
CoV Raid Gear
CoV Raid Ore - $200
CoV T1 Drop - $150
CoV Rk 3 Spell - $20
If you have any questions about ToV/CoV Raid Gear, please send us a message.
Time to complete: 5 to 25 days, depending on order size and availability
Package Deals
Basic Package - $240
Level 85-115
5,000 AAs
CoV T2/T3 Gear
8 Restless Ores for TS Augs
8 Velium Ores for TS Augs
Conflagrant Augs
Luminous Restless Ice aug
Ice Bound Ulthork
All your Rk1 Spells/Discs
Time to complete: 7-10 days
Veeshan Package - $535
Level 85-115
All AAs(minus TS)
Full CoV T3 Gear
Full type 5 Augs, 1500+ Heroic stat of choice
12 TS type 7 Augs
Luminous Restless Ice
Ice Bound Ulthork
Jann's Veil
1 ToV Raid Item (any slot)
All your Rk1 Spells/Discs
Time to complete: 10-14 Days
Premium Package - $735
Level 85-115
All AAs(minus TradeSkills)
Full CoV T3 Gear
Full type 5 Augs, 1500+ on a Heroic stat
Full type 7 Augs
Luminous Restless Ice
Ice Bound Ulthork
Jann's Veil
4 ToV Raid Items (any slot)
All your Rk2 Spells/Discs
14 Days to complete
If you have any questions about our packages or any tweaks you would like to make, please let us know. We would be happy to work with you.
Your Account is treated with Respect and Care. You will receive nightly updates, so shop our services with confidence! We're easy to work with. So if you have a character that is at an odd level, multiple characters, or special requests, send us a message and we will work something out!
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.
We usually reply within 30 min. If you don't receive a message back from us by then, we'll get back to you later in the evening.
Hours: 9 AM to Midnight PST(TimeZone) on most days.
Thank you,
AllyMan Team
Frequently Asked Questions... 
Q: How do I know if you are getting my messages?
A: When sending a message, a page will pop up saying "Operation Successful". If you don't see this, try sending it again. You may also check the "Sent Messages" tab to see if your message got sent.
Q: How can I make sure I keep my original character's name when transferring back to my server?
A: There is no guarantee, but if you immediately create a Level 1 as a name placeholder on your server after transferring to Bertox. Then when transferring back, delete the placeholder and then transfer your character back to your server.
Q: Can I log into my character while you are leveling it?
A: Yes, of course, you can. Just send us a message through PA and we'll gate your character to Guild Lobby and log off. However, this slows down the process, so we would prefer if you don't try to log in until the service is completed.
**Important Note: If you come upon an Ad that looks exactly like ours, understand that we are in no way associated with anything that is not directly from AllyMan, and that any copied Ads are the result of copyright infringement. We pride ourselves on the level of service we provide, so if you see any Ads that are copies of ours, please report them to us and we will forward the information to PlayerAuctions.
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