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ESO Account cp 1269 - 12 characters - DLC: imperial city, orsinium, thieves guild, morrowind, clockwork city, summerset, murkmire, elsweyr,greymoor 7 days Seller After-sale protection

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1262 CP

DLC: imperial city, orsinium, thieves guild, morrowind, clockwork city, summerset, murkmire, elsweyr,greymoor,

12 characters:

Ebonheart pack Breton Sorcerer lvl 50 60/06/60 <- this is also the crafter

Aldmeri Dominion High Elf Nightblade lvl 50 60/60/60 (tick-tock tormentor + immortal redeemer)

Ebonheart Orc Sorcerer lvl 50 60/60/60

Ebonheart Nord Templar lvl 50 60/60/60

Covenant Breton Templar lvl 50 60/60/60 (immortal redeemer)

Ebonheart High Eld Dragonknight lvl 50 60/60/60

Ebonheart Redguard Nightblade lvl 50 60/60/60

Ebonheart Redguard Warden lvl 50 60/60/60

Ebonheart Breton Nightblade lvl 50 60/60/60

Ebonheart Breton Warden lvl 50 60/60/60

Ebonheart Breton Necromancer lvl 50 60/60/60

Ebonheart Orc Necromancer lvl 42 45/0/1

All the characters has tons of skills points and also all the guild maxes out (like psijic, undaunted etc etc they're ready for both pvp and pve endgame), except the last two they can all do writs cause they have the crafting skills line maxed out. You can play both dps and healer cause i have +100 sets for endgame and for pvp, many of them are gold. You can just ask me if you have a question for a specific class

Upgrades: any race any alliance, necromancer, warden, imperial race around 2.300.000 golds a lot of gold sets from both pvp and pve (and arena's as well) also perfected ones 170 inventory space 110 slot in banks + many boxes in main house (Gran psijic with big dummy for dps test, Hall of the Lunar Champion, Sugar bowl suite) can summon both bankers and vendors

Mounts: 26 mounts includes: Dro-m'athra/nightmare/shadowgost/storm atronach senche, dwarven guard, flame atronach/wild hunt camel, dwarven wolf, dwarven spider, skeletal bear

Appereance: 48 hats, around 50 hair, 84 costumes (many from shop),18 skins ( z maja, spiderkith, sable man beast, reanimated vampiric, peryte's afflicted, mireheart scale, meridian purified, mashmist palescale, fabrication sheath, dro-ma'thra, dreadhorn, zombie, bloodforged, necromancer, sanctified silver, amber plasm, arctic rime ... )

10 seals of Endeavor 228/500 transmute + 13 piece of 50 crystals from pvp campaing and some small piece of transmute from mail reward of pvp 12/12 ticket 68 crown gems 63 draugh wax 10 rosin 1 tempering plus a tons of various stuff in the craftbag 7 undaunted keys

Traits: WEAPONS Resto staff: powered - infused bow: infused - nirn Destro staff: precise - infused - sharpened - nirn daggers: infused - nirn - defending battle axe: nirn Greatsword: powered - nirn sword: infused - defending - nirn ARMORS LIGHT ARMOR: divine - infused - impen (usually infused only on big pieces) MEDIUM ARMOR: divine - infused - impen (usually infused only on big pieces) HEAVY ARMOR: moslty impen or infused JEWELS: rings: healty - protective - infused - harmony - robust - triune - bloodthirsty necklace: robust - triune - infused - triune - bloodthirsty.

For any question, screen or doubt ask me

20191006084443198.png 20191006084713227.png









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