In Account Farm

 >>> FOR PC ONLY! <<<

- No minimum assets required!

(you can jump from a Sidewinder to a Anaconda).

- Horizons NOT required!
(You can have only the base game).

- Jump the boring part!
(Beause working in a game i'ts not actually gameplay).

- Flexible orders!
(If you wish to earn more credits, you can increase you order an accumulate more discounts).

In Account Farm (Adjusted for 3.3)

1 milion Credits = $0.3 USD

Delivery time/Beneficts :

30-500M 24 Hours.
401-1000M 2 Days.
Values between 1 and 2 Bi: 3 Days.

Information Required:

Country/State (To set up a VPN)
Login (E-mail used in the ED launcher)
Verification code (Will be sent to the registred e-mail)

>>> FOR PC ONLY! <<<