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Looking for a sandbox game that has something new to offer? Check out Dual Universe and purchase a Dual Universe account to get ahead of everyone else! Have the city that you’ve always dreamed of with ample resources, massive warships that can do battle at any given time, and an economy that’s stable right from the get-go!


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How Do I Buy Dual Universe Accounts?

To purchase a Dual Universe account, simply follow these steps:

  1. Register/log in as a buyer.
  2. Select the account that you’d like to purchase from the offers posted.
  3. Send the payment to our system and we’ll hold onto it for you while the seller delivers the account to you.
  4. Receive the account details from the seller such as the username, email used, and password. We recommend that you log into the account to see if it’s legit.
  5. Once you’re satisfied with your purchase, confirm to our system to send the payment to the seller and let them get paid.

What is Dual Universe?

Dual Universe is a sandbox online multiplayer role-playing game that’s set in space. You might have heard of other space-themed open world games such as Eve Online, No Man’s Sky, Space Engineers, and Minecraft. Well, think of all those games being mish-mashed together and you get Dual Universe! The year is 2027. Inhabitants of Earth have already left the planet in search of another home. Fast forward the year 12477, humans have discovered an Earth-like planet which they named Alioth. This is where you, along with other humans, will start your journey. This sandbox space-themed online multiplayer game is played in the first-person point of view, meaning you’ll get the full experience when it comes to living in the city of your dreams with no loading screens or separate servers. This is a huge leap compared to other open world games where you had to deal with long loading times and people who jump from server to server, and this is all due thanks to the Unigine 2 64-bit rendering engine. This engine is primarily used for simulation games or virtual reality which is perfect for a game like Dual Universe.

Why You Should Buy a Dual Universe Account

Discovering a world where you can create your very own city, space stations, a battalion of warships, and even flying automobiles can take a lot of time. By purchasing a Dual Universe account that has all the knick-knacks you’ll ever need to feel like you’re in a different realm, you’ll get to maximize that time and energy building something else. For starters, you could focus on stabilizing the economy of the game. Having a shared universe means that the economy will be run by players—and that’s a good as well as a bad thing. It’s good because you get to have an impact on how money works in Dual Universe, but it’s also bad for the exact same reason. Some people aren’t as nice as others and use the economy to draw it to their advantage when selling items. This can cause inflation or the market to crash so hard that items don’t have value anymore. You could also take part in pirate raids if you’re a fan of PvP. Saddle up in your battleship and take flight as you blast your way to victory amongst the thousands of players that you share the world with!

Tips When Buying a Dual Universe Account

Before buying an account, make sure to check the description of the offer before jumping the gun! Most of the time, the details of what’s inside of an account are listed there. So before you get tempted by the title of the offer, be sure to at least take a look at it fully lest you regret your decision. Better yet, you can contact the seller if you have any questions regarding the account.

Another tip that we’d like to impart to you is to be sure to check the reputation of the seller that you’re about to deal with. Sellers have profiles on our website that you can scan to see what the experiences of their previous buyers are through reviews. So if you’re skeptical about dealing with someone, simply check their profile to see if they’re legit or not!


PlayerAuctions makes it safe to buy from our members by securing your payment and guaranteeing delivery.

How does it work?

  • Buyer creates order and send payment to PlayerAuctions
  • PlayerGuardian secures payment
  • Seller completes delivery within delivery guarantee
  • Buyer confirm delivery
  • Seller receives disbursement

What game account information do I receive?

When you securely buy a game account at PlayerAuctions, you are provided with all the guidance and information required to successfully use and take ownership of your new game account. This includes the following:

  • Login Name / Username
  • Password
  • Last Name (if applicable to the game)
  • Security Question (if applicable to the game)
  • Security Question Answer (if applicable to the game)
  • Parental Password (if applicable to the game and game account)
  • First CD Key (if known by seller)

If desired, you may request other information from the seller. However, as any other information not mentioned above is unnecessary to complete a secure game account ownership transfer, it is only optional for the seller to provide.

Does the seller send the game account information to me directly?

No. After you purchase the game account, we will update the seller and instruct him/her to provide the game account information securely to PlayerAuctions. We will then quickly and discreetly inspect and document select properties of the game account before passing on the game account information to you.

Once you receive the game account information, you will be given time to complete the verification of the game account, finalize the game account ownership transfer, and confirm the delivery of the game account to PlayerAuctions.

How and When will I get my game account?

For Game Account transactions, the Seller will send the Game Account’s information to PlayerAuctions for verification purposes. If there are no issues, PlayerAuctions will then deliver the account login details to the buyer via email within 24 hours (but usually this happens much faster.

What if the delivered game account does not match the seller’s description in their For Sale Offer?

If a game account is ever not described properly by the seller, you may choose to keep it and negotiate with the seller for a lower price through our Dispute Resolution System, or you may return the undamaged game account for a hassle-free and guaranteed refund from PlayerAuctions.

How am I fully protected from the seller ever reclaiming my purchased game account?

All game accounts purchased by Verified members and above through PlayerAuctions are guaranteed after sale support. For those members wishing for extra security for their purchased accounts, PlayerAuctions offers insurance packages which are protect against the rare event of your purchased game account ever being irrecoverably reclaimed or suspended due to the previous owner. If this occurs and PlayerAuctions is unable to completely restore your access to the undamaged game account, PlayerAuctions will award you with PlayerAuctions Market Credit equal to the specific insurance package price, usable toward any purchases of any products offered for sale at PlayerAuctions.

Learn more about safe game account-trading at PlayerAuctions.
PlayerGuardian Buyer Protections

PlayerAuctions is the most secure place to buy and sell MMO game assets. Our proprietary security technology, PlayerGuardian, keeps you, your payments, and your trades protected and private. The protections below are provided to all PlayerAuctions buyers.

  • Guaranteed Payment Security
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  • A Secure, Trusted Trading Community
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