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Elden Ring has far greater build diversity than previous games in the Soulsborne series. There are myriad weapons, spells, and consumables to mix into your combat rotation. From Twinblades to Colossal Weapons to Heavy Thrusting Swords, the movesets have never been more varied, and, to the rapturous applause of Dark Souls 2 fans, power-stancing is back! For players that don’t want to farm for hours just to try a new build they may or may not like, players can buy Elden Ring Items from a trusted seller instead.

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Elden Ring Items for Sale and Get the Best Weapons

There are so many (and emphasis on the “so”) items to farm in Elden Ring it can be overwhelming, leading to choice paralysis, a feeling Breathe of the Wild players will be able to relate to. There are thirty-one weapon types, over a hundred armors, spells, Ashes of War, spirit summons, consumables, crafting mats, random key items, and map fragments. The Land’s Between is a collector’s dream, giving completionists an opportunity to spend hundreds of hours collecting everything the game has to offer.

For many players, however, their focus will be on weapons: the most important item type in the game. Builds in Elden Ring function around weapons. Each weapon has its own scaling, meaning it increases damage according to specific player attributes. The Hand of Malenia, for example, offers S scaling in Dexterity, meaning the higher a player’s DEX, the higher the damage the sword can deal.

There is no shortage of build variety in Elden Ring, but players will have to respec their entire character to try out different weapons, not to mention having to obtain them in the first place. Like the Hand of Malenia, some of them are locked behind the most challenging boss battles in the game. Instead of struggling through near-impossible fights, players can browse safe offers to try out new builds. Here are the best two Elden Ring weapons to have in a player’s collection.

  1. Moonveil

    The Moonveil Katana is one of the best intelligence weapons in the game. It deals a respectable amount of hybrid magic/physical piercing damage along with a fast attack speed. And, as with most Katanas, it offers passive bleed build-up on consecutive hits. Its damage scaling alone makes it a premier weapon, but its weapon skill has made it one of the most meta INT weapons in PvE and PvP: Transient Moonlight.

    This skill’s moveset is identical to the Uchigatana’s base Unsheathe. Instead of a regular slash, the Moonveil unleashes a magical wave, which can hit enemies for additional damage and at a longer range. A light attack unsheathe is a short-range horizontal wave, while the heavy unsheathe is a vertical slice that can strike enemies from up to ten meters away. The speed of its weapon skill and its range and damage potential (scaling with int) make Moonveil one of the best weapons players should try to obtain.

    Moonveil is obtained from the Magma Wyrm in Gael Tunnel.

  2. Rivers of Blood

    It is a weapon that has received a (deservedly) toxic reputation in Elden Ring PvP due to how busted its weapon skill was and remained, even after being nerfed. It scales with Dexterity and Arcane, meaning it offers high physical attack and blood-build up with the ARC affinity. While it can’t match a Moonveil in sheer melee DPS, on bosses with larger health bars, since bleed is flat percentage-based damage, Rivers of Blood will outclass other weapons just by the sheer rapidity of Bleed build-up it can apply.

    Power-stancing Rivers of Blood will often shred bosses in seconds, provided players can find an opening to get a full combo off. Bleed and melee potential aside, its weapon skill, Corpse Piler, simply shreds: there’s no other phrase for it. It unleashes a series of lightning-quick slashes which deal significant physical damage but also stacking massive blood loss, if every attack in Corpse Piler hits, a bleed proc is inevitable. In PvP, one Corpse Piler is enough to OHK an enemy.

    Rivers of Bloody can be obtained by defeating Bloody Finger Okina in the Mountaintops of the Giants.

Why Buy Elden Ring Items?

Aside from weapons in Elden Ring, there are a variety of different Armor Sets and Talismans to obtain. From the Golden Scarab Talisman, which is essential for farming builds, to boss sets like Malenia or Godfrey’s Armor, there’s never a shortage of items players will be hoping to get next. Boss Sets are easier, in this respect, since they’re guaranteed to be redeemable after defeating a boss, but certain NPC sets require farming, such as the Royal Knight Set. If a player doesn’t want to rely on RNG, or convoluted guides, browsing Elden Ring Item offers from a trusted marketplace is the best option.


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