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⭐[PC-EU/NA] Any Trial/Achievement with full loot!! vSS, vCR, vMOL, vHOF, vAS, vKA, vRG, vDSR scroll down below for more details⭐

I Want to Sell

Elder Scrolls Online
  • Jul-23-2022 14:16:01 PM

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$ 59.90

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[Aetherian Archive]                                                  Price

nAA - Dye: Julianos White                                                                          PC EU/NA  29.90$

vAA - Title: MageslayerSpeedrun - Dye: Aurora Green                              PC EU/NA  39.90$

[Hel Ra Citadel] 

nHRC - Dye: Warrior's Steel                                                                        PC EU/NA  29.90$

vHRC - Title: Shehai ShattererSpeedrun - Dye: Dragonstar Red                PC EU/NA  39.90$

[Sanctum Ophidia]

nSO - Dye: Ophidian Jade                                                                           PC EU/NA  29.90$

vSO - Title: Ophidian Overlord Speedrun - Dye Scaled Court Brown         PC EU/NA  39.90$








Needed DLC: Thieves Guild

Set Drops   Lunar Bastion & Moondancer & Roar of Alkosh  & Twilight Remedy

nMoL - Dye: Abyssal Beryl                                                                   PC EU/NA  34.90$

vMOL - (Skin & Loot Included) - Skin: Dro-m'Athra Skin                 PC EU/NA  49.90$

Hardmode - Drops Legendary (Gold) Jewelry                                     PC EU/NA  54.90$

Achievements - Title: Dro'mathra Destroyer                                   PC EU/NA  179$    

vMOL Skin: Dro-m'Athra









Needed DLC: Morrowind

Set Drops   Automated Defense & Inventor's Guard & Master Architect  & War Machine

nHoF - Title: Clockwork Confounder & Dye: Colossus Brass          PC EU/NA  37.90$

vHOF - (Skin & Loot Included) - Skin: Fabrication Sheath Skin & Title: Divayth Fyr's Coadjutor                PC EU/NA  54.90$

Hardmode - Drops Legendary (Gold) Jewelry                   PC EU/NA  59.90$

Halls of Fabrication Trifecta - Title: Disassembly General & Title: Tick-Tock Tormentor

vHOF Skin: Fabrication Sheath









Needed DLC: Clockwork City

Set Drops   Mad Tinkerer  & Unfathomable Darkness 


Chaotic Whirlwind (1h)                                   Concentraded Force (destro staff)

Defensive Position (1h & shield)                     Disciplined Slash (2h)

Piercing Spray (bow)                                       Timeless Blessing (resto staff)

"Perfected Weapons drop from Hardmode (+2) Only"

nAS+0/+1/+2 - Title: Orderly                      PC EU/NA  34.90$

vAS+1 - Title: Assistant Alienist                    PC EU/NA  54.90$

vAS+2 (HM) - Skin: Sanctified Silver & Title: Voice of Reason                PC EU/NA  59.90$

Asylum Sanctorium Trifecta - Title: Immortal Redeemer               PC EU/NA  219.90$

vAS Skin: Sanctified Silver









Needed DLC: Summerset

Set Drops   Aegis of Galenwe & Arms of Relequen & Mantle of Siroria  & Vestment of Olorime

*Perfected gear drop from veteran difficulty only*

nCR+1/2/3Title: Cloudrest Hero                                     PC EU/NA  44.90$

vCR+1 - Title: Shadow BreakerDye: Bedlam PurpleDrops Weapon + Body Piece              PC EU/NA  54.90$

vCR+2 - Drops Weapon + Body Piece + Epic (Purple) Jewelry                        PC EU/NA  64.90$

vCR+3 (HM) - Drops Weapon + Body Piece + Legendary (Gold) Jewelry & Skin: Z'Maja Shadow Skin & Title: Bringer of Light                          PC EU/NA  74.90$

Cloudrest Trifecta - Title: Gryphon Heart                   PC EU/NA  279.90$

vCR Skin: Z'Maja Shadow Skin










Needed DLC: Elsweyr

Set Drops   Claw of Yolnahkriin & Eye of Nahviintaas & False God's Devotion  & Tooth of Lokkestiiz

*Perfected gear drop from veteran difficulty only*

nSS - Title: Sunspire Ascendant & Furnishing: Door, Akatosh Chancel                      PC EU/NA  44.90$

vSS - 1 Body Piece per Lokkestiiz / Yolnahkriin kill; Nahviintaas drops Legendary (Gold) Jewelry or Epic (Purple) Weapon & Skin: Sunspire Ice-Fire & Title: Sunspire Saint                               PC EU/NA  64.90$

Hardmode (Lokkestiiz) - Furnishing: Statue, Lokkestiiz                                   PC EU/NA  54.90$

Hardmode (Yolnahkriin) - Furnishing: Statue, Yolnahkriin                               PC EU/NA  44.90$

Hardmode (Nahviintaas) - Title: Extinguisher of Flames & Requires Lokkestiiz and Yolnahkriin HM clears in the same run                       PC EU/NA  89.90$

Sunspire Trifecta- Title: Godslayer & Title: Hand of Alkosh & Mount: Sunspire Champion Senche-Lion        PC EU/NA  1200$

vSS Skin: Sunspire Ice-Fire


Sunspire Trifectat Mount: Sunspire Champion Senche-Lion









Needed DLC: Greymoor

Set Drops   Kyne's Wind & Roaring Opportunist & Vrol's Command  & Yandir's Might

*Perfected gear drop from veteran difficulty only*

nKA - Title: Kyne's Chosen    PC EU/NA    54.90$

vKA - nKA - Body Piece per Yandir / Vrol kill; Falgravn drops Legendary (Gold) Jewelry or Epic (Purple) Weapon Skin: Seaborn Silver           PC EU/NA    74.90$

Hardmode (Yandir) - PC EU/NA    54.90$

Hardmode (Vrol) -   PC EU/NA  54.90$

Hardmode (Falgravn) - Title: Shield of the North & Requires Yandir and Vrol HM clears in the same run       PC EU/NA  124.90$

Kyne's Aegis Trifecta - Title: Kyne's Wrath & Title: Dawnbringer & Memento: Ritual Circle Totem        PC EU/NA  799$

vKA Skin: Seaborn Silver


Kyne's Aegis Trifecta -  Memento: Ritual Circle Totem









Needed DLC: Blackwood

Set Drops   Bahsei's Mania & Saxheel Champion & Stone-Talker's Oath  & Sul-Xan's Torment

*Perfected gear drop from veteran difficulty only*

nRG - Title: Defender of RockgroveDye: Glenbridge Green                  PC EU/NA  44.90$

vRG - 1 Body Piece per Oaxiltso / Flame-Herald Bahsei kill; Xalvakka drops Legendary (Gold) Jewelry or Epic (Purple) Weapon & Body Marking: Sul-Xan Raider & Title: Ca-Uxith Warrior                      PC EU/NA  64.90$

vRG HM Title: Xalvakka's Scourge & Face Marking: Sul-Xan Raider                                    PC EU/NA  299.90$

Individual HMs

Oaxiltso Hardmode -                        PC EU/NA  74.90$

Flame-Herald Bahsei Hardmode -            PC EU/NA  154.90$

Rockgrove Trifecta - Title: Planesbreaker & Title: Deadric Bane & Mount: Sul-Xan Fleshripper          PC EU/NA  2490$

vRG HM Body Marking: Sul-Xan Raider



vRG HM Face Marking: Sul-Xan Raider


Rockgrove Trifecta Mount: Sul-Xan Fleshripper









Needed DLC: High Isle

Set Drops   Coral Riptide & Pearlescent Ward & Pillager's Profit  & Whorl of the Depths

*Perfected gear drop from veteran difficulty only*

nDSR - Title: Dreadsail's ScourgeDye: Pyandonean Purple                     PC EU/NA  74.90$

vDSR - 1 Body Piece per Lylanar and Turlassil / The Reef Guardian kill; Tideborn Taleria drops Legendary (Gold) Jewelry or Epic (Purple) Weapon & Body Marking: Stormsurge & Title: Seaborne Slayer                              PC EU/NA  134.90$

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