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Everquest was one of the most prominent MMOs in the history of the genre. It was also one of the earliest and most influential ones. And because of this, the game was able to spawn a sequel: EverQuest 2.

Everquest 2 is still set in the same world as its prequel: Norrath. The game picks up five centuries after the Planes of Power storyline of the original game, with the gods withdrawing from the world; the orcs, ogres, and goblins ravaging Antonica; and the moon Luclin cut off. Other than continuing from where it last left off, this sequel features updated graphics, as well as new and better content which has more emphasis on quests - the game has more than 6000.

Everquest 2: New Game, Same Norrath

And just like its predecessor, the game lets you choose from a wide variety of races, all of which either have an alignment towards Good (Dwarf, Fae, Froglok, Halfling, High Elf, Wood Elf) or Evil (Arasai, Dark Elf, Iskar, Ogre, Sarnak, Troll), or start off as Neutral (Aerakyn, Barbarian, Erudite, Freeblood, Gnome, Half Elf, Human, Kerra, Ratonga) and later on choose between the previous two alignments.

In addition to choosing one's race, players are able to choose their job class, just like in true MMO fashion. But what makes Everquest 2 unique is that there are four main classes, which are then divided into four classes that have more defined roles, and are then further and finally categorized into two more specialized classes. For the Fighter classes, there is the Fighter class, which is in turn divided into the Warrior, Brawler, and Crusader; all of which are respectively divided into the Guardian, a defensive warrior, and Berserker, an area-attack and aggro-oriented warrior; Bruiser and Monk for the Brawler; and Paladin and Shadowknight for the Crusader.

PlayerAuctions: Everquest 2 CD Key

Everquest 2 has been out for some time now, but it's still worth experiencing. After all, it's an offshoot of one of the most important and influential MMOs there is. So if you wish to visit Norrath with a bit of a headstart, then you might want to get a CD key from an already seasoned player. Thankfully, we have some for you.

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